I’m sure many of us are familiar with Hill’s, an extremely popular pet food company known for their food. I did a review on their urinary cat care food before, too! The urinary food was so effective, I decided to do more research on the other product lines they offered.

And I was surprised that there was so much to choose from in Hill’s Cat Food line! It prompted me to check out what was the best of all and to test it out on my cats, too. So if you’re looking for effective cat food to give to your cats, read this review on Hill’s Cat Food first!




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About Hill’s Cat Food


Hill’s has been in the industry for decades now! It all started with Morris Frank and Dr. Mark Morris Sr. during the late 1930s.

Morris Frank was a blind man who toured the country with his seeing eye dog, Buddy. His dog was suffering from kidney failure, which prompted Morris to ask Dr. Mark Morris Sr. for help on what to do.

Dr. Morris believed his dog’s kidney failure came from poor nutrition, so he created a new pet food formula with his wife in the kitchen. And that’s when Raritan Ration B was born, now known as Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d.

A few years later in 1948, they began creating Hill’s, a pet food company that caters to various conditions. The company aims for quality care and wellness for all pets, focusing on nutritious-packed food with just the right amounts of vitamins and minerals pets need to cater to their conditions.

This time, they don’t only cater to dogs, but to cats with normal and special needs, too! They utilize the best technology and expertise to ensure that they cater to all pets across the world.

Over 70 years later, Hill’s continues to become one of the most popular companies to date. The legacy of Dr. Mark Morris Sr. continues with his son and family.

The Five Best Hill’s Cat Food Reviews

After much research and tests, these are the five best Hill’s Cat Food to invest in:

Hill’s Ideal Balance Natural Cat Food: Chicken and Brown Rice

It gets difficult trying to feed my kittens dry food since they’re so used to their mama’s milk! That’s why I’m thankful that Hill’s created the Ideal Balance Natural Cat Food, suitable for kittens. It provides everything cats need for growth and development, plus, both kittens and cats would finish their portions!

It’s called Ideal Balance for a reason- It contains the proper combination of protein, fat, and a bit of carb without preservatives. The number one ingredient is chicken, which is the flavor cats love. It also contains omega fatty acids, which has made my cats’ coat much heather compared to other food.

While it DOES contain brown rice, there’s only a small percentage and its fiber helps indigestion. I think that’s true since they haven’t had any problems in terms of passing stool or urine. All in all, I see it’s worth the investment for cats of different ages.


Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Cat Food: Chicken and Brown Rice


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Hill’s Ideal Balance Natural Cat Food: Adult Stew

For those who prefer or need to feed their cats wet food, Ideal Balance also offers canned versions. This is the adult stew flavor, which contains a mix of turkey and brown rice. While I would usually frown on brown rice and greens in cat food, it doesn’t contain too much of it. Turkey is still the number one ingredient and it’s filled with enough protein all cats require.

I appreciate that it’s filled with LEAN animal protein, which is what maintains a cat’s body and muscle growth. Furthermore, its other ingredients aid in better digestion. It took a few weeks before I noticed some changes, but there are fewer bathroom problems AND they eat the food right up!

For its high-quality ingredients, lean animal protein, and fiber, I highly recommend it for cats who have sensitive stomachs. They have different varieties of this wet food for kittens, adults, and senior cats!



Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Cat Food: Adult Stew


Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food For Kittens: Chicken Recipe

Another excellent dry food for kittens is Hill’s Science Diet. What makes this different from Ideal Balance is that it comes with more necessary nutrients for kitten growth and development. It contains DHA from fish oil, which supports both eye and brain development for growing kitties!

I haven’t seen any significant change in terms of my kittens’ development, though I feel like they enjoy the dry food. Since it contains lean protein from chicken, I DO notice they’re growing quickly and at the right pace. It also wasn’t difficult transitioning from mama’s milk to wet and dry food, since it seems to have an enticing flavor.

With its small pellets that are safe to eat for a kitten’s small throat, down to its extremely healthy ingredient list, I believe it to be a great investment!



Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food For Kittens: Chicken Recipe


Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food for Adults: Chicken Recipe

This particular dry cat food is made for adult cats slowly reaching their maximum growth limit. Not only that, but it’s made for indoor cats with less activity compared to those who roam around outdoors. It manages their weight well and it prevents obesity, which is something I’ve been scared of when I decided to keep my cats indoors as well.

Besides the lean protein from the chicken recipe, it also contains natural fibers. Both of these keep your cat satiated between meals so you don’t have to worry about a constantly hungry cat. I’m glad to note that they don’t beg or meow as much as they did before, trying to look for food! Furthermore, I also noticed they pass stool cleanly, no more wet messes on the liter box besides urine.

If you have an indoor cat and trying to maintain their healthy weight, go for this variety.



Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food for Adults: Chicken Recipe


Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food for Seniors: Chicken Recipe

I used to think that all cat food was made for both adults and senior. However, I learned that seniors require even fewer calories and certain nutrients to maintain their energy levels and specific digestive conditions. When I decided to feed my older cats Hill’s Science Dry Cat Food for seniors, I noticed a bit more change.

Not only did they stop gaining too more weight, but they also have no issues with wet stools or infrequent urination. I recommend you mix it with wet food to prevent any dental issues, especially since they have weaker teeth. That way, you won’t have to worry about any health issues related to your cat’s diet, especially if they’re senior cats, who are a bit weaker than before.



Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food for Seniors: Chicken Recipe


Wrapping It Up

If your cat has special needs to cater to his health, then they’ll enjoy the benefits Hill’s Cat Food offers. Not only do they have specialized formulas for all types of cats, but the delicious food they would enjoy!

I hope that my article on Hill’s Cat Food gave you an idea on what to invest in for your cat. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with Hill’s Cat Food, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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