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Everything You Need to Know About the Frontline Flea Collar

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 10, 2024

I was looking into the different types of flea collars available and someone mentioned the Frontline Flea Collar to me. However upon further research, I saw that they don’t have any flea collars available (yet), but they’re well-known for their topical treatments! Even if they don’t have flea collars available, I decided to check out how effective their flea collars are.

If you’re interested in getting topical treatment for fleas and ticks, then read on! I reviewed Frontline’s products for cats and want to share what I thought of it, from its ease of use down to how effective it is.

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Frontline Flea Collar

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Fit and Comfort

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Frontline isn’t a flea collar but a topical treatment, so I can’t measure its fit. In terms of comfort though, I don’t notice my cats hating the cream. They act just as normal and don’t squirm or what after receiving the treatment.

This is compared to other topical treatments I’ve tried before! Fortunately, the treatment doesn’t feel as thick or sticky, so you won’t have any problems with it affecting your cat’s coat. Furthermore, you won’t need to apply it all over your cat’s body, but in just one area.

However, since it’s a topical treatment, your cat won’t be able to take baths or swim. Not much of a problem, considering I don’t bathe my cat, nor does he like water!

Scent and Effectivity

Since my cats HATE any scents, especially when around their bodies, I’m thankful that there isn’t much of a scent. When applying, you won’t smell anything and I don’t think my cats detect anything as well. Again, they act as normal after application and wouldn’t complain or squirm around.

As for its effectivity, this is where I commend it the most. I’ve tried different topical treatments before that had issues with its scent and texture. However, with Frontline, it works almost as similar to flea collars and has the same effectivity. I appreciate the fact that it can last for up to a month after each application.

However, I see it more as flea prevention than for treating a flea infestation. While it kills MOST of the fleas within two days, it doesn’t completely kill all ticks and fleas.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Some topical treatments for cat fleas will require you to place it on every few weeks AND the whole body! This is where Frontline stands out, since you don’t need to put it on weekly, but only every 30 days. This lessens the need to apply it on your cats, especially if they’re squirmy and hate being touched!

Besides this, you only need to apply it on only one part of your cat’s body for less hassle. Place it above their shoulder base and near their neck and that’s it. It’s made with fipronil and methoprene, so expect it to kill and prevent flea infestations in kittens AND cats older than eight weeks.

Extra Features Included

There aren’t really any more extra features with the Frontline topical treatment other than the fact it can protect and kill your cat’s fleas and ticks. However, I do like the fact that it’s waterproof and kills all types of ticks which can cause certain diseases. Besides this, you can find treatments from Frontline for BOTH cats and dogs.

That way, if your cat comes in contact into the water, you won’t have to worry about its effectivity. As long as he wasn’t in full contact with water from pools or baths, the treatment will still continue to work. Plus, there’s less worry about the tick infestation that can affect your cat’s overall skin and immune system.

Any Issues?

While Frontline is beneficial, it isn’t perfect and does have some things to improve on.

Some people have complained about how fleas become immune to the formula, especially when taking it for the long-term. After a year or so, the ticks and fleas around the area can become immune. BUT, this also depends on the area and is most likely inevitable, which is through no fault of the product.

Furthermore, I noticed that it’s helped with my kittens in terms of flea prevention. When using it with cats who have fleas already, it works adequately, though not as strong compared to using flea collars! As long as it’s regularly used, I still believe it works well for most cat owners.

Is Frontline Flea Collar Worth the Price?

While it isn’t a Frontline flea collar, I believe it to be extremely worth the price. It does have mixed reviews and I see it more as a hit and miss, depending on your cat and the intensity of the flea problems. However, it’s dealt with the heavy flea and tick problems in my cat fairly well, either killing or repelling them quickly.

I also feel like it depends on the way you apply it. You’ll need to apply it regularly and check your cat’s fur every now and then to ensure that the treatment works. It’s quite a hassle, but it’s also what really makes the treatment work.

My cats have no trouble with the treatment and still feel comfortable while you apply it on them. It works best as prevention for ticks, and adequately if you’re already dealing with fleas and ticks. With all that said, it’s definitely worth trying as a cream.

Wrapping It Up

There’s no Frontline flea collar available as of now, but I do hope they create something based on their topical treatment! It’s a hit and miss for some cat owners, though it was quite effective on mine. Considering that my creams don’t usually work for my cats, I commend Frontline for their quality products and how it protects my cats.

I hope my article on Frontline’s products helped you out! So if you’re considering using topical cream or treatment for your cats’ fleas, then try this one out now.

Have you tried Frontline before and want to share your reviews on it? Do comment below! All your thoughts and questions are much appreciated.

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