The Catit Litter Box Review You Need Before Buying

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: February 29, 2024

I know how tough it must be trying to figure out which litter box you and your cats need. Even I was so confused at first, trying different types of litter boxes and seeing if automatic or simple boxes are the way to go. While there’s no ONE litter box for all cat owners, I wanted to test some out to help other frustrated cat owners.

That’s why I wanted to review the Catit Litter Box, sharing what I think about its features and who it’s best for. So check out my comprehensive review (don’t worry, no fluff and all genuine thoughts!) here.

**Below, you’ll find more detailed review, but you can also click links above to see current prices and read customer’s reviews on Amazon.

The Catit Litter Box Overview

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The Catit Litter Box offers privacy for your cats, but still giving them the room they need for comfort. It’s big enough for them to move around as they find a good spot to do their business.

Furthermore, it’s designed with high walls, making sure that both urine and cat litter are contained. This is such a simple feature I highly appreciate because I won’t have to deal with my cat’s messing up when scratching or if they tend to miss the box when urinating! As for its smell, it stays within the litter box area as it comes with a carbon-impregnated filter to contain any foul odor made.

Besides that, I also like its overall design, having hinged top you can fold to clean easily. You can also fold the box’s swinging door and leave it on top of the litter box for convenient cleaning, which I’ll get into in the next section.

Features and Specifications

Here are the features the Catit Litter Box offers:

  • Better privacy with its cover prevents any litter spills
  • High walls to prevent any more spillages and urine from going out of the box
  • The hinged top you can fold back for better access as you clean and pour litter
  • The top also has a flap to clean the area easily and can remove easily with its latches
  • Comes with a handle on its lid to carry around easily as needed
  • The package comes with one free carbon filter to maintain and contain the odor, replacement filters sold separately
  • Includes a free litter sample from Catit
  • It’s made best for multi-cat households or large cats for its size

These are its specifications:

  • Pan’s dimensions: 22.4x17x18.3 inches
  • Door dimensions: 10.4×9.6 inches
  • Assembled dimensions: 22x20x18 inches

How Does the Catit Litter Box Work?

The Catit Litter Box works simply and without any of the confusing frills, we see in new litter boxes. It’s no self-cleaning box nor does it scoop up litter and waste on its own. However, it makes up for its size, convenient features, and its price tag.

The Catit has a hinged top with a transparent door which swings. You can also fold it back for the door to sit on top for easier access for both you and your cats. The door, when opened, has a LOT of room so you can manage the litter.

When closed, your cats can just enter by pushing the swinging door, doing its business. Afterward, your cat will push the door again to exit, with the door closing automatically. This helps trap the smell while giving your cats privacy if they feel uncomfortable with being watched or on open space.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Before getting into maintaining the litter box, it’s fairly easy. It already comes in two major parts you just need to click together. Attach the lid and pan with the sliding latches and it stays secure, also being able to carry the entire unit with the top handle.

As for cleaning the litter box, as I said, you won’t have any trouble. It’s extremely easy to clean and maintain because of its wide openings and high walls, so you can focus more on the pan rather than the area surrounding it.

Just flip the lid and then fold it back on top or remove the top entirely, keeping the lid or hood to avoid using the latches. Clean your cat’s litter and waste as usual, and place the door back. That’s it!

You won’t need to do too much scrubbing and whatnot, depending on your litter quality. But if required, just carry the litter box with the top handle, wash it in the sink, then wipe or air-dry it.

Pros and Cons

These are the things I loved and hated about the Catit Litter Box:


  • Large enough for larger cats to move around in for a comfortable spot
  • Features high walls to prevent any spillage and messes during urination
  • Enclosed with a door for more privacy and litter control
  • Has hinged roof access to scoop and add litter without issues
  • Can fold back the swinging door if your cat prefers it
  • Controls odor with the enclosed walls AND its carbon filter
  • Very easy to assemble and clean with a carrying handle
  • Smooth edges and litter won’t stick to the side
  • Can take off the lid with its sliding latches if unnecessary


  • Some people have complained of receiving units with flimsy latches
  • Latches may not clip strongly, need to double-check if the parts are attaches
  • Cats can chew or remove the filter, as it isn’t protected
  • Swinging flap sometimes gets stuck
  • Some cats may not like to door because fo feeling trapped
  • Can’t carry the litter box with its handle since it’s not reinforced
  • You need to add in a lot of cat litter for good litter depth

What the Cats Think

As for the cats, they have no problems with the litter box. They manage to understand the swinging door flap and appreciate the privacy. Of course, some cats may not like that, though mine seem to like it better since they hate open spaces.

Large cats may feel a bit stuffy inside, but there’s still enough room for them to move around. Smaller cats will like the size they have to choose their comfortable spot.

It’s great for multi-cat households since they won’t have territorial issues or feel grossed out doing their business with other cats using the same box. It is NOT for kittens though, since they need more strength to pull the flap up!

Availability and Other Customer Reviews

The Catit Litter Box is quite popular, with thousands of reviews circulating online. With all these reviews, you can see that they’re well-received by most cat owners, with at least a 90% overall rating based on all reviews in popular stores. That’s a great rating for a litter box at its price, though take note that not all customers find it the perfect unit.

While only less than 5% of people left negative reviews of the brand, I want to share what they complained about:

Some have suffered from delivery issues with their shipping company, uncontrollable by the company itself. Others have complained about receiving faulty units with a few parts missing. Another also complained about its top not being able to latch well, and that the door sometimes sticks up and can’t go back to place.

However, over 95% of users have raved about the litter box, saying that it’s very functional. Yes, it isn’t self-cleaning, but a notch higher than basic boxes that don’t perform well.

As for its availability, it’s very easy to purchase. Since they’re a popular brand and litter box, you can find it in most pet stores, both online and within your location. Catit also offers it on their personal website for a guarantee and (maybe) better service.

Is the Catit Litter Box Worth It?

I believe that the Catit Litter Box IS worth it, but for certain cat owners only. It does have its disadvantages, though they are very minor and I have no trouble with it.

If you’re the type who needs an enclosed litter box without the frills and with the affordable price, you’ll like this one.

However, if your cats like to chew on fabrics (or in this case, the filter) or hate the enclosed feeling, then you might want to consider something else.

I think it’s made best for all types of cat sizes because of its bigger dimensions, with the ability to accommodate up to three small cats or one very large cat. It’s also suitable for cats who don’t squat when peeing and if you’re focused on making sure it’s easy to clean.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that my article on the Catit LitterBox gave you an idea on what you should invest in. So don’t wait any longer, if you think this is the best choice, then find great deals on it now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with the Catit Litter Box, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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