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5 Fromm Cat Food Flavors to Invest In Now!

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: December 12, 2023

Choosing your cat’s pet food for the long-term can be quite difficult, especially with the many you can find today! That’s why I decided to go outside the “typical” brands and go for Fromm Cat Food. I was quite surprised because they offered a host of food for both dogs and cats.

After I tried it out, I was pretty amused because of its history and quality food. However, I want to also note down any issues particular flavors may have for some cats! So read on as I show you my reviews on the five most popular Fromm Cat Food flavors.

About Fromm Company

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This is one of the most interesting company histories I’ve stumbled upon because Fromm Family Pet Food began their humble beginnings in the 1800s!

Yes, it all began in 1852, when both Fromms and Niemans moved to the United States. But the real business began in 1904, when the young Fromm brothers formed “The Company,” with a mission to produce silver foxes while harvesting ginseng.

It began to grow as they became adults, focusing more on developing a fox distemper vaccine in the 1920s. They build their own food manufacturing plant in Wisconsin after both Fromm brothers and Nieman family combined businesses. This had them produce nutritional recipes, which became extremely successful to the point their Wisconsin plant is still operating today!

Today, they continue growing with over a century of operation and expertise. In fact, they still have increasing demand to the point they’ve created various plants across the United States!

From simple pet food down to gourmet food, they now have a variety of recipes that help with both dog and cat overall health. Not only do they have high-quality meats and seafood,d but they also add healthy fruits and vegetables with it, complementing their high-protein diet with necessary vitamins and nutrients.

The Five Best Fromm Cat Food Flavors

Based on my tests and research, these are the five best Fromm cat food flavors you can get now:

1. Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Chicken and Salmon Pate

My cat REALLY loves the Chicken and Salmon recipe from Fromm, which he would finish within minutes. It’s come to the point that he really loves the food that I have to feed him in smaller portions to avoid faster eating.

I also appreciate the fact that the cat food comes in a package of 12 cans, which is good for up to two to four weeks, depending on how much your cat needs. The package arrives on time, which I like as well.

While it isn’t a lifesaver, it’s much recommended for the average cat. Even picky cats who choose their food will like the taste, coming in an ideal texture and enticing flavor.

Overall, I see it worth the price given its package, brand, and how my cats react to it. If your cat is a picky eater, I’d choose this among all the Fromm cat food flavors.

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Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Chicken and Salmon Pate

Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Chicken and Salmon Pate

2. Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Four Star Chicken Pate

This is another one most cats will love, especially since they have such enticing flavor cats appreciate. I don’t think my cats have ever rejected anything with pate flavor, actually! That’s why I highly appreciate this particular variety from Fromm, made with real quality meat made for most cats.

This is actually a different line of Fromm’s cat food products, with the Four-Star line known for its gourmet-quality dishes. All products in this line can complement other Four Star cat food, so you can rotate flavors without digestion problems. That way, your cat will never get bored with their diet and continue to eat their Four-Star meals.

Besides that, you can combine both Four-Star wet food with the dry variety so they reap benefits from both types of food. It’s a bit expensive, but definitely, a good investment if you’re looking for something to rotate or mix with dry food.

Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Four Star Chicken Pate

Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Four Star Chicken Pate

3. Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Salmon and Tuna Pate

This particular cat food comes from Fromm’s Gold line, which is a good choice for those who want fresher ingredients. This line is made with only fresh ingredients which are delivered daily for immediate manufacturing to ensure your cats only get the best quality food.

Since my cats love anything pate, they had no trouble finishing this. As long as it’s fed in smaller portions (to avoid indigestion from quick eating), you’ll have no trouble with this.

However, do take note that they’re a bit more expensive AND contain some plant ingredients. This means it isn’t filled with a full amount of protein, though it does have necessary nutrients your cats need.

While I really like the Salmon and Tuna Pate recipe, you can also choose between other types of flavors. They also cater to different types of cats in all life stages, whether kitten to senior felines.

Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Salmon and Tuna Pate

Fromm Wet Canned Cat Food: Salmon and Tuna Pate

4. Fromm Four-Star Cat Surf and Turf Dry Cat Food

Whether you’re looking to feed your cats dry food or want to combine it with wet food, then this Four-Star dry food variety is a good choice. The dry food actually ha a lot of protein sources, mainly from seafood. And just like most (or all) products from Fromm Star, it’s grain-free without any fillers.

BUT, I’d like to note that it is NOT low-carb or low-plant. It has pea protein in the ingredients, which isn’t the best protein to give to cats. Furthermore, the ingredient list includes different fruits and vegetables, which is about 36% carb content. Way more than your cat actually needs.

So you have to be wary about how much of this you feed to your cat, making sure that you have more ANIMAL protein and fat. It’s why I recommend you to mix it with wet food.

Fromm Four-Star Cat Surf and Turf Dry Cat Food

Fromm Four-Star Cat Surf and Turf Dry Cat Food

5. Fromm Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Cat Food

The Hasen Duckenpfeffer is another interesting cat food, which is German-inspired and grain-free! Unlike other cat food, one of its main ingredients is RABBIT, a quality protein source dogs and cats need. Besides this, it comes with other traditional protein sources like duck and turkey.

However, similar to the Surf and Turf dry food, it also includes lesser quality ingredients your cat won’t need. You can see that it also contains some vegetables like carrots and alfalfa sprouts, as well as fruits like apples and cranberries. These aren’t required for cats and better off gone from the list.

Despite that, it contains enough necessary protein required. Just don’t feed your cat too much of this and mix it with Fromm’s Four-Star wet food to avoid feeding them too many carbs.

Fromm Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Cat Food

Fromm Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Cat Food

Wrapping It Up

If you’re planning on investing in quality cat food, you can’t go wrong with family businesses like Fromm. Yes, they aren’t your most popular companies, but they take pride in their nutritious pet food without the high prices.

I hope this article on the best Fromm Cat Food gave you an idea on what to invest in now! So don’t wait any longer and provide the best Fromm food for your cats today.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with Fromm Cat Food, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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