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The Seresto Cat Collar: Works As Advertised?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: August 30, 2021

I had such a huge problem with ticks and fleas on my cat, and it was pretty intense. I tried a lot of things but to no avail, which is why I turned to flea collars to see how well they worked. I tried out the Seresto cat collar first because it was one of the well-known and top products available today.

But is it really how it was advertised and worth the price? I did the review to let you know how it performs and if it’s worth the price, so read on!

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Seresto Cat Collar

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Fit and Comfort

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I like that the Seresto cat collar did a great job in terms of the collar’s construction. Not only is it strong, but it’s comfortable and cats will quickly get used to its smooth and soft feel. It’s also stretchable and has an instant-release mechanism in case of emergencies or ease of removing as needed.

Besides this, it still has a strong breakaway system without leaving any scars on their neck. It won’t easily slip off unless you use the instant-release mechanism either.

When my cat began wearing it, he didn’t show any form of pain or discomfort. Just like placing his usual collar, he was fine with the new collar. Just make sure you let it air out (I’ll mention that in the next sections).

Scent and Effectivity

I have no problems with the scent of the Seresto Cat Collar because it has none at all. My cat had no trouble getting used to the collar and didn’t seem bothered by anything about it. You just need to be wary about any chemical reactions or allergies they may have.

As for its effectivity, it’s honestly one of the most effective cat flea collars I’ve reviewed. It took a few days before I noticed any changes but as the months passed, it still performed similarly as if you just received the collar. It repels all tips of ticks and fleas, killing any living ones in your cat’s fur and coat.

Also, it can last for up to eight months before requiring replacement. Fortunately, they stay true to their claims!

Ease of Use and Maintenance

There are NO problems in terms of its use and maintenance. You just need to air it out for a day and place it on your cat. Afterward, it will do its job and kill off any fleas and ticks around them. You’ll just need to adjust the collar every now and then in case your cat gains or loses weight.

However, since the collar has some chemicals included in the collar, you have to consult your veterinarian beforehand. It’s best to see if your cat is allergic to any of the substances included in the collar. If so, your vet can recommend other alternatives to repel and kill fleas.

Extra Features Included

The Seresto Cat Collar is quite pricey but extremely effective and does its job. Furthermore, it even comes with a few extra features that make it easier to handle for your cat.

It comes with the odorless feature, as well as the non-greasiness and water-resistance that ensures that your cat stays comfortable while wearing the collar. I also like its release mechanism, which automatically adjusts to your cat’s neck to ensure comfort and safety.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any warranty or guarantee included in its cost. For me, it’s understandable since it does work according to as advertised, though some may want the assurance especially if it caused any allergies and the like.

Any Issues?

The Seresto Cat Collar offers amazing features and effectivity with its host of necessary ingredients. However, it still comes with a few issues to take note of.

Some cats have suffered from allergic reactions because it’s made with chemicals, so watch out before considering the collar. Check if your cat’s allergic to the collar material, or the chemicals flumethrin or imidacloprid.

Furthermore, it takes a bit longer to take effect compared to other collars, taking a few days before it repels and kills fleas. In fact, you even have to air out the collar before you put it on your cat to prevent any chemical or allergic reactions that cause rashes or hives.

But as long as it’s aired out and broken into well, you won’t have any trouble with the collar. It works effectively afterward, you just need to be patient!

Is Seresto Flea Collar Worth the Price?

With all this in mind, I believe that the Seresto Cat Collar is definitely worth the investment. It’s known as one of the most reliable flea collars that last even longer compared to other collars available today. It stays true to its word, lasting for up to eight months without any issues or struggling!

Furthermore, it comes with the necessary ingredients that are known to help kill off and repel all types of fleas. The formula is safe and won’t cause any harm to your cats, ensuring good health inside and out.

For all the cats who suffer from flea infestations or owners who want to keep their kittens free from any fleas, this collars for you. It may be a bit more expensive than others, but it definitely does a job well done in keeping all the pesky fleas away.

Wrapping It Up

The Seresto Cat Collar is one of the most popular cat collar products to date for its flea and tick repeller. Veterinarian-recommended and long-lasting, it works just as advertised and definitely worth the investment. I highly recommend it for just about any cat owner who’s had trouble with ticks and fleas!

I hope my review on the Seresto cat collar helped you out! So if it’s the right one for you, make the right investment and find good deals on the cat collar now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on the Seresto Cat Collar, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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