I stumbled upon Hill’s Urinary Care Cat Food and realized that there were a lot of products they offered. Even better, many of them focused on urinary care and health, which is useful for my cat! I decided to check most of their cat food out to see if they had the same effects or if one was better than the other.

So if you want to see which Hill’s Urinary Care Cat Food is good for you, then read on! I’ll show you my top five choices on their food to see what works best for you and your cat.




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The Five Best Hill’s Urinary Care Cat Food Reviews

These are my top five choices on Hill’s Cat Food, all of which help in their urinary health:

Hill’s C/D Multicare Bladder Health Cat Food

Of all the different Hill’s Urinary Car Cat Food tested, the C/D Multicare is the best. Not only does it help in giving my cat improved urinary tract health, but the right amount of nutrients required for a better coat and immune system.

The food comes with the right levels of nutrients like phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, as all as oxalate which lessens crystal and bladder stone development. It also comes with Omega-3 fatty acids and potassium citrate to lessen bladder stone formation. Besides that, it has vitamin B6 and low sodium to better blood pressure and less oxalate formation.

Basically, it comes with everything required and has received positive reviews on how healthy it’s made cats! While it’s a bit pricey, it works wonders and reduces problems in the urinary tract within a week or so. But do take note it takes time for your cat to get used to its flavor!


Hill's C/D Multicare Bladder Health Cat Food


Hill’s Prescription Diet C/D Urinary Care Canned Cat Food

If your cat prefers wet food or due to dental problems, this is the canned version of the Hill’s C/D Urinary Care. It’s just as effective as the C/D Multicare cat food, made with Ocean Fish for your cat to love. Comparing it to the dry food version, my cats find it more enticing and appreciate its taste.

As for its effectivity, it comes with the balance of necessary nutrients to prevent crystals and bladder stone formation. After feeding this to my cat for about a week, I noticed that he was able to urinate more frequently without having too much trouble. Plus, his coat improved and he has more appetite to eat, a feat because he’s very choosy!

Though a bit on the pricey side, it’s extremely effective! I recommend it for those who have picky cats or have dental problems that affect their chewing.



Hill's Prescription Diet C/D Urinary Care Canned Cat Food


Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food: Urinary and Hairball Control

This is another excellent cat food from Hill’s, this time focusing on two things: His urinary health AND hairball control. It has the optimum magnesium levels to support your cat’s urinary system, as well as natural fiber to reduce hairballs. Furthermore, it comes with good protein, Omega-6 fatty acids, and vitamin E, to support other parts of his body.

I was honestly amazed after I began feeding the food to my cat. I noticed that he urinates frequently and with less discomfort. Besides that, he had a shinier coat and had minimal problems in terms of shedding and hairballs, a great bonus.

Overall, I feel like even if it didn’t mainly focus on urinary health, it still improved my cat’s urination significantly. With its extra positive effects and enticing flavor cats like, I see it worth the long-term investment.



Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food: Urinary and Hairball Control


Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary Stress and Care Dry Cat Food 137

For cats who suffer from urinary stress due to lack of water intake and the like, this one’s recommended. I like this particular dry cat food because it helps your cat in all aspects, specifically his urinary system and weight. So if your cat has issues with obesity, this can help with his metabolism, balancing out his weight.

Unlike most cat food selections out there, this Hill’s Science Prescription food comes with a combination of fruits, vegetables, and real chicken flavor. Because of that, it has all the necessary (and balanced amount) of nutrients required to increase their water intake and frequency of urination.

So far, so good! My cat enjoys the flavor (it took a few days) and while he really has no problems with weight, he drinks and urinates more frequently now. If your cat suffers from heavy weight and urination problems, you’ll find help from this Hill’s Science cat food.



Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary Stress and Care Dry Cat Food 137


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Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food: Sensitive Stomach and Skin

While this Hill’s Science cat food doesn’t necessarily focus on urinary health, it works on sensitive stomachs and skin. Through helping your cat’s sensitive stomach and digestion, it then promotes frequent urination.

It improves their overall stomach health through its prebiotic fiber, which enhances their gut bacteria. Besides this, it’s easy to digest and improved both urination and stool. My cat has had minimal litter problems after feeding him this, and though it took over a week, the results were amazing.

Besides this, it also helped with his coat and skin! He had a shinier and softer coat after almost a month of eating this, and he now doesn’t suffer from any major stomach problems. Just give him time to get used to eating it, especially if he’s a picky eater!



Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food: Sensitive Stomach and Skin


Wrapping It Up

Hill’s Urinary Care Cat Food offers really great effects and while it takes a few days before you notice changes, it works well! Supplemented with nutritious ingredients, it offers everything your cat needs for better urinary health and more.

I hope my reviews on the best Hill’s Urinary Care Cat Food gave you an idea on what to get. So don’t wait any longer and check out any of these cat food for your feline friend now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on Hill’s Urinary Care Cat Food, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated.

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    I have a quick question…..my cat has FLUTD and is on Hills c/d urinary food. He does great. I know kidneys are a problem with cats. I lost a cat about a year to stage four kidney failure and my parents lost a ragdoll about 3 months ago due to kidney problems. So here is my question………does the hills science urinary c/d food also keep their kidneys healthy as well clear up crystals in the urine etc. Thanks!


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