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My Detailed So Phresh Litter Box Review For All Cat Owners

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 28, 2024

So Phresh is very popular for their cat litter products, as they show effectivity in containing smells and maintaining clumps. However, did you know that they also manufacture other useful cat products? They have the So Phresh Litter Box, known for its simplicity and affordability to match their cat litter!

BUT, should you get this litter box and why should you among all the high-tech products available? I tried to use this simple and affordable litter box, and I had a pleasant experience, though it does have its drawbacks.

So if you want to know what to expect from the So Phresh Litter Box, then read on! I’ll show you a comprehensive review of its features and overall design.

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So Phresh Jumbo Litter Box

**Below, you’ll find more detailed review, but you can also click links above to see current prices and read customer’s reviews on Amazon.

The So Phresh Litter Box Overview

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The So Phresh Litter Box isn’t just a simple pan that you place litter on. It’s an open litter box you can add a horror rim on, giving you the option to have an enclosed space for your cats and convenience. Again, it isn’t the self-cleaning and high-tech litter box!

Besides this, the litter box can come in different sizes, as well as different kinds of hoods and rims, depending on the size and style you need. It’s basic and simple, yet that’s what makes it such a good choice.

It has a nice body made of durable materials, lasting for a few years without risk of damage or wearing out. With its reinforced bottom and hood, it stays durable and strong even with the pesky cat!

Features and Dimensions

Here are the features the So Phresh Litter Box can offer:

  • Higher walls to lessen tracking litter and urine sprays
  • Smooth material for durability and ease of cleaning
  • Can come with hoods in different styles for both open or enclosed litter boxes
  • Simple yet lightweight, easy to handle
  • Doesn’t take up much space, great for smaller homes or apartments
  • Can work with two small or one large cat with enough room

Some websites don’t include the unit’s dimensions, so here are its measurements (height, width, and length, respectively):

  • Large: 4.5×14.75×19.5 inches
  • Extra Large: 5x17x22.25 inches

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like most simple litter boxes, it’s fairly easy to clean. I know that it’s such a daunting task, but the open litter box and good space offers easier maintenance. Plus, it has the smooth corners and edges, making it less of a hassle to scoop litter and wipe it down.

The litter box also has no cracks or depressions, making sure that it doesn’t break easily. This lessens the chances of trapped litter around the box, making it. Easier to just pour everything out smoothly.

Just make sure that you scoop litter at least once a day and wipe it down at least once a month. That way, litter won’t get stuck to the box and you won’t have to heavily scrub any odor away.

Do the Cats Like It?

As for the cats, I can’t tell if they love the litter box or not, honestly. BUT, I’m glad to say that there’s no trouble in helping them learn where to poop or pee. They know where to go immediately and have no trouble in terms of space, being able to move around to find a comfortable spot.

Also, I chose to use the hood, which the cats have no problem with. They can push it easily and have more privacy while the door masks the odors.

However, some cats might not like that and prefer open space to feel free and not have to smell any scented litter or waste within the box. You have the option and both work fine for my cats since it doesn’t mess up as easily as others with its high walls.

Pros and Cons

Here are the things I liked and didn’t like about the So Phresh Litter Box:


  • High walls that can contain litter granules and pellets well
  • Contains urine, good for cats who don’t squat while peeing
  • Good dimensions with enough room for most cats without taking up a lot of space
  • Made best for small and multi-cat households with up to two cats sharing
  • Has the option to leave the litter box open or with a hood
  • Many different hood types and designs to choose from


  • Some have complained about not knowing its exact dimensions
  • The large version is too small for bigger cats
  • Hood or rim doesn’t completely mask the odor of the litter
  • Open litter box means chances of urine sprays and messy litter

Extra Tips and Info on the Cat Litter

Before you do get the So Phresh Litter Box, I want to give you some tips and other extra information. This is to make sure you know what you’re getting and know what unit to close:

  • If you have smaller cats but want to save on space, then I recommend you get the large version
  • If you have a bigger cat, then it’s best to get the extra-large one
  • I highly recommend that you get the package of both hood and pan, which gives you the option to either cover it or leave it open, depending on what your cats want
  • Make sure that you deep-clean and scrub your litter box at least once a month. Don’t use harsh soaps with strong smells, which puts the cats off and would damage the box from cleaner chemicals

Getting an Extra Hood? The Hood Types Available

As mentioned, there are different types of hoods to choose from. Unfortunately, they’re sold separately, though you can opt to get the package deal, which saves you a bit more AND is bigger to use.

The original hood has a grey color, which matches your litter pan’s base. Other times, you can choose brighter colors with cat designs, pleasing the eye as you walk in the room!

All their available hoods (three designs to choose from) come in two different sizes to suit your litter box. Furthermore, you can take off the flip door to clean and scoop litter easily.

The entire hood would protect your floors from litter and urine sprays, and you can leave it partially open for cats to peek out while doing their business. It weighs less than three pounds and is easy to handle, with cats able to go in or out of the box by pushing the flap.

Besides this, the lid comes with a carbon filter which removes odors, though not as well as other brands. It has no top handle, but side handles to make it easy to remove.

Is the So Phresh Litter Box Worth It?

Now that you learned what you need to know about the So Phresh litter box, is it worth the investment? I say YES.

So Phresh is a reputable company that has been here for years, and I trust them with their products. The litter box is no exception, coming with excellent features for a basic pan and hood. Just like their cat litter, it comes at an affordable price with good value to it, an advantage for many cat owners on a budget.

So if you want something cheaper but can still for your small or large cat, I recommend this litter box. However, if you have more than one larger cat, you might want to consider another bigger box or to get two of these. Other than its size, I feel like it IS worth the buy in the long run.

Availability and Other Customer Reviews

So Phresh is such a popular brand name, they have a lot of their litter boxes available worldwide. You can find them in local pet stores, or online where you can get deals from other sellers or So Phresh’s official website.

Thousands of people have reviewed it, having mixed ratings though mostly positive experiences.

Many cat owners like the fact that it fits in smaller areas in the house. It has a large rim for cats, but compact enough to fit in apartments and the like.

However, other reviewers may not find the litter box as large as expected. She websites don’t mention the unit’s measurements, making it difficult to gauge whether it’s the right one for their cats.

As long as you’re familiar with the size and can clean it well, then you won’t have any major problems with it.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that my article on the So Phresh Litter Box helped you find the one you need for your cat’s toilet needs. For those who think this is the ideal letterbox for their cats, then check out for deals to save a few bucks now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on the So Phresh Litter Box, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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