When I first heard of sWheat, I already had the idea of what the company would be like, and I was right! Made with unique approaches and processes, I wanted to see how their formulas worked for the cats, especially since they claim to have the eco-friendly litter safe for me and the cats. Rarely do I see cat litter purely made from wheat, and this natural approach was pretty interesting to me.

It’s the reason why I wanted to try it, and since they have a smaller selection available (so far), I decided to test three of their most popular litter products on the market today. If you want to learn more about what sWheat has to offer too, then read on!

I’ll be showing you what sWheat is all about to learn more about the brand, then will provide a sWheat Scoop Cat Litter review to see if they’re worth the price.




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What Is sWheat Scoop Cat Litter?

sWheat-Scoop-logo-meowkaiAs the company name suggests, sWheat has the unique approach of making all their products entirely out of wheat. You can’t see this feature in just any type of litter company, which is what makes sWheat stand out. While there ARE wheat-based litters made by various companies, but there isn’t a sole company that dedicates to making their products purely from wheat, except for sWheat.

This is also what gives them an advantage. Because the company only uses wheat, you can tell that they have a better understanding of the material and know what to do with it in order to make the best products from it. With wheat being sWheat’s bread and butter, you know they will utilize it the best way they can, not just for them, but for their audience, too.

So whether you’re hesitant with wheat, use wheat, or never heard of wheat cat litter before, I recommend giving sWheat a try if you were to experiment with this material.

All-Natural Products

Like mentioned, sWheat only offers wheat-based cat litter, which is an all-natural ingredient juts like the walnut litter. In the midst of all the different non-natural materials like clay and crystal, it’s refreshing to see that there are cat litters that still use natural ingredients. This is because all-natural cat litters also have their advantages, such as added safety for cats, the eco-friendliness for the planet, as well as having no artificial smells or harmful chemicals that hurt both cat or owner.

Fortunately, with sWheat, you have the purely natural ingredient which is pure wheat. While cat litter like wood or paper may have non-natural ingredients, sWheat has none, using only organic and eco-friendly litter ingredients.

According to sWheat, the ingredients are the only farmer grown from the ground up, then will be packaged to purchase. It’s simple and straightforward. And because of their simple process, it’s what makes them more affordable and still with the helpful features all cat owners need.

A Variety of Sizes Available

One thing to take note of then choosing cat litter is the size you need, which is relative. Some may want to buy in bulk and in box form to make it easy to refill without having to continue wasting a lot of money and effort repurchasing litter. Plus, it’s cheaper when purchasing more cat litter at once compared to individual pouches.

However, some people may prefer getting pouches or small-sized bags to fit a smaller home. The number of cats you have would also influence how big (or small) of a cat litter size you need.

With sWheat, you’re able to choose between both small or large sizes, making it convenient and suitable to your individual needs. You can also try premium choice cat litter as they also have huge range of sizes.They offer small and compact pounds down to containers which weigh up to 40 pounds. All of their litter products have similar size options to choose from, so there’s no worry about spending too much or dealing with a lot of unnecessary litter in a small space.


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Comes at Affordable Prices

We all know how the price is a major factor when it comes to selecting cat litter. And if you’re expecting sWheat to be expensive because of their wheat-based cat litter, that’s not the case. It actually comes at a more affordable price at times, when comparing it to both traditional and non-traditional cat litter!

Another huge benefit to the sWheat Scoop cat litter is its pricing, coming at a more affordable cost compared to others. I expected it to be more expensive actually since those made with eco-friendly materials and ingredients can get quite expensive. Fortunately, sWheat offers litter products that cost significantly less compared to non-traditional litter companies and products.

That way, you’re able to try out all-natural litter without it breaking a hole in your wallet. Granted, they are pricier compared to traditional clay cat litter, but the difference isn’t that big. Sometimes, you can find sWheat cat litter products on the budget tier, which makes them some of the most affordable on the market. That’s a great feat considering the all-natural litter and adequate performance they bring.

Is It For Multi-Cat Households?

While sWheat doesn’t have the largest selection of products, they do have products made especially for multi-cat households. These are great for either multi-cat homes or those who have very difficult litter boxes to care for. Just like the frisco litter, which is ideal for sifting and mechanical boxes and is highly effective in multiple cat households.

With the good clumping action from the wheat, as well as the good odor control, it can really handle toilet habits of more than two cats. While some multi-cat litters aren’t exactly the best-performing, sWheat Scoop continues to provide only the best. If you’re wondering about the exact products suitable for multi-cat households, I’ll be recommending them down below.

Where You Can Get sWheat Scoop Cat Litter?

Fortunately, you’re able to find sWheat Scoop cat litter just about anywhere. The best way to purchase it is through online, where you can find coupons and promos related to the brand and specific litter products. Sometimes, sWheat themselves would offer coupon codes, though not as generous compared to other online stores like Chewy or Amazon.

With that being said, you can still find sWheat litter in selected physical pet stores. Just do a quick search and contact your local store to see if they have it on hand. However, I highly recommend that you get it online to save you the time and effort.

The Best sWheat Scoop Cat Litter Review

After doing my research and tests, these are my reviews on the three best sWheat Scoop Cat Litters:

1. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter

I’m actually pretty interested with this first product, which is my favorite among the three I’m reviewing under sWheat. Coincidentally, it’s also the most popular compared to all of sWheat’s litter products. I feel like this is due to the clumping abilities and odor control, which was more than average in performance.

This clumping litter s made of all-natural wheat which was then processed into granule form. It utilizes sWheat’s latest formula, which is an improvement from its predecessors. If you’ve used the older formulas of their clumping litter, you’ll be able to see a significant improvement, namely in their clumping.

Previous versions of sWheat’s clumping litter performed well, though many people say there is still room to improve. After adjustments and tweaks, sWheat made sure to fix various issues and any common complaints from the litter users. Because of this, it became the largest known wheat-based litter available.

Its clumping abilities are excellent, with clumpy forming very quickly and staying dry. Because it maintains its dryness and solidity, all smells and bacteria are locked inside, preventing any foul odor from coming out. Furthermore, the clumps don’t break easily as well, and though it may break apart (only if not cleaned on time), it works extremely well for natural litter.

Since it’s all-natural, you’ll be surprised that it has NO odor whatsoever, the control is excellent. The room and litter box stays fresh and is easy to clean because of it. Because of its strength and capabilities, this is a great choice for multi-cat households as well.

Overall, this natural litter is one of the best because there is minimal to NO issue whatsoever. Clumps well, cats like it, and there’s no odor. Basically, it has everything you want and need in cat litter, WITHOUT any of the harsh chemicals.


sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter


2. sWheat Scoop Natural Fast-Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

If your main focus is on responsiveness and the quick clumping, then you’ll like this litter type. It’s just the same as the original clumping litter I reviewed above, though with a slightly-tweaked formula. This tweaked formula helps improve the speed of clumping and responsiveness to cat waste.

Expect the granule size to be smaller than usual, which is the reason why it would clump faster. Besides that, it’s still the same odor-fighting and anti-bacterial clumping litter sWheat Scoop is known for.

I notice that the clumps do form quicker compared to the first review. Because of this, you’re less likely to smell any foul odors the moment your cats do their business. While this is a small difference, the performance is noticeable. However, while it does help control odor and clumping faster, the litter would track a bit more because of its finer texture.

While it does have good odor control and has a similar clumping size compared to the Multi-Cat litter, it has less strength. This is because the Multi-Cat offers twice more power in terms of clumping and odor control, being suitable for those with more than three cats. Because of this, I would only recommend this for owners who only have one cat and want quicker action.

Another good point about it is that it’s a few dollars cheaper than the Multi-Cat litter, though again, you’re paying less for not much power compared to above.

But with that being said, it does its best and as advertised. It clumps faster and has no smell at all once your cat does his toilet duties. If you’re looking to save and only have one or two cats, I would recommend this more. But for with multiple cats, you’ll like my first choice better, which is made for power.


sWheat Scoop Natural Fast-Clumping Wheat Cat Litter


3. sWheat Scoop Premium+ Natural Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

What would you expect from Premium+ Litter? Of course, it would come with major differences, including a higher price. This is the only high-end and premium cat litter sWheat has to offer, and while it comes at a higher price, it’s definitely one of the better products which offer a lot.

Just like the Multi-Cat litter, it offers a similar clumping action, though with a bit more strength and power. It utilizes the advanced clumping action which produces the extra strong clumps, and because it dries quickly and stays solid, it would lock away any odor whatsoever. That way, the room smells fresh AND it would be easier to clean and scoop away.

Because it’s either flushable or compostable, you won’t have a problem in throwing the waste away. What makes this different from the rest of its products is its inclusion of natural plant extracts. With its special blend of plant extracts and herbs, it increases the number of odors the litter captures. The litter then neutralizes the odors even better while still staying unscented, so don’t expect it to have the foul and artificial odor.

There really is a huge difference between all other sWheat products, and if it weren’t so expensive, I would recommend this first! Its only downfall is the fact that it dusts a lot compared to the other two I reviewed. However, for its abilities, I don’t think it’s a huge deal breaker unless you or your cat are extremely sensitive to dust.


sWheat Scoop Premium+ Natural Clumping Wheat Cat Litter


What Other People Think

You now know what I thought about the top three sWheat litter products, but what about the rest? I scoured through various customer reviews in all their products, and I found a lot of common points between them. Here are the things I discovered with what people think about the company and litter products:

Odor Control

Most of the sWheat cat litter products received exceptional praise with their odor control. There are positive stories as to how their previously stinky litter is now improved with only faint to no smell at all. But, this only applies to select litter products, namely from Multi-Cat and Premium+.

As for the fast clumping litter, there are reports of it requiring more improvement in odor control.


All sWheat products are biodegradable and while some cat owners would compost it for recycling, others choose to flush it. This is still a good choice and it’s a convenient one since it removes all sources of smell and the like. Fortunately, it has exceptional flushability and it doesn’t clog at all, so you won’t have a problem of cleaning it up.


Just like odor control, both the Premium+ and Multi-Cat litter products had amazing reviews in terms of clumping. Users raved about how the clumps rarely break down and they were heavy and large. Some people say that the clumps can get very big that it would require breaking up before you can flush it.

However, the reviews are different from the fast-clumping litter. Despite it clumping quickly, it isn’t as strong as the other products sWheat has.


All of sWheat’s litter products had average reviews in terms of tracking. It’s actually a subjective topic since it depends on your home and the cats you have. Also, since wheat is a lightweight material compared to clay, as well as it being granule liter, it can get caught in cat fur and paws. However, the tracking is light and not a deal breaker at all, not as bad compared to other brands.


Just like tracking, there were either mixed reviews or average ones, so I’m not sure how to feel about its dustiness. For me, I only experienced a bit of dustiness with some of its products. Some people also claim the same, with low dust levels.

However, there were some that say the Premium+ has the dustiest litter among sWheat products. But like tracking, it’s just a minor inconvenience.


Of course, many users would appreciate the litter’s eco-friendliness, especially those who are looking to help save the world. With naturally renewable resourced like wheat, you reduce carbon footprint dramatically. In our own way, we save the planet by using natural products like sWheat rather than invest in companies that use clay made with huge industries that impact our planet.

Wrapping It Up

sWheat offers a combination of necessary features with their cat litter products, while still maintaining the all-natural approach. This makes their litters eco-friendly and completely safe to use and handle, both for you and your cats. It’s a refreshing take compared to all the other different cat litter brands, though it may not be for all owners.

I hope that this sWheat Scoop Cat Litter helped you find the right one you need. So don’t wait any longer and begin looking into more of sWheat’s selection today.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews of sWheat Scoop cat litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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