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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder: Read This Before Buying!

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: December 21, 2023

As I was looking for a quality pet feeder, it was such a difficult search considering the many brands available. It’s the reason why I decided to test some out, focusing on the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder this time. It’s best known for its excellent customizability and how smooth it operates for both cat and owner convenience.

But of course, it does come with a few minor issues to watch out for, which is why reading up on reviews is recommended. After all, company claims can differ to how it works, and there’s no such thing as one pet feeder for all owners.

With that said, I tested the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder out for myself to help you out, so read on! I’ll be sharing what you need to know about the feeder, from the way it works down to who it’s best for.

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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

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For starters, I want to look into the Arf Pets design, which has a sleek and attractive look to it. I highly appreciate this because it has a modern touch with high-tech features compared to other feeders.

It’s built with plastic and has a satin white color, which still stays sturdy. Also, not to worry about its white color, as it won’t smudge or collect dust. It’s pretty easy to clean despite its white design, which is a first considering how tough to clean some bowls get.

As for its dispenser, it has a clear design with a magnetic lock that keeps all pets away from it. Furthermore, it has a blue light-up display with all the appropriate buttons that are sensitive enough to respond to light touches.

It has the dimensions of 11.8 x 9.7 inches, ensuring that it’s big enough for cats to comfortably eat, but not TOO big to the point it takes up too much space.

Setup and Assembly

I also really like the fact that it uses a power adapter AND can use batteries So you can either plug it in for it to work immediately, or grab batteries, which is great in case of any power outages.

Its assembly is great, extremely easy to set up to the point you won’t even require a manual anymore. Simply get it out of the box, plug it in, and switch it on. Afterward, you’ll understand how the buttons work and how to set it according to your necessary feeding options.

You can set both meal times and the portion amounts, which is about 1/8 of a cup. Its default meal frequency is three meals daily, though you can add or lessen that number.

Another awesome feature is that you can record your voice for your pet while you’re gone. This can encourage them to eat while you aren’t there. Simply hold the record button, hold it as you speak, and release the button when done. Press play to listen to the message and that’s it!


As for its pet-proof quality, I believe it’s strong enough to stay secure. BUT, of course, sometimes we’ve got peaky and persistent cats who love to eat. Because of this, they’re willing to do anything, even finding ways to break into the dispenser.

Some cats have climbed on top of the dispenser to paw at it until some food comes out. This is pretty irritating, but at least it isn’t breaking the entire unit, nor does it release a lot of food.

However, it’s also dangerous so you have to make sure that you can break this habit. Fortunately, you can do so through training and supervision.


A huge complaint many people have against the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder is its noise. Not only that, but it can take a bit longer until all food is completely dispensed in one go. In just a small portion of 1/8 cups, it takes almost half a minute AND will be quite noisy, you hear a bit of its operation from the other room.

Fortunately, it isn’t bothersome to the point you’ll want to throw it out, nor does it annoy the cat. However, it can sound irritating hearing its struggles to get food out for half a minute. Small portions are fine, but when it dishes out, even more, it takes longer and stays noisy for longer.


As for its performance, I commend the dispenser, but it depends on the type of food you put into it. The 18-cup feeder has a rotating carousel that dispenses 1/8 cup of food into the bowl. You can dispense up to TEN portions per meal, suitable for small to large cats.

However, it won’t do well when you place larger-sized kibbles on it. It struggles to dispense larger kibbles and either take long or sometimes even gets stuck. If it does get to dispense the large kibbles, it struggles to turn, with this resulting in the motor’s faster wearing out.

That’s why I see this dispenser best for smaller cats or owners that use smaller kibbles.

Voice Quality

As mentioned, the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder comes with a recorder to play your voice for your cats. I like this feature for them who feel comfort in hearing your voice! However, in terms of its sound quality, I’m not satisfied with what it offers.

It’s clear enough and you can understand and identify your voice, though a bit muffled. It IS loud though, so cats will be encouraged to come near it after hearing their owner’s voice!


This is where I commend the feeder, as it has a good capacity suitable for small and large cats. For its price range, it offers big enough room to store food and a big bowl for comfort in eating. The dispenser can hold at least a week’s worth of dry food for small cats.

While I say it’s big enough for larger cats who need larger portions, it can’t handle large kibbles well. That’s why I recommend it for cat owners who have smaller cats or feed smaller-sized kibbles to their pets.

Specs and Features

  • Can dispense up to four meals daily
  • Customize the portions form one to ten 1/8 cup sized kibbles
  • Can customize your feeding times using the military clock
  • Has an LCD clock and display with blue light to easily program
  • Magnetic locking lid that secures the food
  • Can record personal messages of up to ten seconds for your cat
  • Utilizes either 3-D alkaline batteries or AC/DC power supply with a 5-foot cord
  • Can hold up to four pounds of dry food (can’t put wet food)
  • Dimensions are 9.5 x 11 x 14.5 inches (width, depth, height, respectively)
  • Weighs 4.63 pounds
  • 4V motor has a speed of 8 RPM and working life of up to 2,000 hours


  • It’s very easy to set up, requires minimal to no assembly since you just need to plug it in
  • Has the strong and durable design to last for years, made from quality plastic
  • You can customize the feeding times and food portions for any type of cat
  • It uses either a power supply OR battery for more versatility
  • Pretty easy to clean its components
  • Has an extremely large storage capacity for its price range


  • Can’t dispense larger kibbles as well as smaller ones, the motor would struggle
  • Quite a noisy operation especially when handling large kibbles
  • It isn’t completely cat-proof and persistent cats can go on top of the dispenser to get some kibbles out, risking their paws

Worth It?

Overall, I believe that the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder works as advertised with adequate performance. For its price range, it does its best and I can’t believe that it comes with extra features liked he huge capacity and voice recording.

However, I do wish it can improve in terms of its cat-proof lid and the kibble dispensing. If they’re able to accommodate larger kibbles and lessen the noise and time it takes to dispense bigger portions, then it can become worth the investment for all cat owners.

For now, I can say that the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder is made best for smaller cats who require smaller portions. It’s also made best for less aggressive cats who would try to get more food by climbing up the unit!

Wrapping It Up

The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder offers much more than customizability, but even recording and convenience features! Granted, it might be choosy in dispensing certain kibbles, but overall, it does the job well and without any issues. I still find it worth the price, especially if you want a lot of options according to your cats.

I hope my review on the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder helped you realize if this is good for you and your cat! If it is, then check out the right deals made for you now.

Do you think that the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder is for you or want to share your thoughts on it? Then do comment below, I appreciate all your posts!

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