My Helpful Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box Review: Scam or Not?

My Helpful Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box Review: Scam or Not?

I was trying to look for a way to get out of cleaning the cat litter as often as I could. It wasn’t the most amusing chore and I couldn’t deal with the smell! That’s when someone recommended that I try the Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box, which people raved about for its unique performance.

I got a unit for myself and wanted to see how my cats thought of it, and if it really lives up to the company’s claims. So if you’re considering this for cleaning purposes and cat suitability, then read on! I review every feature the litter box offers to help you find out if it’s for you.




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The Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box Overview

The Litter Spinner Litter Box is a pretty interesting unit, though I’m still confused! This isn’t exactly a self-cleaning litter box but makes the job easier by manually spinning it so it would collect waste through sifting litter. That way, it separates the clean litter from the urinated clumps and waste.

The goal of this litter box is to diminish the need to scoop up litter. Furthermore, it’s an enclosed litter box, so your cats have more privacy when doing their business. You can use it with clumping litter, also coming with a clump stick to remove the attached clumps.

It doesn’t have the expensive frills and is quite simple, a level higher than basic litter boxes available. But with all that said, it isn’t for everyone!

Features and Specifications

Here are the features this interesting litter box comes with:

  • A very simple way to clean the unit, just spin it and no need to scoop
  • There are no batteries, cords, or plugs required during the cleanup
  • It can work with all types of clumping litter and includes a clump stick
  • The unit is made with recycled polypropylene for eco-friendliness and durability
  • Has the sturdy construction to last for a few years
  • Can clean the litter box completely in less than a minute
  • Includes a 3-year warranty for assurance of a unit to last
  • It’s known to reduce odor, dust, and litter mess
  • Dimensions when completely assembled (WxHxD): 18x20x15 inches
  • The entry area is almost eight inches for ease of cleaning and entering/exiting for cats
  • Weight: 10 pounds

How Does the Litter Box Work?

The litter box works just like any other basic unit, where your cats can enter to do their business. What makes it very different is the way you clean it since there’s no need to scoop up and waste longer times cleaning the box completely. Instead, you just need to place your hands on the top of your litter box, spinning it around.

Spin it a few times and lightly bang the top as you rotate it, allowing stuck litter out of the walls. After that, the cat waste will be divided from the clean litter with its drawer-screen system within the box.

Other brands offer this kind of litter box design, but Litter Spinner provides its base you can spin it with for more stability. This base allows the unit to spin, also keeping the box stable while your cat uses it.

After cleaning out the waste, spin it back to its original position, evening out cat litter for the next time your cats will use it. Remove its tray and dispose of the waste, and you’re good to go!


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Design and Appearance

Honestly, I’m not a HUGE fan of its overall design. I do like that it’s git the simple and lowkey appearance, but the whole circle ends up looking a bit too bulky for my taste. It feels like it’s sticking out when I place it near the bathroom!

Besides that, it takes up a lot of space! While I do appreciate that it has more space for cats inside, I feel like it doesn’t make it worth its size. It’s very big and my cats still sometimes have trouble with minimal space inside.

With that said, I can see it best for those who don’t mind the measurements and want more unique design in gray.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Honestly, I was skeptic getting something that you only had to spin around to clean. I thought you wouldn’t be able to get everything out, but the spinner did well. You don’t need to exert so much effort and it can take less than a minute and a few spins before all the waste pours out.

And even if there is some litter stuck in the walls, just give it a tap or use the clumping stick to remove it. Of course, you’ll need to deep clean it after a week or so, but that’s easy to do as well. My only gripe is having to clean out the waste drawer almost every time I clean the unit, which is daily!

Pros and Cons

These are the things I liked and disliked about the litter box:


  • Simple cleaning without the need for any power from batteries or cords
  • Better manual cleaning compared to scooping, saves some time
  • Easy to assemble and set up to begin cleaning
  • Sturdy construction that looks like it can last for al Ong time
  • The smaller entryway to prevent dogs from coming in
  • Saves litter since you can spin it every day to catch waste
  • Accessible backhoe so you can empty dirty litter for replacement


  • Comes at a bulky size, not the best for bigger homes
  • The entryway is a bit small for larger cats
  • The litter spills on the floor when you pull the drawer out
  • Can’t handle too much urine and grates can’t catch small feces

Tips on How to Use the Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box

Here are some tips you can follow when using the cat litter box effectively:

  • When you put new litter, do not exceed its filling mark or it would be too heavy for you to spin. The screen won’t catch waste well either!
  • Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and double-check if all parts are attached tightly. This prevents any messes or bad operation
  • You should put a mat or bag under the waste tray before pulling it out to lessen any loose litter from escaping
  • Always fill new litter regularly and do not let it operate when it’s almost empty or waste would stick to the box

What the Cats Thought Of It

I don’t think the cats had any issues with the litter box besides space. It wasn’t as big of space compared to other types of litter boxes, but enough for one small cat. They can move around well without much of the struggle, though I can see that they feel a bit squished inside.

This is probably because it looks too dark inside as well, making it difficult o do their toilet duties in the dark. Furthermore, the hole is good to keep dogs away, though larger cats will find it difficult to fit through it comfortably. That’s why I see it best for smaller to medium-sized cats, especially with its urine capacity.

Is the Litter Box Worth It?

Overall, I feel like this litter box IS worth it for the price since it’s similar to basic units. While it takes time to get used to how to clean it, you won’t have much trouble in maintaining everything else after.

BUT with that said, it’s not for everyone! Those with bigger cats should opt for something larger, as I see this better for younger cats. It’s also better for people who have bigger space and also want to STOP scooping altogether!

As long as they don’t usually have smaller feces, then cleaning won’t be a hassle.

Availability and Other Customer Reviews

The Litter Spinner has gotten good reception from many of its customers. But there are also its negative points, making it a unique yet average litter box for its price.

People have mentioned that the box is small for average-sized cats, with them using it with their heads out of the box! It’s also a bit better for younger cats than older ones who can adapt to the system better compared to seniors.

You can avail this litter spinner from online stores or the company’s official website. It’s easy to get and some sellers even offer package deals to have you save even more.


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Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this review on the Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box shed some light on what works best for you and your cat. So what are you waiting for? If you think this one’s for you, then check out its latest deals now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with this litter box, do comment below. All of your thoughts are much appreciated!

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