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5 Wellness Cat Food Products You Should Consider Now

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: December 14, 2023

We all want to make sure that our cat has the best diet for her health and wellness. That’s why we do our research in what cat foods are made for them and their specific conditions. It’s more than just choosing popular brands, but the RIGHT food products, like Wellness Cat Food!

I like that this particular pet food company doesn’t just focus on sales and profit, but to help with every pet owner’s pet food woes. But with their many different types of food available for cats, which is best for yours?

I did all the research and tests, so read on to learn all about who Wellness is and what I think of their food!

What Is Wellness?

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Wellness Pet Food is one of the most popular pet food companies today. Not only are they popular, but they also one of the oldest brands with a colorful history!

They started in 1926, known as Old Mother Hubbard, making small dog biscuits. In 1961, the company was then sold to Jim Scott, an animal nutrition professional, who turned it to the Wellness brand of dog and cat foods we know today.

Wellness recipes were created and launched for dogs in 1997, to follow with cat recipes in 2000. By 2004, the company became one of the leading natural pet food brands in various retailers.

Today, you can find them as still one of the top-selling natural pet food brands to date. They’re available in ten countries, including the United States, where they have headquarters in Massachusetts.

The company is committed for all our pets’ overall wellness, with the passion to create new formulas and recipes that cater to specific health conditions. With growing technology and expertise, they continue innovating with various pet food lines and noticing flavors available for both dogs and cats.

Keep on reading to check out the top cat foods they offer and what makes them special!

Top Five Best Wellness Cat Food

After much research and testing, these are my reviews on the five most popular Wellness Cat Food products:

1. Wellness Natural Grain-Free Wet Canned Cat Food: Minced Tuna

The one thing I highly appreciate about Wellness is that all their food contains everything you need WITHOUT the toxins. While some wet food from other brands contains carrageenan and grains for texture, Wellness’ wet food has none of that. Instead, they only put in fresh meat with minimal low-glycemic carbohydrates.

The best wet food from them goes out to the Wellness Natural line. It’s their classic wet cat food for adult cats with minced tuna, a flavor my cats surprisingly like. There’s gravy with the tuna bits, so it digests easier and it’s easy on the teeth.

I don’t find any significant improvement on anything, though it does satisfy my cats. They’re energized and playful as usual without feeling any sickness or signs of indigestion. Just be wary of the smell, since it’s quite stronger compared to other wet canned food!

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Wellness Natural Grain-Free Wet Canned Cat Food: Minced Tuna

2. Wellness Healthy Indulgence Grain-Free Variety Pack

Just like us humans, cats also need variety in their diets to prevent becoming bored with what they eat! Because of that, Wellness has packages catered for picky cats who like different flavors in their diets. The Wellness Healthy Indulgence has eight different flavors, so you can give them more taste every other day.

Fortunately, the variety pack works well together and you won’t have to worry about digestion issues when changing flavors throughout the week. While most of my cats are fine eating one type of flavor every day, some of my picky cats seem to like the different flavors and finish their meals rather than leave some compared to before.

And just like all of Wellness cat foods, it contains no grain, additives, or unsafe ingredients. It only has a higher protein count and extra moisture to ensure they get enough liquids throughout the day.

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Grain-Free Variety Pack

3. Wellness CORE Signature Selects Natural Canned Cat Food

The Wellness CORE focuses on both quality and huh quantities of protein in the right amount. It’s protein-centric and grain-free, making sure that your cat receives enough for stronger bones and muscles. This particular package contains three different flavors for more variety in your cat’s diet, great for picky eaters.

I like the fact that it has shredded texture, making it easier and more enticing to eat. Plus, all its flavors seem to taste great and have no digestion issues. My cat loves the chicken and liver blend the most, which he would devour every day.

Besides this, it still contains helpful vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin A, E, D3, and B12. This keeps your cat’s health in check without affecting his appetite. If you have the extra budget for their Signature Selects, I recommend this.

Wellness CORE Signature Selects Natural Canned Cat Food

4. Wellness CORE 95% Grain-Free Wet Cat Food: Chicken Smooth Pate

The best of the bunch for Wellness Core Food is the Chicken formula, an enticing flavor that most of my cats like and finish thanks to its smooth pate texture. Chicken is the primary protein source here, with higher levels of it, being a protein-centric line.

This dry food contains more protein than the typical dry food, though some of its protein comes from peas and potato protein. However, it still has lower carbohydrate content and focuses more on the absolute necessary nutrients all cats require. It also contains a fair amount of fiber from typical ingredients you find from dry cat food, such as flaxseed, pea fiber, and tomato pomace.

There’s a bit of a strong odor to it, though the cats still like it, particularly the older ones. I feel like this is best for senior cats who are more active around the house.

Wellness CORE 95% Grain-Free Wet Cat Food: Chicken Smooth Pate

5. Wellness Kitten Canned Food: Chicken Entree Pate

If you’re looking for something made for your kittens, Wellness also offers wet food for younger cats. It’s made with smooth chicken loaf with softer texture growing kittens can easily consume. It contains a mix of turkey and its broth, chicken, chicken liver and meal, as well as various vitamins for the growing kitten. The food also has enough moisture to make up for water and milk consumption, if your kitten’s still learning to drink.

Many kittens will like the flavor, making it a great choice when transitioning to a more solid diet. Plus, it has DHA kittens require for better brain and eye development. Its other vitamins also help with their growing immune system, preventing any illnesses or indigestion that may come during the diet transitioning process.

Wellness Kitten Canned Food: Chicken Entree Pate

Wrapping It Up

Your cat’s food isn’t just about finding what looks good or the first thing you see in groceries. Like us, they require a healthier diet to live comfortably and longer! With Wellness cat food, you’re able to give your cats an efficient diet. While a bit more expensive, it’s definitely worth the price and something to consider if you have the extra budget.

Hopefully, you found the right type of cat food from my Wellness reviews! So start looking for good deals from the brand and focus more on your cat’s health and diet now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with Wellness Cat Food, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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