As I was looking for different all-natural cat litter brands, I stumbled upon the Green Tea Cat Litter. This is created by NextGen, a company that focuses more on today’s technologies and processing to create a whole new formula catered to today’s felines. What’s cool about it is that they are also eco-friendly, using natural materials and processes.

But with that being said, is green tea really a great ingredient to work with? I was very intrigued by how efficient it was in odor control and clumping, or would it be the best clumping cat litter odor, which is why I decided to give it a review myself. So read on as I show you my Next Gen Green Tea Cat Litter review to help you out.




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Who Is Next-Gen Green Tea Cat Litter?

Before anything else, who is Next Gen anyway and what do their Green Tea Cat Litter products have to offer? NextGen is actually a pretty popular company known to produce a variety of pet products you now see online or in physical stores.

What makes them unique compared to many other cat litter brands available is that ALL of the pet products that they release are fresh and all natural. They take pride in their variety of cat litters, as well as their other litter products.

You can find their healthy, safe, and environment-friendly products in the international market. Not only does their website offer an on lines tore, but so do other reputable sellers online, as well as local pet stores. You can check out if they have their cat litter products available in your local stores with a quick search!

How Is the Price?

Just like many types of all-natural cat litter products, expect the Green Tea Cat Litter to be on the higher priced tier. It’s one of the most expensive considering that it’s only a 5-lb bag, but once you test it out, you’ll see why it’s priced as such. Initially, it was a bit of a surprise for me, though once I tested it out, I started to see why it was priced that way, from its appearance to performance.

While it IS expensive, the company doesn’t scrimp on quality and I believe it to be worth the long-term investment. But I’ll get more into what it has to offer in the next sections and show you why it really is worth the price.

Moisture Absorption and Clumping

The clumping abilities are the star of the Green Tea Cat Litter. I really love how the litter responds quickly to moisture, urine, and feces. Its granules will stick to the waste and will clump up solidly, staying hard for days until it’s time for scooping. This is what makes the litter easier to maintain and scoop away when it’s time to clean up!

While it doesn’t have the hardest clumps, the softer clumps still stay in shape and continue doing its job in controlling odor. I’m at awe because while some natural clumping litters have trouble in maintaining solid clumps for long, this can last for a few days even in multi-cat litters, just the same as tidy max clumping cat litter for its max odor and moisture control, making it a worthy investment for many cat owners. You won’t believe it comes from recycled wood and green tea!

Odor Control

I love the odor control of the litter, which is able to keep all urine and feces smell to the minimum. Granted, there still is a bit of smell to the litter, though just a faint one only after your cats have used it for a long time. It would take a few days or so until it starts to really smell, and that’s when using a multi-cat litter box!

As for its litter scent, I highly appreciate the fact that it’s made of green tea. It has that subtle green tea smell, which is all natural and combines well with the recycled wood. My cats and I have no problems with this scent and also have no issues with any odor, both feces, and urine.

Does It Track?

I commend the fact that it doesn’t track… too much. Since it has a bit of larger size compared to the traditional clay litter, tracking isn’t a huge problem. BUT, the tiny nuggets would still sometimes stick to cat paws, wedging in between the toes and letting go once he walks outside the box.

Fortunately, I have no problem with any of the litter sticking to their fur. It tracks minimally and is easy to sweep up, though I recommend that you sweep it up at least once a week or every few days to keep the area clean. You may need to clean more if your cat loves to scratch or paw at the box at times.

Is It Dust-Friendly?

I was quite surprised that for a cat litter, it was almost dust-free. Yes, it tracks a little bit, though I had no trouble with the dust at all. Sensitive cats and owners like me can enjoy its less dusting, I’ve had no complaints from my cats or sneezes while handling the litter.

But do expect it to dust a little bit, which won’t be the best for extremely sensitive pets. It’s no nuisance to us and holds no issue, as long as you can handle the minimal dusting.

Flushability and Cleanliness

Another great point about the Green Tea Cat Litter is the fact that it cleans up very well. Because it has exceptional clumping abilities and odor control, expect it to scoop easily and be thrown without issue. It’s also lightweight, making it hassle-free for carrying, replace, and scoop to throw.

Also, because it can last for weeks before replacement, you won’t have any problem with maintenance. Simply sweep any tracking and scoop some of the used litter away every few days and you’re good to go.

As for the litter’s flushability, you’re able to flush it down just fine, though I highly recommend that you throw it away as normal or compost it outside, which doesn’t affect your pipes but helps with the environment.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Just like the name suggests, NextGen offers the products made for the next generation, focusing more on eco-friendliness just like the green cat litter that is made from natural plant materials, is very to save lives (and the cats!). Rather than using the usual natural sources like tea, Next Gen uses green tea and recycled wood, with the mixture being able to help suppress bacteria growth and odor.

The company takes pride in the fact that they have the biodegradable materials, which aren’t only safe, but sustainable and friendly for the Earth as well. And because it has amazing capabilities, you can say that the cat litter’s unique formula is very efficient, making it worth the price. A great recommendation for eco-conscious owners who only want the best for their cats!


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What’s My Final Verdict?

As for me, I really loved this cat litter. I’m always an admirer of natural cat litter for its eco-friendliness and safety, but this is one of my personal favorites for a reason. It excels in almost all the necessary features we need in a cat litter, from the clumping abilities down to odor control.

I had an easier time cleaning and appreciated the not-so-strong scent, as well as the lack of dusting which made us less prone to allergies. Yes, it’s expensive, but you’re really getting what you pay for and I believe that if you’ve got the budget for it and want something natural for your cats, this is the long-term investment that offers cost-efficiency for its longevity!

How Do The Cats Like It?

My cats actually loved the cat litter! I was surprised because I thought it would take a bit of time to grow accustomed to the green tea scent and different texture. But after a few hours, they already got used to the litter and began doing their business comfortably and as if they’ve been using the litter for years!

I feel like they really liked the soft and fine texture the litter had to offer, as well as the smell it gave off. There’s no artificial chemicals or scent, making it a nice toilet space for them. Plus, since there are no chemicals included with the litter, you can assure that it’s safe to use and they can do their toilet issues without any health hazards.

Wrapping It Up

With newer technologies popping up, we are now more inclined to see what updated litter has to offer. While green tea isn’t the most common materials you see in cat litter, it’s definitely an interesting take and does its job in odor control well. Sure, there are a few things I hope they improve on but overall, I see it worth the try!

Hopefully, Next Gen Green Tea Cat Litter review helped you out! If you’re interested in seeing if green tea is great for your cat, try out a bag now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on the Green Tea Cat Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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