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Why Does My Cat Fart So Much? What You Need to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: March 26, 2024

If you’re a new cat owner, you’re probably wondering if they fart. For more experienced cat owners, you probably know the answer.

YES! Cats do fart, and just like humans, they can fart quite audibly. But while their farts are usually more silent than noisy, they can stink up the whole house, making it almost as bad as if he pooped.

If your cat started farting more than usual you might wonder: Why does my cat fart so much? Is it something you’ll need to worry about? If you want to make sure your cat is healthy, then read on to learn about your cat’s farts and what they mean.

Symptoms of Cat Farting

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Just like us humans, cats farting is COMPLETELY healthy. But when is it something to start looking after? Here are some signs that your cat’s farts need to be treated:

  • Excessive farting – If your cat farts all throughout the day, then it’s a sign that there’s something wrong by the way he passes gas in his digestive system.
  • Smelly farts – This isn’t only a discomfort for your cat, but for the whole household as well! The odors can smell like a rotten egg, or just like as if he pooped.
  • Change of Attitude – Usually, cats who have stomach problems tend to show discomfort and change their attitudes, from meowing incessantly or hiding in places.
  • Stomach Problems – Your cat may experience slight nausea or abdominal pain, as well as heating his stomach grumbling.

If your cat suffers from any of these, his excessive farting may be flatulence. Flatulence is caused by swelling too much air due to eating fast, or a disorder located in your cat’s stomach, small intestine, or colon.

Why Does My Cat Fart So Much?

If your cats fart too much, you might be wondering why. Here are the following reasons:


When your cat eats too much food, he tenses to eat more protein and produce more sulfur gas, resulting in excessive farting. The way he eats may cause flatulence as well since he might gulp too much air from eating quickly.


Your cat may be eating the wrong type of food or still getting used to a new diet. Spoiled food, cat food fillers or human food rich in carbs or fat can upset a cat’s stomach, ending up in a bad digestion and flatulence. Some food can also cause scabs on cat which is a sign for food allergy. Dairy products can also be a trigger, especially if your cat is lactose intolerant.


Your cat may have come into contact with parasites from public areas such as parks, kennels, or lawns with animal feces filled with parasites that transfer to a cat and in its stomach.


This is a more serious condition that happens due to the inability for your cat to break down food. It’s an illness that begins from the digestive canal, resulting in an inflammatory bowel disease. You will need to take your cat to the vet if he starts to experience troubling symptoms.

How to Relieve Your Cat From Farting

Now that you know the reasons why your cat farts so much, here are the remedies you can follow:

Changing Diet

Make sure that your cat keeps a diet free from dairy or human food. Check the cat food you feed and be sure that it’s free from parasites and not past the expiration date. Switch his cat to a high-quality and low fiber food.

Your cat should drink water, so he should have access to fresh water 24/7.

Changing the Way He Eats

If you notice that your cat eats too fast, then feed him smaller meals a day rather than two big ones.

Check With a Vet

Visit the veterinarian to regularly deworm your cat or for him to diagnose your cat’s problem. Your vet may suggest antibiotics to help reduce the symptoms.


Your cat should be safe and clean. Clean and groom him at least once a week. This way, you could also prevent your pet from having fleas, or if this happens, you can have neosporin on cat so you don’t have to worry about it. Also, clean your home and make sure to keep him away from animal feces or dirty areas with parasites that can harm your cat.

In Conclusion

Your cat is a great friend to be with, but you’ll need to make sure he’s well taken cared for and without the digestion problems. Consider giving him/her a cat dewormer to make sure he/she will not experienced digestion problems. Not only will this help relieve his stomach from farting, but it would prevent him from creating a whole stink in the house as well!

I hope that this article answers your question: “Why does my cat fart so much?” Now that you know the reasons why it happens and how to stop it, try following these methods to help relieve your cat from his farts today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts and tips about why cats fart, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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