Wet and Dry Diarrhea Cat Food Review

Cleaning up your cat’s mess every day isn’t the most fun, and if you’ve come home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is find one of your cat’s ‘presents’ on the floor.

And yes, I know the feeling of having to mop up and clean that smelly mess very well! I’m okay with firm stool, but when it comes to diarrhea, it isn’t only unhealthy for the cat, but a burden to me as well.

So if your cat is suffering from constant diarrhea or poor digestion, there is a solution – specialized cat food. Here’s how you can choose the best cat food for diarrhea.





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Why Does My Cat Have Diarrhea?

You’ve probably experienced your cat having a very wet stool, and it’s no laughing matter! But WHY does it happen in the first place? There are several things that could cause diarrhea in cats, either mild and changeable, or serious and will require medical attention.

While some of these reasons made me worry and fear for the hefty price tags on vet visits and medicine, there’s nothing to worry about.

You can treat your cat’s diarrhea and poor digestion through feeding it the RIGHT cat food that aids in better digestive health without the artificial ingredients.

While you can’t always control what your cat eats (especially when it is sneaky like mine), you can still make the correct changes and relieve its digestion health and stool through changing the diet on a more positive note.

Get Professional Advice

Remember that while giving them better food choices is always an ideal option, don’t forget to talk about it with a veterinarian. If you are not sure can cat drink milk or if your cat seems sick or uncomfortable while having diarrhea, take it immediately to your veterinarian for professional advice.

Your vet can tell a lot just from a physical examination, however, they may order x-rays and blood tests as well if they deem it necessary.

NEVER try to self-diagnose, no matter how likely you think you are to be right, or how long you’ve owned cats.

Chances are you know your cat better than anyone else, but to protect its health for as long as possible, regular visits to the vet are imperative to your cat’s well-being; and that means taking care of it in emergency situations as well.

What To Look For In Cat Food for Diarrhea

While it’s important to buy quality cat food for all cats, if yours has digestion problems, there are CERTAIN things you should look for in the ingredients. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Go Organic

Many best cat food brands are manufactured in a factory with ingredients that are less than natural (in fact, the same could be said about our human food!) Foods known as GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) can wreak havoc on our bodies, and cats are no different.

These ingredients are foreign to the digestive system, and as such, don’t get digested properly. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s probably best left on the shelf. So if possible, go natural and organic.

I urge you to purchase cat food specialized for sensitive stomach & diarrhea because feeding your cat RAW (different from organic) will end up messing up its digestive system even more!

2. Grain-Free and More Protein

Just like with humans, protein is an absolute necessity for cats to continue to grow healthily. Not only will they have the healthy bones and muscles, but protein is easily digestible and will pass through their systems without any trouble.

Studies have also shown that feeding your cat a grain-free diet with high protein consumption will vastly improve their bowels, especially those who suffer from IBD.

Also, take note that cats who have diets higher in fat may suffer from colitis, which is damage to the intestine that causes diarrhea. Focus on low-fat diets and more on protein.

3. Plenty of Essential Nutrients

The protein may be the most important ingredient, but it’s not the only one they need. Vitamins like A, C and E will ensure they have the proper digestion to let your cat poo healthily.

Two essential nutrients needed to help your cat’s digestion would be fiber and probiotics. These are known to help your cat digest its food better and allow the stool to come out smoothly, without diarrhea or discomfort.

4. Look for Foods with Less Ingredients

When reading the ingredient list, you shouldn’t feel as though you’re reading a novel. The best food lists only a handful of wholesome ingredients. That’s all that’s needed to keep your cat happy and healthy.

The less ingredients, the less likely your cat would have any food intolerance that can cause diarrhea.

Does all of this sound familiar? The recommended diet for cats is also very close to our own diet recommendations from health experts! Just like us, our cats have to eat natural food filled with the nutrition they need.

While it may be a bit different to what our body requires, it all boils down to natural and vitamin-rich food.

Tips on How to Feed Your Cat Right to Remedy Diarrhea

Besides feeding your cat the proper food specialized in treating digestion and diarrhea, follow these tips to relieve its loose stools:

The Top Five Best Cat Food for Diarrhea

Based on my research and tests with my cat, as well as other customers’ point of views, here are the top five best cat food products for sensitive stomach & diarrhea:

1. Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

What’s great about Nature’s Variety is that they offer cat food that is based on a a grain-free recipe. It has the perfect protein content for cats to enjoy and stay healthy with. With its nutrient-rich ingredients, this food vastly improves your cat’s digestive system while sustaining its overall health.

It’s grain-free, gluten-free and contains no form of corn, wheat, soy, or fillers. All in all, it contains everything your cat needs without the artificial flavoring and chemicals that harm them.

My cat’s poo improved after a few days, and he had a solid stool with a good tummy that kept wanting even MORE of the food!

It’s complete and balanced for ALL cats, as young as kittens to adult cats, or those who are indoor or outdoor. With its versatility and nutrition, it’s worth the investment and will have your cat free from diarrhea while improving its coat with healthy fatty acids.




Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Dry Cat Food


2. Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Sensitive Digestion

Royal Canin is a well-known brand for cat products, and this one holds no exception. What makes this dry food a hit for cats is that it targets sensitive digestion, with the balanced sources of fiber which helps support digestion and healthy urinary function.

So if your cat seems unhealthy because of the poor absorption of nutrients, its cat food will be able to help keep its whole body working properly and without fail.

With its specially formulated and digestible proteins, it won’t only increase nutrient absorption and digestion, but prevent soft stools such as diarrhea. Plus, it’s a tasty treat which cats appreciate. My cat surely does!





Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Sensitive Digestion


3. Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat Food

What sets this cat food apart is that it comes in a variety of package sizes and it is perfect for any age, may it be kittens, adults, or even senior cats! You can even choose the canned food for cats who have trouble chewing.

This cat food was made with healthy and gentle digestion in mind to ease your cat’s digestive problems.

Not only does it stop indigestion, but sensitive stomach & diarrhea and soft stools as well. It prevents dehydration with its natural ingredients and added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

A clinically proven formula is used to give the desired effects. Filled with antioxidants and without any artificial ingredients, it’s definitely worth the purchase.





Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat Food


4. BLUE Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo is one of the most reputable and trusted brands for cat products, and if you’re looking for something your cat will love and stay healthy with, then this is it.

I love the fact that it comes with the natural ingredients filled with the essential vitamins and minerals my cat needs for proper defecation and digestion. It has the digestible proteins for the cat to stay healthy and strong, as well as to ease the strain of its digestive system when filtering out bacteria and such.





BLUE Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food (Editor’s Choice)​


5. Nature’s Variety Pride Instinct Grain-Free Flaked Canned Cat Food

These come in 5.5 oz. serving sizes, and you can buy in cases of 12, making it more convenient; buying in bulk is an ideal option for almost anything that has an extended expiration date, or even better, no expiration date at all.

There are six flavor choices, including chicken, turkey, lamb, and salmon. You’re sure to find a flavor that your cat loves, although you may have to experiment to find their favorite one.

The Instinct brand is the official partner of Best Friends Animal Society. As an official pet food partner, they provide more than one million meals of Instinct to adoption centers across the country.

This alone is a great reason to purchase this cat food – you’ll not only be helping your own feline, but you’ll also help others while they try to find permanent homes.





Nature’s Variety Pride Instinct Grain-Free Flaked Canned Cat Food



So, which product is the CLEAR winner here? For me and my cat, who is a strictly indoor cat, and suffers from diarrhea and throwing up, BLUE Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food wins.

I have an automatic feeder, and this is very easy to fill, without worrying about the food going bad (I’m away for 12 hours a day, sometimes more).

I love that it’s made with wholesome ingredients like real deboned chicken and vegetables. It took a few weeks to notice a difference in the cat’s digestive system, but he seems to be doing quite well. He is a finicky eater, and she loves the flavor it brings.

Plus, with its fibers and boosted probiotics and amino acids, I won’t need to worry about his digestive system anymore. A HUGE plus is the healthy coating. Plus, he lessened both throw ups and diarrhea.

All of the above foods are made with only the finest ingredients and can help with digestion. They make a great alternative to general store-bought brands that are made with GMO or other ingredients that are considered unhealthy.

But which one will your cat continue to eat? That’s impossible to say – you may have to try a couple of different brands before you find the one that your cat loves the most. Your cat will tell you which brand she likes best!


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What has been your experience with these brands? Is there a brand that your cat loves best? How do you deal with your cat’s digestive issues? We’d love to hear about this.

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  1. Jean Kennar

    There are more studies available on grain free diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy in large breed cats. I have one such cat-a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat. she came to me on Raw Food as an emaciated kitten of 8 weeks-from an excellent breeder no less. I actually took her because of her condition. We fed the raw as advised-same foods-the feces were so awful/reeked so badly and she never cleaned herself so left to us as we so wanted to interact with her. We changed food, using Royal Canin-added Probiotics as vet suggested with no benefit. We then decided, after weeks of same, to DC the Probiotics…what a benefit! Therefore got rid of the latter (not the cat!) She is now a year-not filling out as we had hoped-now feeding Royal Caanin-and Hills moist—still pasty stool much of the time…smells bad. Has been tested and treated for parasites though none had been ID’d. Help and non grain free and non-raw product suggestion appreciated. Thanking you in advance-Jeannie

  2. Shirley

    If you had a cat with few teeth, which canned food would you recommend that would eliminate or help with the diarrhea problem?

  3. Norma

    My cat will not eat any of the recommended cat food for diarrhea. What can
    I do? don’t want to clean up a mess all the time.

    1. Annie

      Hello, Norma. If the cat’s diarrhea does not stop even after the change of nutrition to the recommended one, it is better to contact the veterinarian.

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