There are so many different types of cat food available today, making it a bit confusing as to which one’s best. In my opinion, I DON’T have the best choice based on the brand, but only based on what specific cat food gives me. I was more focused on food filled with meaningful calories, without any fillers or carbohydrates which can cause diabetes in cats.

Because of that, I was recommended to try some of Nulo cat food products. I was amused by how they began and admire the company for their mission, which is why I decided to test out more of what they had to offer. So if you’re wondering how Nulo cat food is, read on as I show you my reviews.




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About Nulo

Nulo-Meowkai-logoNulo’s adorable and humble beginnings are really what got me to try their products for my cat. It all started when Michael, a former athlete, couldn’t find the right dog sitter for his pet, Max. Because of that, he decided to leave his corporate job and create his own pet care company.

As he continued planning out his business, he noticed that there was an alarming trend: Overweight pets and more at-home insulin shots because of diabetes!

As he investigated the reason why, he discovered that many popular pet food products are filled with empty, or even bad, calories. These are usually filler ingredients like carbs, which cats and dogs can’t easily digest.

That’s when Nulo came to be, with pet food created based on different animal nutritionists’ and veterinarians’ expertise, as well as food formulators. Michael created recipes that are made with quality sources of proteins that are low-carb and low-glycemic for a healthier body and energy for cats and dogs.

Today, Nulo has expanded and included many more recipes for both cats and dogs! You can find them around Texas and online.

The Five Best Nulo Cat Food Reviews

Based on my research and reviews, these are my top five choices for the Nulo Cat Food today:

Nulo Adult and Kitten Grain-Free Dry Cat Food: Chicken and Cod Recipe

This particular Nulo cat food is made for both kittens and cats, containing the necessary nutrients both ages need. Like most cat food, it has NO grains and focuses on more amounts of protein There’s 80% of ANIMAL protein, which ensures minimal carbs and better flavor.

What makes this different from other dry cat food is that it comes with BC30 probiotics and DHA. Both these nutrients help with digestion and brain health, crucial for developing kittens. Besides this, it also has both calcium and phosphorous added to the formula for stronger bones.

It’s no alternative to any medicine your cat needs, but a complete diet that benefits them. My cats may not like the flavor at first, but once they began eating this regularly, you’ll notice that they have more energy and better fur. For a complete diet without the unnecessary fillers, I commend Nulo for their Kitten and Cat Dry Food.


Nulo Adult and Kitten Grain-Free Dry Cat Food: Chicken and Cod Recipe


Nulo Grain-Free Dry Indoor or Adult Trim Cat Food: Duck and Lentils Recipe

Obesity in cats is more common than we think, and while it looks cute, it’s not healthy. If your cat is overweight and you’re looking for food to help him lose weight, Nulo has an Adult Trim Cat Food available. This contains fewer calories and carbohydrates compared to the average dry food, managing weight well.

And while some diet cat food may not be palatable for cats, mine liked the duck and lentil flavor. Nulo also claims to design it in small morsels, which are known to be enticing for all cats. I guess it works because my cat seems to like the food and finish his meals on time.

I haven’t noticed a dip in his weight, though the numbers say he’s losing weight slowly. I hope that in a few weeks, he goes back to normal and healthier weight with this food plus exercise.



Nulo Grain-Free Dry Indoor or Adult Trim Cat Food: Duck and Lentils Recipe


Nulo Adult and Kitten Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food: Beef and Lamb Recipe

For cat owners who prefer giving wet food, I commend the Beef and Lamb Recipe, something that a lot of cats like. I think it’s also because of its smoother consistency compared to other types of flavors. I don’t need to mush it up before serving, and my cats eat it all up with gusto!

It’s suited for both kittens and adult cats, so it saves you the time of purchasing two separate foods if you have a lot of cats at home. Besides this, it also keeps your cat satiated for longer, especially since it has even higher protein and lower carb levels. It DOES have pumpkin and carrots but at least none of the bad fillers like corn, soy, wheat, or other additives.



Nulo Adult and Kitten Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food: Beef and Lamb Recipe


Nulo Adult and Kitten Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food: Salmon and Mackerel Recipe

Some people prefer giving their cats a full seafood diet, as they contain more omega fatty acids for healthier skin. I find that the Salmon and Mackerel Wet Cat Food a great choice, especially as it comes in bigger portions. Not only does this make the food more cost-effective, but less of a hassle to open lots of cans to prepare.

Comparing it to beef and lamb, my cats aren’t quite keen on the fish flavor. BUT, as they continued to consume it, the better their skin became. Its effects were quite quick, showing a shinier and brighter coat within a week or so. Besides this, all my cats are reaching healthier weights, as they eat better and with more balance.

For both kittens and cats who like fish and need more nutrients for their skin, this one’s a great choice.



Nulo Adult and Kitten Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food: Salmon and Mackerel Recipe


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Nulo Adult and Kitten Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food: Chicken and Duck Recipe

This is another line of cat food line offered by Nulo, having similar ingredients as their other wet food. What makes Freestyle different is that it has shredded consistency, which is filled with shreds and chunks of meat. This is rich in protein and covered in gravy, which adds more moisture to the food for better hydration.

But there’s one to take note and that not ALL cats will like it, mostly because of its consistency. Some of my cats are hesitant with the food because of the chunks, wanting smooth pate-texture instead. However, it does have great benefits if your cat does like it, such as better coat and less smelly litter boxes.



Nulo Adult and Kitten Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food: Chicken and Duck Recipe


Wrapping It Up

For those who focus more on lessening the carbs and fillers on their cat’s food, you’ll like Nulo. With a humbling history and amazing quality ingredients, they only ensure healthy food your cats need for a better life. Sure, it isn’t all-natural or made from the raw meat of New Zealand, but it does the job and does it right!

I hope this article on Nulo cat food gave you an idea of what to invest in today! So don’t wait any longer and look into any of this food now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with Nulo cat food, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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