Top 6 Cat’s Pride Litter Reviews For All Fur Parents!

If you’re a long-time cat owner, then surely you’re already familiar with the different types of litter companies now. So you might have already known about Cat’s Pride, which is one of the most popular companies in the industry today! They’re a reputable brand with a huge following to the point they’ve been endorsed by huge organizations like the American Humane Society.

With that being said, you know that their litter products are of good quality. However, with their wide selection of products, you can’t say that they’re exactly perfect either. That’s why I wanted to create an extensive review of most of their popular litter products they have available now.

To learn more about this popular company and what litter products are best for you, read on! I’ll show you the top ten litter products and what makes them suitable (or not) for you.

About Cat’s Pride Litter

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Like mentioned, Cat’s Pride is an old company but with news standards and innovation in mind. Because of their years of expertise in carb litter, they have the strategic advantage and continue to keep their manufacturing secrets. This is what makes their litter products unique and popular for many cat owners!

Another great point about the company is that they offer a wide array of cat litter products. Not only do they focus on clumping products, but you have the choice for your own individual needs. From lightweight to non-tracking, clumping or non-clumping, natural or clay-based, they have a suitable product for just about anyone.

However, most of their products are clay-based, being the classic and traditional litter material just like the litter purrfect. But even then, they still continue putting out the unique approach to all their clay-based litter with specialized formulas. And fortunately, they offer affordable options made for those on a budget, truly making this the brand for any cat owner.

This is probably why Cat’s Pride has been in the business for years. With quality litter and years of expertise, they’ll continue to grow and will be one of the premium choice!

The Ten Best Cat’s Pride Litter Reviews

After much reviews and research, these are the ten most popular litters from Cat’s Pride and what I think about them:

1. Fresh and Light Quick Action

I believe this to be the perfect litter choice for all cat owners interested in Cat’s Pride! It provides stellar performance in clumping and odor control, coming at reasonable prices. The only issue it may have are extremely minor and can be ignored with the hard clumps and the odorless litter!

As a whole, this is a versatile cat litter made for everyone, including multi-cat homes. With effective clumping, easy odor control, and the hassle-free cleaning, you get MORE than what you pay for. Just watch out for very little tracking when in a multi-cat household and that’s it.

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Fresh and Light Quick Action

2. Fresh and Light Ultimate Care Premium Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat

The Fresh and Light variety is a popular brand that Cat’s Pride is famous for. This particular litter from the selection performs well in all aspects, from the hard clumps down to the long-lasting properties that make the litter cost-effective. Furthermore, cleaning up is easier as long as you scoop it away daily, since it’s quite time-sensitive.

Other than time sensitivity in clumps, it lasts long and locks in odors. Better yet, there’s little to no tracking, making it a stellar litter to last in the long run. You’ll think you got premium litter at a more affordable price!

Fresh and Light Ultimate Care Premium Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat

3. Fresh and Light Fragrance-Free

Another great choice goes out to the Fresh and Light Fragrance-Free Litter, which does everything without difficulty. It’s known for its impressive clumping, however, the odor-fighting and ease of cleaning is just as good. You can find it between the budget to the mid-priced range, making it well worth the price!

I recommend this litter for single cat households as it may not fight odor as much when more than three cats use it. Furthermore, expect a little bit of tracking because of its small and soft granules. Other than that, enjoy its fantastic odor control and dry, solid clumps.

Fresh and Light Fragrance-Free

4. Fresh and Clean

This is the original litter from the Fresh and Clean collection, which has a straightforward approach at reasonable prices. It does a great job in fighting odors, and while not the best, it’s one of the most affordable litters available so you get what you pay for and more.

Furthermore, it has decent performance in clumping and cleaning up as well. I highly recommend this litter if you’re on an extreme budget and still want something functional for your cats. Made of clay, expect simplicity but with all necessary features that perform well for its budget price range.

Fresh and Clean

5. Lightweight Scoopable Unscented

This is an acceptable cat litter for its price and best for those who want something lightweight and affordable. I commend it for how lightweight it is, though this also means that it’s easy to kick and for the odors to come back. This causes the odor to kick off and have the room smell especially win combined with poor ventilation.

While I do appreciate the non-clumping litter that has NO litter scent at all, I feel like there are other non-clumping litters available. With that being said, I admire this product since it lasts long before requiring replacement.

Lightweight Scoopable Unscented

6. Complete Multi-Cat Scoopable

As the name implies, it offers quality clumping action, making it easy to clean because of its scoop-ability. Furthermore, it comes with good odor-fighting capabilities without the need for powerful perfumes that smell artificial. I commend it best for how you can scoop up its hard clumps, which actually dry quickly without it disintegrating.

However, do take note that it has higher dust levels and is quite expensive compared to other clay-based litters out there. If you and your cat aren’t sensitive to dust and tracking, then this can still be a good choice for easy cleanup.

Complete Multi-Cat Scoopable

Wrapping It Up

Cat’s Pride Litter truly does take pride in what they have to offer, with their quality formula down to their wide selections. While they may not be perfect, most of their litters have the excellent performance suitable for all cat owners. And that’s what makes them a great brand to invest in!

I hope this ultimate guide to Cat’s Pride Litter helped you find the right one within the company! So don’t wait any longer and begin checking out any of these litter products now.

If you have any questions or want to share your reviews on Cat’s Pride Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.