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The 5 Best Flea Treatment for Cats: What You Need to Know!

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: February 22, 2024

When I adopted my cat, there was one problem I had: FLEAS! Not only did it aggravate my furry feline, but it also began to spread to furniture, which was something I didn’t want for the sake of our household’s health. With that being said, I started searching for the best flea treatment for cats, which helped me out loads!

If you’re having trouble looking for flea treatment for your pet, then read on as I show you the five best ones!

Benefits of Using Flea Treatment for Cats

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If you’re wondering why it’s best to treat and prevent fleas from coming into your cat, here are advantages of using treatment:

Reduce Skin Allergies and Infections

When there are no fleas, or cat eye infection, you and your cat won’t be triggered by any skin allergies or itching. This is important because your cat’s persistent scratching leads to skin infections and a lot of shedding. Plus, the side effects and overall health of your feline friend will deteriorate if you don’t treat it right away!

Prevent Tick-Borne Diseases

When you treat and prevent fleas from coming into your home right away, it reduces the risk of Lime Disease and any other fatal tick-borne diseases that can harm your cat or household. Furthermore, treating the fleas immediately prevents tapeworms, so your cat remains happy and healthy without the irritation!

No Flea Infestations at Home

Last but not the least, you’ll enjoy a flea-free home! After all, no one wants fleas in the house. Not only is it unhealthy, but such a hassle to clean and vacuum to get rid of it. That way, the house and those living in it are free from fleas.

How to Choose the Best Flea Treatment for Cats

These benefits will only work if you choose the right flea treatment suitable for your cat! To help you out, here are some tips and factors to consider:

Type of Treatment

There are different types of treatment to choose from, depending on what works for you and your cat. You ca find oral, powder, or topical solutions. You might also ask,”Can I put neosporin on my cat?”  Select the type that’s easy to apply to your feline friend. Focus on their comfort when applying the treatment to ensure that it’ll work!

Your Cat’s Age

There are treatments that are idea for kittens while others contain ingredients that work best for older or larger cats. Consider your cat’s age and size before purchasing the treatment. Manufacturers would mention the age or size group their cat flea treatments can accommodate.


Last but not the least, your cat flea treatment must be effective! To find out if it works well, you can check out reviews (like these!) and also read up on the list of ingredients the treatment contains. As much as possible, it’s best to find something with gentle ingredients and is easy to apply.

The Five Best Flea Treatments for Cats

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, here are the five best flea treatments for cats:

1. Bayer Animal Health Advantage II Monthly Flea Treatment

What I appreciate about this flea treatment is that you only need to apply it once a month and it works immediately. I was surpised that it began working right away with my indoor cat, so I didn’t worry about fleas coming in anymore.

While it’s a bit pricier compared to other treatments, it’s worth the investment for the immediate effectiveness!


  • Extremely effective and works immediately
  • Works well for most indoor cats
  • You only need to apply it once a month


  • May be difficult to put it on some cats
  • Not the most effective for outdoor cats
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Bayer Animal Health Advantage II Monthly Flea Treatment

2. Elanco Animal Health Cheristin for Cats Flea Treatment

If you’re in need for something that’s easy to use and apply, then I recommend the Elanco Animal Health flea treatment. This is a topical solution you apply once a month, with it being effective within the day!

What I like about it the most is that it comes with the applicator tip, which makes it easier and gentle to apply to any cat. However, it may not be the most effective on older cats, as there are complaints of senior felines getting sick from it.


  • Extremely useful for kittens and young cats
  • Easy to apply, comes with an applicator
  • Kills fleas for a month and works within half a day


  • Reports of older cats getting sick
  • Some cats don’t like the smell

Elanco Animal Health Cheristin for Cats Flea Treatment

3. Pet MD Medicated Spray for Cats

PetMD is known for their effective products, with this medicated spray being no exception. What’s great is that it doesn’t only kill off fleas but also bacteria and yeast which can cause skin infections in pets. The spray is easy to apply and suitable for both dogs and cats.

So if you need an all-around product for your pet’s skin, then this is the right purchase!


  • Made of the quality and safe ingredients
  • It’s easy to apply
  • Helps kill off fleas and bacteria for skin infections


  • May take a few weeks for extreme skin cases
  • Overpowering fragrance

Pet MD Medicated Spray for Cats

4. Vectra Green for Large Cats

One thing I appreciate about the Vectra Green is that they are great for large cats of over nine pounds, regardless of the age (at least eight weeks old). It’s also extremely effective, killing fleas in about six hours.

I like the topical solution, which dries quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. That way, my cat’s hair doesn’t feel oily and she doesn’t feel uncomfortable when applying the treatment!


  • Quick-drying and non-greasy solution
  • Squeeze tube is easy to handle
  • Effective within six hours


  • Some complaints of not killing all fleas
  • Might take longer for serious cases

Vectra Green for Large Cats

5. Wondercide Cat Flea and Tick Treatment Spray

Last but not the least, we have the Wondercide Cat Flea and Tick Treatment Spray. It’s a spray that comes in two packs, with the bottle being easy to use and apply to your furry friends. What makes this a great purchase is that it has the natural ingredients like fresh lemongrass and cedar scents, which soothes your cat while killing fleas.


  • Has natural scents for soothing effects
  • Extremely effective in killing and preventing fleas
  • Easy to spray and apply


  • May be difficult to spray on some cats
  • Complaints of receiving dented cans

Wondercide Cat Flea and Tick Treatment Spray

Wrapping It Up

With an effective cat flea treatment, you’ll be able to ensure that both your home and pet are flea-free. No need to worry about those pesky fleas biting and irritating skin anymore. Aside from getting rid of fleas, you can also include dewormer for cats to ensure the all over health and safety of your pet.

One of the best treatments will have to go to the Bayer Animal health Advantage II Flea Treatment. Used for large cats and easy to put on, this is a no-frills product that works well for any feline friend. While it’s a bit expensive, it works effectively and works right away! It’s really worth the investment if you want to ensure a flea-free cat.

I hope that this article on the best flea treatment for cats gave you an idea on what to invest in to get rid of those pesky ticks. So don’t wait any longer and check any of these products out now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on these best flea treatments for cats, then do comment below. Your input is much appreciated.

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