I’m sure many of you have already heard of Taste of the Wild, widely known for their grain-free products. They don’t only create food for dogs though, but they also have grain-free cat food as well! But is their pet food’s effectivity in dogs just the same as for cats?

Even I was wondering the same thing because some companies lack in quality in certain product lines while excelling in another. So I did the research and reviews to help you see if Taste of the Wild is the right type of food for you! Read on to learn more about who Taste of the Wild is and what else they have to offer.




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About Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild comes from Diamond Pet Food, who owns four manufacturing facilities located across the United States. One is located in northern California, another in central California, as well as South Carolina and Missouri. Their main headquarters is in Meta, Missouri.

They were created in 1970, starting small and now considered as a premium, or even super-premium, pet food brand. Taste of the Wild focuses on creating grain-free food for both dogs and cats, also having better meat protein content compared to other traditional pet foods.

While better known for their dog food (most of their website’s information is related to dog nutrition!), they offer similar quality pet food for cats, too.

With that said, there’s no denying that they have had some issues in the past. They have had a lot of recalls in the past because of salmonella from their South Carolina plant. However, even with such issues, they’re still trusted and regarded as one of the quality grain-free pet food at affordable prices.

For cat food, they offer two main formulas, coming in both dry and wet versions. I’ll be reviewing both types of food and their two flavors to help you decide what’s best.

Five Best Taste of the Wild Cat Food

Based on my research and tests, these are my top five choices on Taste of the Wild cat food:

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain: Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon

This is the most popular Taste of the Wild dry cat food, showing promise based on its ingredients. I was a bit hesitant getting this because I thought there was such a thing as TOO much protein. However, I was wrong- Cats NEED protein and more of it than any fat or carb!

This particular Taste of the Wild is flavored with roasted venison and smoked salmon, a combination I didn’t know would be a hit for cats. It has a good flavor that cats love, and I can vouch for that given how quickly my cats finish their meals now.

Furthermore, I noticed that they have more frequent and healthier, solid stools. I guess it’s because it contains superfoods and healthy probiotics that help with their digestive system. Overall, it’s pretty pricey, but a great solution to any digestive issues!


Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain: Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon


Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain: Trout and Smoked Salmon

This is the second dry food flavor they offer for cats. Though they have a limited selection, I see that they also focus on quality, especially in protein content. This time, it’s made with both trout and smoked salmon, having a good amount of protein and vitamins for optimal health.

However, I’m still not a huge fan of a long-term seafood diet, though this is a personal preference. My cats also don’t like pure seafood flavors as well, taking a week before they’re accustomed to the taste.

With that said, I still see it as a good investment if your main focus is protein and omega fatty acids for healthier skin and coat. I noticed they had a healthier coat and are less prone to dandruff and other skin infections, especially after being outdoors.



Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain: Trout and Smoked Salmon


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Taste of the Wild Rocky Real Meat Recipe Stew Cat Food

If you’re more focused on investing in wet food, or something to pair with the dry version, I recommend the Meat Recipe! This is a premium stew food from Taste of the Wild, made with roasted venison and salmon. With this combination, it has enticing flavor cats love, the protein they need for digestion, and Omega fatty acids for healthier coats.

It’s NO miracle worker, but you do see a significant improvement in your cat’s overall health in time. After a month of feeding this to some of my cats, they seem more energetic and less inclined to pass wet stool. I don’t agree that they should put raspberries or blueberries in their formulas, but these don’t affect their carb consumption, so there’s no worry there.



Taste of the Wild Rocky Real Meat Recipe Stew Cat Food


Taste of the Wild Cat Food: Salmon and Roasted Venison and Canyon River Feline Trout and Salmon Formula

This is the wet food version of the Trout and Smoked Salmon dry food, having the premium-quality ingredients. It’s made with both trout and salmon, which is a good choice for those who want to give their cats a pure seafood diet. I also like that it comes with the mix of Roasted Venison and Salmon cans, adding variety for picky eaters.

While it’s a bit pricey, the cats surprisingly loved BOTH flavors, considering that one is all fish! I just need to mush it up a bit more since they like a smoother, less chunky consistency. That way, the cats eat it happily and you’ll see that their skin improves after a few weeks.

I highly recommend this if you want to improve your cat’s skin AND want to give him an all-meat diet with minimal carbohydrates.



Taste of the Wild Cat Food: Salmon and Roasted Venison and Canyon River Feline Trout and Salmon Formula


Taste of the Wild Complete Cat Food Package

If you’re interested with all of what Taste of the Wild has to offer, they even offer an entire package good for all cats. The pack includes a 15-pound bag of their Rocky Mountain Feline Recipe, as well as three cans each of their Canyon River and Rocky Mountain wet food. The pack even comes with a bonus lid, so you can cover the unfinished canned food to feed your cat later on.

As I said in the reviews above, all of their cat food is made with real and raw meat for necessary nutrients and protein. Furthermore, it gives you the value for money, saving you more as you purchase both dry and wet food together.

So if you have cats who prefer a combination of dry and wet food, save a bit and get the same nutrients your cat need with this package.



Taste of the Wild Complete Cat Food Package


Wrapping It Up

While there have been a few issues with Taste of the Wild back then, they’re now back on track with their cat food! I highly appreciate that they only offer all-natural ingredients with bigger protein content with real meat. If you have the extra budget, I highly recommend that you invest in this!

I hope my article on Taste of the Wild Cat Food helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into investing any of these now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with any of these Taste of the Wild cat food products, then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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