When we look for cat litter, the first thing we want to focus on is the ingredients it’s made of. After all, we wouldn’t want to expose our cats to harmful elements which can affect their overall health. And yes, this includes their litter, too. That’s why I opted for something all-natural, and I was recommended Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter.

A well-known brand with a variety of litter products to offer, I wondered how effective each was. Did they clump well, would my cats love it, and how were they made?If you are also aiming for all natural cat litter, you can visit weruva cat litter reviews.

If you’re wondering the same thing, I did the tests and research myself, so read on. I’ll be showing you everything you need to know about Nature’s Miracle to see if this is the right litter for you.




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What Is Nature’s Miracle?


Nature’s Miracle is a popular company that provides a large line of pet products, both for cats and dogs. They focus more on the stain and odor removers and waste pickups, as well as training aids, crates, grooming, and obviously, litter.

The company has a wide range of products in the market today, which is what gives them the edge. Why? Because they have a better grasp of what pet owners want and need, giving them the perspective on what they should place in their products for a good experience.

It can get quite difficult standing out from the many different cat litter and pet product companies out there. But with Nature Miracle’s background and expertise, they do well to stick out (in a good way)and also for the arm and hammer cat litter reviews. I feel that because of their many products, more research and work is put through to modify and create the quality products that provide great satisfaction compared to other similar brands available today.

The Variety of Cat Litters Available

What makes Nature’s Miracle a nice choice is a fact that they don’t only have one kind of litter available. In fact, they produce a variety of litter types that suit the necessities and preferences of owners and their cats.

You can see that there are several options made of different materials, like clay, pine, even crystals. Some litters are focused for multi-cat households, while others are meant for single cats, or for ones that need something that clumps up quickly. And as the name goes, they also come up with the all-natural tier of cat litter, which is helpful for the cat’s overall health and wellbeing.

Another notable thing is that Nature’s Miracle also produces litter boxes and accessories for it. With the perspective on these aspects and knowing more about the entire litter process, they have the right approach to making their litter products. I like that this company really branches out!

Good Clumping Qualities

One of the most important factors of cat litter is the way it’s able to either clump or absorb moisture. For those who want excellent clumping abilities, you will appreciate most of what Nature’s Miracle has to offer. The common trait I noticed in most of their products is that they are great in clumping and moisture absorption!

This is highly beneficial as a cat litter not just for its ease of cleaning, but also because it can also lengthen the litter batch’s lifespan for a few days longer. The good clumping abilities can also help with multi-cat households and high-traffic litter boxes.

When it clumps, it would usually make the solid clump, whether feces or urine. It responds quickly after your cat goes to the litter, and it stays in shape until it’s time to clean it up. While some of its litter products have issues with crumbling quickly, it’s bearable enough, especially for the price given.

How’s the Odor Control?

Another great feature I look for in cat litter is odor control. Obviously, we want our homes to smell fresh, though having an open litter box can change it. That’s why I need the odor control to keep the ammonia and feces smell down when I walk in the room! Fortunately, with most of Nature’s Miracle’s litter products, the odor control is adequate and protects the room from the strong and potentially toxic smells.

Some of the litter products don’t have fragrances, while others do. So you can choose which you prefer, though I recommend fragrance-free litters which your cats would appreciate. I also recommend fragrance-free litter like the pride cat litter, with added odor control because the fragrances and perfume from Nature’s Miracle can get quite overbearing for the cat (and you, while cleaning the litter).

But in terms of odor control alone, I commend Nature’s Miracle for their work.


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Is It Tracking and Dust-Free?

Tracking and dusting is a common problem when it comes to cat litter. Because they are usually made of sand or finer granules, they tend to stick to your cat’s paws. As a result, your cat would be carrying some litter granules, making its way out of the box and around the room. This makes it such a hassle to clean.

Furthermore, the dusting may be a tricky situation, making it tougher to maintain the box. If it’s too dusty, it can also cause allergies in both owner and cats.

With Nature’s Miracle, expect both tracking and dust-free abilities to be around the average level. It’s not exceptional, but just enough to reduce the stress soy cleaning. You can’t really avoid tracking, but it’s a minor issue and you won’t have to keep sweeping up loose litter granules.

As long as you’re able to remove the clumps in a timely manner, you won’t have trouble with scooping and cleaning.

How to Use and Clean?

While my main priority when choosing cat litter is the cats, I also need to take account the way I use and clean it. After all, us owners are the ones who need to place, clean up, and replace the litter and we don’t want to have a hard time doing so.

Because the majority of Nature’s Miracle litter products are excellent at clumping, it won’t be that difficult to clean. The clumps stay solid, making it easier to scoop and throw away. Furthermore, the odor control is a huge plus, as you don’t need to worry about the nasty odors that people usually expect while cleaning used cat litter.

However, it does have one downfall: It’s heavy for cat litter. I would appreciate it if the cat litter products were a bit lighter so I won’t have much difficulty in pouring it to the litter box.

Made For Tough Litter Boxes

You have the excellent clumping abilities down to good odor control, which makes it less of a hassle to clean. The combination of all these necessary features makes the litter more than adequate enough for all households. Whether you have more than three cats or just have one at home, you can choose and enjoy Nature’s Miracle cat litter the way you need it.

Because Nature’s Miracle offers a variety of products, as well as the expertise they have in pet products, they cater to any situation and especially for the most difficult of litter boxes. That way, everything is much easier to clean and use, and you won’t have a problem groaning about maintaining cat litter anymore.

Yes, Nature’s Miracle does have some very minor issues, depending on the liter you choose. However, these are small manageable cons that don’t push aside the fact that it performs well for its price.

Are You On A Budget?

Now, this is the reason why I really appreciate Nature’s Miracle litter products. Because there are a variety of cat litter products from the brand, they also offer different prices suitable for any budget.

So if you’re on a tight budget and looking for something at a cheaper price, you can still find one that suits your price range but still offering good qualities. Most of their products are either more affordable to moderately-priced, and you really get more than what you pay for. This shows you don’t need to spend oodles just for extra quality in cat litter.

However, if you do want to go a bit extra and want to look into more specialized materials and better features, Nature’s Miracle also offers higher-end litter products. These perform exceptionally and like what I said, you actually get more than what you pay for!

Five Best Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter Products

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter products available;

1. Intense Defense Fragrance-Free Clumping

This is my favorite of all Nature’s Miracle cat litter products mainly because it’s fragrance-free and has no artificial smells. When I opened it up, there was no smell whatsoever, and I was able to pour it easily without it feeling too dusty. My cats liked it because there was no overbearing perfume smell, which is what puts them off.

Furthermore, the litter is great to work with in terms of clumping. The clumps stay hard for a few days without the foul smell coming off. It controls odor well and the cats continue to use it without any problems. Depending on how many cats use the litter box, it will only need replacement after a week, making it a great choice for tough litter boxes.

The litter is made of clay and you’re able to find it in most pet stores at a budget price range. You can also choose between 20-28 pound bags, whichever is within your budget and what you can afford.


Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Fragrance-Free Clumping


2. Intense Defense Clumping

For the most intense of cat litters that require the strongest granules and ingredients to keep it clumping well, I recommend this product. The Intense Defense Clumping is best made for multi-cat households that are high-traffic and used more than once a day.

This is known mostly for its clumping abilities, made to stay hard for a few days before requiring replacement. It works amazingly for its cheaper price and the clumps stay put without it crumbling down. However, the scent is a bit off, as it smells somewhat artificial, though not too strong to put the cats off. There may be a bit of an issue with dust and the litter sticking to the litter box if there’s too much urine.

If you’re focusing more on better cleanup and maintenance over the smell, then you’ll like the Intense Defense Clumping. Cleanup is more than acceptable and makes it quicker, especially for its good pricing. Made of clay, you can avail it in either 20-28 pound boxes, or 40-pound bags, OR 14-pound jugs, whichever is most convenient for you.


Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping


3. Multi-Cat Clumping

While you can use the Multi-Cat Clumping for single cat litter boxes, this is best used for multi-cat households for its amazing strength. I commend it for its clumping abilities for the multiple uses throughout the day, as it clumps quickly and does a good job for its extremely affordable price.

However, it may not be able to take too much work, especially if you have more than five cats using the litter box throughout the day! Take note that while it clumps quickly, it feels softer than it is solid. Furthermore, the odor control isn’t the absolute best. If kicked or accidentally crumbled, then the smell would begin to go around the area.

However, for its price range, you get what you pay for and can still enjoy the easier cleaning for single to multiple cat homes. That is if you can take the smell. The litter is made of clay and you can avail the 28-pound box.


Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Clumping


4. Just For Cats Easy Care Crystal

If you don’t want to keep on scooping out waste every few days, the Just for Cats Easy Care Crystal is your best option. This is because it utilizes crystals, which are lower-maintenance and don’t require any scooping for a few WEEKS. However, with an easier to care for a litter, the more expensive it is. The crystals don’t come cheap and this is the pricier one available among Nature’s Miracle cat litter products.

Comparing it with other crystal-based litter products available, this works about average and there isn’t much of a unique feature it has to offer. However, it does absorb excellently and locks odor for over a week, needing replacement after two to three weeks. Just be wary of the tracking, especially if your cats love to scratch the litter!

So if you have a higher budget and want to explore more expensive options for less maintenance and cleaning, you might want to try this.


Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Easy Care Crystal


5. Just For Cats Natural Pine

While the Just For Cats Natural Pine is made of all-natural material, this isn’t the best of the different cat litters tested. The clumping abilities didn’t live up to my expectations, considering that most of Nature’s Miracle litter products are best known for this feature. While it DOES clump, it struggles in staying solid, requiring replacement after less than three days because of it.

I like this refreshing pine litter scent, though it doesn’t stay for long. The odor control is below average and when combined with the cat waste smell, it ends up smelling off. I do appreciate that it tries to be eco-friendly, but with its ingredients and performance, I believe that they can do better to improve it. It does have good points though, such as it not dusting as much as others.

This cat litter is an example that not all of Nature’s Miracle cat litters are exceptional, so you have to be wary with what you choose!


Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Natural Pine


Where to Buy Nature’s Miracle

Another thing I like about Nature’s Miracle is that it’s pretty accessible. You can find it just about anywhere, may it be from their official online shop or in pet stores. You can find it in both physical or online pet stores, making it a good choice to purchase. Most, if not all, their pet products are available to buy.

Overall, Nature’s Miracle is a great brand to trust in terms of their cat litter. Having been in the industry for years now, you know they have the experience and customer service that makes them a great choice. While they’re not perfect (no cat litter is perfect anyway), they still do an exceptional job in combining all necessities we look for in cat litter. Even my cats enjoy using it!

Wrapping It Up

If you’re on a budget and would like something more affordable but with good features, Nature’s Miracle is for you. The company offers a wide variety of cat litter products suitable for your cat, making it well worth the price. My cats appreciated it, and there were no pungent odors, which was enough for me at its price range.

I hope that this article on my Nature’s Miracle cat litter reviews helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and begin looking into any of these litters for you today.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with Nature’s Miracle, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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