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The Best Cat Dewormer to Remove All Worms from Your Feline Friend’s Life Forever!

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: February 25, 2024

Deworming 101: What Do I Do First?

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As soon as you adopt a kitty, and whether we’re talking about a small kitten or a fully grown adult cat, the FIRST thing that you will really need to do right away is to go and check if she has any parasitic worms in her organism or if there are cat skin condition scabs.

Obviously, you shouldn’t just make a rash decision on your own before doing any checkouts to start the deworming treatment in any case.

Just because you think she probably does have worms as she was picked up from the street, or cat has diarrhea, or something like that, doesn’t mean you should expose her to medication for worms.

What if she doesn’t even have any? You would feel very guilty for doing her wrong in that case, so don’t be hasty.

This treatment is not to be done unless you’ve checked first – not assumed – and the best and most reliable way to do this is to go to a professional with your cat so they can give her a thorough and exact examination.

When (and if) your vet notices that something is wrong, and makes the diagnosis that your new kitty has worms, do not despair.

However, don’t just brush it off as something completely irrelevant, either. A kitty that has worms should be treated as soon as possible, and carefully at that. Just the same as if you found out that your cat has fleas and you have to use vectra for cats to get rid of it.

The worst thing that a person can do when they discover that their newly adopted cat has worms is to abandon her in fear of what might happen to them. Your cat needs you desperately, and you can’t leave her out there to just be sick and unwell on her own and with no help available.

In this article, I will tell you all about the process of de-warming. Hopefully, when I explain all of this to you, you will see that it isn’t hard at all, and it doesn’t need to be neither pricey nor tricky if you do it right!

Deworming for:

  • Tapeworms
  • Hookworms
  • Roundworms

Why Deworm Your Cat?

These little beasts can be more than just a minor nuisance, and can actually become extremely dangerous is they are not treated. I will now show you a list of all the symptoms to look out for, and that your cat could exhibit in case she had worms.

Namely, you, other family members or roommates might be the culprits! It could be your dog as well – provided you take him out for a walk outside regularly! Anyone who goes outside and then back inside can bring the pests in the house. And it doesn’t take much more than that to make your cat fall ill.

They don’t make it in some cases of neglect, and this is something that really breaks my heart because this issue can be so overwhelmingly easy to prevent and treat! Don’t let your cat, yourself not any of your housemates fall victim to these harmful pests!

It is thought by some that they hide their diseases so often from us because they fear that we would abandon them if we were to find out just how ill they were. Of course that this is not true, but a cat can’t know that.

Still, the fact that cats hide their symptoms and illnesses is why it is best to watch out for subtle signs and clues and to have them checked by a veterinarian for any changes in activity or appearance.

So cat lovers, go out there and show your cat just how much you love her by taking very good care of her and making sure she’s doing well!

Does the Age of My Cat Matter At All?

In short – yes! The age group that your cat is in absolutely DOES matter when it comes to the procedure of de-warming her. And greatly, at that!

Applying this procedure on a young cat ISN’T at all the same as doing it to an adult one. There are differences when it comes to both the dosage and the time. In more detail, how much of it you need to give to your cat, as well as how often and for how long she should be given the medicine depends greatly on how old she is.

Administering dewormers to kittens might be a bit different than when giving them to adult cats. You might need to crush it into their milk instead of their food or even put it directly into their mouth with a pair of medical tweezers.

Furthermore, I am going to explain these differences to you in much more depth, and I will give you some hopefully useful tips on how cats of different age groups should be dewormed. So, make sure to keep on reading cause this now is the important stuff that you really came for, and that you absolutely need to know!

In case you have a young kitten, it is truly the BEST to deworm her every two weeks, and up until she becomes four months old. As for any cat that is older than six months, she would need to be treated every two to six months.

The Process of the Therapy (+ a Cool Tip!)

The frequency of the treatment always depends on the exposure to the worms, meaning how much of them there are in the kitty. This is something that needs to be checked and determined before the start of the actual therapy!

Furthermore, your cat’s therapy and medication are no joke! So, please don’t take it lightly. Just as you do when you take your meds for people, make sure that you always follow the directions stated on the product you purchased when giving meds to your cat as well.

You see, cats’ medication is just as serious as any human pharmacological therapy, have no doubt in that. This is something that many people don’t realize at all.

I don’t know why so many people think that medicine for animals is less tricky and severe than the ones we use, when in fact they can be just as harmful and outright dangerous when not used in the exactly right way.

I also want to share a really helpful tip with all of you who don’t know about it yet. This is something very easy to do. It’s a trick that I have found to be extremely useful when giving meds to my cat, and I want all cat owners to know it.

What works well for my cat, as well as practically any cat out there, is to crush the tablets you’re giving them. The next thing to do is to sprinkle it on her food so that she won’t notice anything. And voila! She ate it happily and in delight as a part of her favorite food – and she noticed nothing at all. Sounds cool, does it not?

On a side note, many people tend to believe that animals will forget just about any experience, don’t have a good memory and therefore can never be traumatized for a long period of time. This belief is completely and utterly false.

Cats, just like people, can be heavily traumatized by experiences that they find extremely scary or stressful, and this can change them forever. In conclusion to this, don’t force your cat to take her meds in a violent way, as this can very likely end in the cat being traumatized and scared of you.

I know for a fact that no one at their right mind wants to scare their cat and make her feel terrorized. So, be gentle to your kitty EVEN if she is refusing the med that she needs, and try to find the easiest way for her to have it.

Of course, sometimes it might necessary to force the medicine on her. She doesn’t know better and if she refuses to take it by gentler means, you will need to put it directly into her mouth.

This is usually done with a pair of long medical tweezers while holding your cat by its scruff (the excess skin on the back of its neck). Once you put the medicine into the cat’s mouth, she’ll start chewing on it on her own and your job is done.

If you want to be a bit gentler, you could use your hand instead of tweezers. However, make sure that you wear a pair of sterile medical gloves while you do it and that you’re extremely careful. Even if your cat is total sweetheart she might still bite you if you don’t do everything just right.

Don’t be afraid to tightly hold onto your cat’s scruff. It won’t hurt her and it will ensure that she stays still during the whole procedure. In fact, there’s more chance of her getting hurt if you don’t hold her scruff tight enough!

Overall, try to be gentle with your little kitty, but don’t be afraid to get a little bit rough with her if she resists the therapy too much. After all, this is for her own good and she just doesn’t know any better.

If you had to use a rougher method to get her to take the medicine, be sure to give her a treat or two after the procedure. This will help calm her and make her feel less stressed overall.

The Five Best Cat Dewormer Reviews

Based on my tests and a lot of research on the topic, these are the five best cat dewormer products to check out right away. Let’s see them!

1. Bayer Animal Health Tapeworm Dewormer

I have conducted thorough research on the best products in this field, and right now I believe that the Bayer Animal Health Tapeworm dewormer is one of the most effective dewormers that are currently on the market to invest in. Believe it or not, but this one can work in just one dose! Isn’t that just incredible? It sure sounds like a dream to me. The product comes in the form of a tablet, so you can easily crush it to either sprinkle it on your cat’s food (just like I explained to you in the tip above) or to swiftly give it to her orally. The latter procedure should be gentle, quick, and not in any way violent so as not to hurt or traumatize the cat. Either way, it is effective, works well and removes tapeworms after the whole treatment. You can purchase this without a prescription from a vet and give it to your cat. The important info that I can’t forget to say about this dewormer is that it is a product that is supposed to be given to cats that are OVER six weeks old only. I will go on and list some of the pros and cons of this dewormer for you, which will hopefully make it easier for you to make an informed decision.


  • Extremely effective even after just a single dose
  • Easy to give to your cat
  • No side effects


  • High price
  • Some cats won’t like the taste of the pill
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Bayer Animal Health Tapeworm Dewormer

2. Nemex-2 Dewormer

The Nemex-2 dewormer is another ideal dewormer in my opinion, coming in the form of a tablet. What’s really cool and special about this tablet is that it is actually palatable and is therefore very easy to give to your cat, since she won’t hate the taste at all. When I tried to give it to my cat orally, there were no issues, and she swallowed it without spitting it back out. For those of you who don’t have much experience with giving your cat her meds orally, her not trying to spit them out is actually quite rare! Surprisingly, my kitty likes the taste of this pill, so I had no problems at all during the whole process. Phew! In addition, these pills are extremely effective in treating both hookworms and roundworms. And believe me (and vets), these two are really annoying pests to deal with. In the usual case when dealing with Nemex-2 products, the worms will be gone right after the second dosage, which is a really great thing! Again, I will list the pros and cons of the product for you so you will get a realistic picture of it:


  • Cats like the taste of the pill and they’re easy to administer
  • No need for a prescription
  • Worms disappear after the second dosage


  • Complaints of receiving expired products
  • May not treat tapeworms completely

Nemex-2 Dewormer

3. CatNDog Roundworm and Tapeworm dewormer for Cats

If you’re looking for the complete set or the full package, then I recommend the fantastic CatNDog dewormer, which can kill tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms all at once! Just like the previous ones, these come in the form of tablets, too, so you can crush them to mix in cat food or to administer it by mouth. The fact that the pills are small makes it much easier to put in a cat’s mouth whole, so there’s a thing to make your life easier. The best thing about it is that it does the simple and important job after just one single pill! And boy, I always love the sound of that. Who doesn’t love it when a product does its job extremely swiftly? The pills work very quickly, but also effectively. What makes this product truly worth the investment is also that is works without any side effects. The “no side effects” point is actually an immensely huge benefit to your cat’s health as well as for your wallet, as going to the vet to treat side effects from medication can be way too pricey for my taste.


  • Easy to administer and comes in small tablets
  • Effective after one dosage
  • No side effects experienced


  • Doesn’t work on removing fleas
  • Some cats don’t like swallowing the pills

CatNDog Roundworm and Tapeworm dewormer for Cats

4. ProSense Liquid Dewormer Solitions For Cats

If you want a great liquid dewormer in order to avoid the hassle of crushing a tablet or stuffing a pill into your cat’s mouth by force, then the ProSense dewormer may be an excellent choice for you! I found it very easy to administer the solution to one of my cats since I chose to mix it with her favorite food. She either liked the flavor or didn’t seem to sense any difference, which are two options that I welcome with opened hands. It’s helped remove roundworms, and we haven’t had any issues with them since the usage. Let’s see the pros and cons!


  • Very easy to administer and to add in food
  • Works effectively and removes roundworms quickly
  • Cats like the flavor


  • Dosage is a bit confusing at first
  • Not for treating tapeworms

ProSense Liquid Dewormer Solitions For Cats

5. Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat dewormer

Just like the previous one, this is another ideal liquid dewormer for cats. I’d recommend it as a safe and effective way to remove large roundworms. The kitty that I tried this product on actually really liked the taste. I had no problems adding it to her food, and I got no complaints from her. After using the product, there were ZERO side effects, which is, of course, fantastic, as I’ve already mentioned. I also saw the positive results after a few days or so, making this medicine rather quick at work. However, do take note that some cats might not appreciate the taste as much as mine did, as this can be very relative. As always, I will show neither only the positive nor only the negative side of the product, so here are both of the sides:


  • No hassle to administer
  • Removes roundworms immediately
  • Efficient shipping and customer service


  • Some cats may not like the taste
  • It’s hard to open the bottle

Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat dewormer

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