Do you have a new kitten in the house?

Then you’ll enjoy his presence and cute moments! But there are a few factors to consider as well, such as what your kitten eats.

Just like humans, younger cats have their particular food after they wean off drinking from their mother’s milk.

Since you’ve been eyeing various cat food in your local pet store, you might be wondering: “Can kittens eat adult cat food?”

Whether it’s to save money on purchasing cat food or out of plain curiosity, read on to find out if your kitten is allowed to eat adult cat food and what would happen if he did.


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Can Kittens Eat Adult Cat Food? What Would Happen?

Your tiny kitten starts off with nursing, where he is either fed from a bottle or dropper, or from his mama cat’s breasts. So during his first month as a kitten, he should NOT eat any form of kitten or adult cat food.

Since they are still developing their teeth and digestive system, you will need to wait until such time comes that they can handle semi-solid food such as soft kibbles or wet food. So, what are best food for kittens?

It would usually take about a month until you can start giving your kitten food, though it’s the mama cat who would decide when to stop nursing. But even when your kitten is ready to take on solids and wean off milk, he SHOULD NOT be eating adult cat food yet and you should also take for consideration the cat food for urinary health since kittens are more sensitive and prone to sick.

Just like human babies, kittens have different needs compared to adults or full-sized cats. They will require far more energy than adult cats, most of which come from protein. Cat food meant for kittens contain more energy and protein at small amounts fit for your tiny kitten to consume. Adult cat food has far fewer calories and protein to accommodate their needs.

So if you were to give a kitten adult cat food, you might just deprive him of the nutrients and calories he needs to continue growing! There are NO side effects to giving your kitten cat food, but make sure that he still gets the right amount of energy and nutrients your little fur ball requires.

What Should I Feed My Kittens?

A kitten requires the proper food suitable for his age, which would have 30% of protein with more vitamins A, D, E, magnesium, and calcium. He can also eat “human food” such as fish, chicken, or other animal sources with little portions of carbs and grains.

You can choose to feed him either small and chewable kibbles, or wet food. The latter may be best when introducing him to solid food while accompanying milk formula in case he can’t finish his solids.

While your adult cat can eat a bit of your kitten’s food, it’s best to separate their bowls until such time that your kitten is fully grown and can eat cat food. Your kitten will be fully developed by the time he turns a year old (depending on the breed), so it’s best to look for what is the best cat food and continue feeding him food suitable for kittens by the time he is a month old until a whole year has passed.

Tips on Properly Feeding Kittens

If you’re wondering how you should feed a kitten properly, here are some tips you can follow:

In Conclusion

When it comes to taking care of your kittens, you’ll need to prioritize his food intake, as this will enable him to develop into a bigger and stronger cat. While your kitten isn’t supposed to eat adult cat food, there are healthy food choices that help encourage better growth for your kitten.

I hope that this article answers your question: “Can kittens eat adult cat food?” Now that you know what to give your growing kitten, follow these methods and suggestions to keep your little fur ball well taken care of!

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