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The 10 Signs of a Happy Cat You Should Know About

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: February 21, 2024

When it comes to keeping your cat well taken cared for, you’ll also need to consider his feelings as well! It’s essential for your cat to stay happy and feeling loved.

Not only will his emotions affect his overall mood, but the way he acts and functions as well. Emotional health is just as important as your cat’s physical aspects.

But unlike humans, cats are unable to express their happiness through words properly, but in actions. But what are the signs of a happy cat anyway?

Read on as I show you the ten telltale signs of a happy cat, as well as how you can keep him well and happy in the long run!

The Ten Signs of a Happy Cat

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If you want your cat to be happy, here are the ten telltale signs of a happy cat:


Talkative is a bit subjective. You’ll need to figure out how your cat talks. If he’s usually silent and begins meowing too much, this may mean discomfort. But if your talkative cat starts meowing, even more, that’s a sign of content and happiness.

That’s why you’ll need to notice how your cat talks. A happy meow would sound high-pitched and constant. If it’s low-pitched or similar to a growl, then your cat may be unhappy.

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Your cat may meow or chirp, but one of the best ways to tell, if your cat is happy, is through his purrs! While cats sometimes purr if they feel nervous or sick, it would depend on how your cat acts while purring.

If your furry friend is on your lap and looks content while cuddling, then that’s a sure sign he’s well and happy. If ever he looks worried and agitated while purring, he might be sick or uncomfortable with the surroundings.​

Bumping Head

When you enter the room, your cat may love to purr while bumping his head on your legs. Or when he’s on your lap, he goes near your neck and starts “gliding” his head around, similar to him wanting to scratch. It’s a cute sight and a way to tell that your cat wants to show his love for you.

Now if your cat’s bumping his head on furniture or other things without gliding, it may mean he’s in pain.


Does your cat love to play and socialize with you or other cats? Then that means he has the energy and strength to exercise and have fun. It also means that he’s comfortable playing with anyone and around his home, showing a happy and healthy attitude. After all, have you ever thought when a kitten become a cat or seen a moody or depressed cat playing with a lot of energy?​If your cat engages in a lot of playful activities and exercise, looking like he’s enjoying, then that’s a sign of happiness. You can tell if your cat loves to play if his ears are pointed straight up or slightly leaning forward.

Always Wants to Be Near

What miserable creature would want to be near people? Just like your cat being playful, if he’s constantly near you and cuddling, it means that he trusts you enough that he enjoys and loves your company.

He would usually welcome you when you arrive back home, or he’ll just randomly go to you filled with excitement, expecting a pat on the head.

Never Hiding

If your cat is sick or uncomfortable with what’s around him, he tends to hide and stay or stay in one corner, usually in enclosed spaces where no one sees him. He can also do that if he feels cranky or sleepy, wanting to be alone.​

Happy and energetic cats would usually be out, either sunbathing by the window or staying beside you.

Body Language

One of the popular body languages of a happy cat would be him lying on his back, looking relaxed and showing his belly. If he’s standing, an arched back is also a telltale sign. Your cat’s fur should also be lying flat and not standing up.​

Happy cuddles like when you’re carrying your cat, or he’s on your lap show a sign that he feels safe with you and comfortable with the position. Another sign is if your cat’s head is held up high and he feels confident.


No, I don’t mean that your cat is kneading the dough with you! You may have probably noticed cats looking like they are pressing or mashing something. Some people even call it free acupuncture, sort of like a massage from your furry friend.

When your cat begins to knead you or any piece of furniture, they imitate the times they used to be nursed by their mothers, which make them feel safe and content. Kneading cats would also have half-closed eyes while purring.


Your cat’s tail can mean so many different things. One way to show his happiness would be a raised tail, or the tip of the tail slightly twitching.

If your cat’s tail is twitching a bit, then he’s happy to see you. If it’s raised up, it means he feels confident in wherever he is. Avoid cats with tails pointed down or bristling, as it shows anger or aggression.​

Slow Blinking

You can see happiness in the eyes, and your cat isn’t afraid to show it. If your cat blinks slowly or has his eyes half-closed,you might asked,”Is my cat bored?”. It is actually a sign of both happiness and relaxation, meaning that he trusts you and wants to show his affection.

Think of it as if your partner is staring into your eyes with love and trust.

Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Happy

Now that you know about the signs of a happy cat, how can you keep him feeling that way? Here are some tips you can follow for your cat to enjoy his surroundings and stay healthy:

  • Playtime is essential. Even just ten minutes a day will do a lot of good for your cat. Not only will your cat have the exercise he needs, but he’ll also enhance his social skills.
    If you’re at work, keep your cat busy throughout the day by providing him toys or balls. Invest in scratching posts or cat condos for your furry friend to have entertainment while you’re busy.
  • Feed your cat the healthy and recommended amount of food daily. Just like us humans, cats require food to have the stabilized mood. Feed your cat twice a day, with kittens needing frequent but smaller meals. Treats are helpful, but avoid overfeeding your cat to avoid any digestive problems.
  • Have your car undergo regular checkups and vaccinationsWhile you shouldn’t bathe him every day, you can groom him through brushing his tangles away. It’s important to remove your cat’s ticks as well if ever he has any.
  • Show your cat affection through petting and cuddling with him. Stroke his fur properly from his forehead to tail. Avoid touching his tail or paws, because cats hate it. Keeping his environment neat and clean is a must. Replace the odorous cat litter every few days and wash his pet bed if needed.

In Conclusion

Cats will always bring happiness to their owners, from the way they cuddle down to their cuteness! And just like how cats make us happy, you’ll need to make SURE that they stay happy too. That’s why it’s imperative to learn about the signs of a happy cat to ensure that he is feeling safe and stable, without worry of illness or discomfort.

I hope that this article fully informs you about the signs of a happy cat. Now that you know all about it, you’ll be able to keep your cat loved and healthy for his whole lifetime!

If you have any questions or would like to add more to the signs of a happy cat, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.​

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