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The REGIROCK Flea Collar For Cats: The Fast and Affordable Choice!

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: March 10, 2024

While I was looking for even more cat flea collars to test out, I stumbled upon the REGIROCK Flea Collar for cats. I actually know the company as a company who manufactures dog collars, though I found out they also make some for cats, too! However, I couldn’t find a ton of reviews or information on it besides the fact it repels fleas and ticks.

So I decided to invest in one myself and see if it’s a worthy purchase. If you’re considering to get the REGIROCK, check out my review first to see if it’s worth the price!

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REGIROCK Flea Collar

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Fit and Comfort

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What I like most about the REGIROCK Flea Collar For Cats is that it comes with different sizes. While it has limited sizing, it can fit the average adult cat without it feeling too tight.

As for cats with wider necks and bodies, it can fit, though just a bit tight so watch out for that. I do like that there are sizes suitable for kittens and smaller cats, though. The collar itself can also be adjusted in case of any changes in size throughout the months of using it.

Some cats MAY feel a bit squeamish when it comes to fitting the collar at first, which is usual. I know mine did, and it took a few days before he got used to wearing the collar.

Scent and Effectivity

One of the most notable and unique features of the REGIROCK flea collar for cats is its construction. It’s an ALL-NATURAL flea collar which is made with Citronella and formula of safe and natural oils. That way, you’re ensured ultimate safety for your kittens and cats when using it.

There’s a bit of a scent to the collar, considering the fact it’s made with naturally scented oils. However, it’s not an irritating scent, both you and your cats won’t have any issue with it. In fact, my cats don’t notice it and I appreciate its better scent compared to other flea collars.

As for its effectivity, I can say that it works. However, since it’s made of a natural formula, don’t expect it to be as strong and effective as other flea collars. The 8-month guarantee is a bit of a stretch, and I feel like it would last for a bit shorter than that.

With that said, I still commend it since, for a naturally-made flea collar, it repels most fleas and ticks quite well for a few months.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Since it’s a flea collar that’s easily adjustable and comes in different sizes, you won’t have trouble putting it on. As mentioned, my cats did squirm a bit during the first few days, but it was totally normal and they got used to the fit within a week.

Plus if you see that they feel a bit iffy with the collar, you can adjust it while they’re wearing it. This keeps them safe and lessens any risk of injury from a loose or tight collar.

Maintaining it is a breeze since you just need to leave it with your cat and have it do the job. The collar will slowly release its oils automatically for constant protection without the need to adjust it often. It can last for at least three to six months, and though not the eight months as promised, it’s still good enough for its price.

Extra Features Included

I was surprised that besides it being a collar for flea prevention and killing, it has more features!

For starters, it’s made with strong material to last despite an active cat. It’s also waterproof in case your cat gets into different messes or just loves the water. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee to ensure that you stay satisfied and that you get your money’s worth.

Besides this, it also comes with a gift from REGIROCK, which is a flea remover set that includes one comb and tick removers of different sizes. That way, you can remove any dead or roaming ticks the collar catches.

Any Issues?

I believe that the only issue with the REGIROCK Flea Collar for Cats is its lifespan. But it’s not a huge complaint since it still lasts as long as other types of flea collars. And again, since it’s made of natural oils, it will take some time before you see any improvements.

With all these in mind, I don’t see them as huge issues, especially for the price you’re getting it for. However, if you’re dealing with an intense flea infestation, you might want to consider getting something stronger.

Is REGIROCK Flea Collar Worth the Price?

Overall, I can see that the REGIROCK Flea Collar for Cats is worth the investment. While it doesn’t work for as long as expected, you’ll be surprised that for a flea collar, it still continues to kill and proven any ticks as all as most flea collars.

Furthermore, I like that it comes with extra bonuses, including a warranty, so you get your money’s worth. I highly recommend it for those who want something more natural and for those on a budget. But if you need something stronger and longer-lasting, you may want to go for a flea collar with (still safe) chemicals for more effectivity.

Wrapping It Up

While the REGIROCK Flea Collar for cats doesn’t have much information online, I can see why the few who do post their reviews can only say positive things about it. If you’re focusing more on natural compounds to help your cat’s tick problems, this is it. However, manage your expectations in its effectivity, as natural can also mean it won’t be as well-performing as others!

Hopefully, my review on the REGIROCK flea collar for cats helped you out! so don’t wait any longer and check out more of your options now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with the REGIROCK, do comment below! All of your questions and reviews are much appreciated.

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