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BLUE Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter: Unique and All-Natural!

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: December 29, 2023

In the midst of all the different natural cat litters, like the litter purrfect, I was taken aback with walnut cat litter. I’ve heard of corn, wheat, even wood with green tea, but never walnut! However, as I did the research, this natural ingredient actually proves to be quite effective in terms of clumping and smell.

As I searched for legitimate and all-natural walnut-based cat litter, the only ones I found were from BLUE Naturally Fresh. So I decided to order their litter products and see what exactly the company had to offer and if my cats would like it.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to all-natural walnut-based cat litter, read on for my reviews on BLUE Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter now!

About BLUE Naturally Fresh

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BLUE Naturally Fresh is a popular cat litter company best known for its natural cat litter. They aim to provide your feline the toilet she deserves, as they are accustomed and grown to bury their businesses in nature than anywhere else.

With that aim in mind, they focus on all-natural products, with all of them having one key product: WALNUTS. While walnut shells usually go to waste and end up composted or thrown away, BLUE Naturally Fresh sees the value in walnut shells, using it for its interesting clumping action. When talking about natural cat litter, you can also count on fresh news cat litters as it is a paper litter. Safe for cats and also absorbent.

The company only uses 100% natural walnut shell without any artificial chemicals and the like. They claim that their cat litters are able to stamp out odor, absorbing it even better than clay litter. That’s coming from the number one natural cat litter utilizing walnut shells!

They actually have different types of walnut cat litter products available, depending on your household. I’ll be getting into the reviews of their different products and who they’re suitable for in the next sections, so read on!

The Seven Walnut Cat Litter Reviews

They have seven cat litter products available, all being made by walnut shells but through different formulas. The different formulas help give each walnut cat litter product they offer a different texture and purpose designed for specific cat households.

With that being said, here are the seven cat litter products they have available in store today:

1. Herbal Attraction Cat Litter

If your main focus is quick clumping and for fussy cats, then you’ll like the Herbal Attraction cat litter. It’s infused with various naturally-scented herbs, which are known to help attract cats and encourage them to do their business. So if your cat hates the litter for some reason, he will most likely want to come back to their box with the nice scents of this litter.

While there are many herbs in the cat litter, it has a pleasant smell even I like. A nice choice for those who want something fresh without the nasty, artificial smells. You can get it in 14-pound bags, which is the mid-range for single or multi-cat households. However, I find the clumping action best for angle cat households.

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Herbal Attraction Cat Litter

2. Alpine Meadow Cat Litter

I like the Alpine Meadow Cat Litter because of its awesome smell! It has such a pleasant Alpine scent that covers up any waste odors well, keeping the whole room smelling fresh without the hassle. It’s best known for its excellent odor control, keeping everything within the litter box and the clumps.

Because it isn’t as smelly compared to any other litter, the cats won’t feel disgusted in reusing it again. Furthermore, there’s no hassle in clean-up and the like, and I’m able to scoop away the liter without having to wear masks to escape the smell. You’ll love it if you have a multi-cat household as well, as both clumping and odor control is made for it. I would recommend this litter for all multi-cat households!

Alpine Meadow Cat Litter

3. Pellet Cat Litter

For fur parents who want something with the consistency of pellets, which still stays soft yet without tracking, you’ll like their Pellet Cat Litter. It’s a bit bigger than the usual cat litter, though it still stays soft to the touch. Because it’s at a bigger size, there is less chance of it getting stuck to your cat’s paws, lessening the mess and tracking.

However, the pellet cat litter is made best for single-cat households, as it doesn’t clump as well if in high-traffic litter boxes. I love it because it’s so easy to clean and maintain with the similar features all of BLUE Naturally Fresh’s Cat Litters have to offer. Just goes to show how versatile using walnut shells are.

Pellet Cat Litter

4. Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

If your main focus is quick-clumping action to mask away odors even quicker, then I recommend the Quick-Clumping Cat Litter. This utilizes the Super-Absorbent Formula unique to the company, having it perform amazingly and produce the solid clumps that last for days. I find it easier to maintain, and as long as I scoop it within three days, there won’t be any trouble with odor control and the rest of the litter’s clumping action.

The litter is meant to clump within 15 minutes, which is relatively quick for natural (and even clay) litter. Furthermore, it doesn’t stick to the litter box at all and absorbs moisture amazingly. But do take note that clumping responsiveness may take a bit longer if in high-traffic litter boxes!

Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

5. Natural Training Kitten Litter

Yes, even kitties need quality litter for them to begin litter training. They don’t begin using the litter box immediately and need better experiences, with the Natural Training Cat Litter being able to encourage your little kittens to use the box.

This kitten litter uses the unique formula infused with walnut shells and naturally-scented herbs, which are what entices kittens to check out the litter and for using it. It offers the quick-clumping formula and good odor control for kitten waste, which makes it easier for you to clean AND train your little one.

Note that this is for kittens, not adult cats, as the clumping action won’t be as efficient if used by the latter.

Natural Training Kitten Litter

6. Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter

When your main focus is odor control, especially if you have a multi-cat household, then the Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter is the best choice. Because odor can be such a problem when it comes to high-traffic litter boxes, the litter aims to solve those issues with triple-action odor defense enzymes.

With these enzymes, it stamps out all cat waste, with feces, urine, and ammonia odors disappearing upon contact. Furthermore, it’s able to produce tight clumps within 15 minutes upon using, also having no dust and minimal tracking. I really love this for this who have over three cats, especially since it comes with nothing but all-natural ingredients to improve your cat’s toilet experience.

Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter

7. Multi-Cat Cat Litter

The Multi-Cat Cat Litter is made best for those with more than three cats. While it isn’t as odor-controlling as the Ultra Odor Control, it still provides adequate smell-masking features without the overbearing artificial chemical smell. Besides this, it has excellent moisture absorption that keeps the urine and ammonia odors away.

I also appreciate the fact that all odors are masked while it provides good clumping action in as little as 15 minutes, even when you have multiple cats using it. Overall, this is a great investment and as long as you clean and scoop away the clumps on time, it’s long-lasting. Most cats will also enjoy the subtle scent and soft texture!

Multi-Cat Cat Litter

My (And The Cats!) Final Verdict

Fortunately, you’ll be able to purchase BLUE Naturally Fresh Cat Litters easily, may it be through physical or online stores. Take note that BLUE Naturally Fresh does not sell their own cat litter on their official website. However, you can check their website, which will direct you to their direct sellers, which are Chewy, PetSmart, and Petco.

You are also able to avail their cat litters from websites like Amazon, with different sellers providing good deals and offers. Based on the prices from BLUE Naturally Fresh, they provide great litter at moderate prices, considering this is all-natural and made of walnuts.

My final verdict? Most of their litter products have promise, and they perform well enough to be worth the long-term investment. My cats like the different texture and I enjoy the quick cleaning, as well as the all-natural scent it gives out. I would recommend it!

Wrapping It Up

Walnut cat litter is an excellent choice if you’re looking for good odor control and adequate clumping abilities. And though the BLUE Naturally Fresh litter may not be as popular as other brands, it still continues to be the leading brand of this unique and natural ingredient. If you want to try something new and eco-friendly for your cat, you can give this want cat liter a try.

I hope this article on BLUE Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin looking into getting a bag for yourself.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on the litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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