Best Automatic Litter Box in 2018 That Actually Work

Even though cats tend to their own business when it comes to littering, we have to clean it up eventually. And boy, can that be messy. Not only it’s messy, but it also leaves the odor behind, sometimes spreading across the entire house.

That’s where the automatic litter boxes step up. They make everything easier, and they remove the unpleasant odor as well. Of course, a lot of variations are available, so to choose the best automatic litter box is not that easy if you don’t already know what you should pay attention to.

Top 5 Best Automatic Litter Box in 2018

Product Name



Our Rating

Self Flushing. Washes itself clean


Covered trap. Self cleans for weeks. Very effective at reducing odors


Litter-Robot III

(Special offer: get $25 off)

Super strong & durable. Automatic night light. Reduces odor


Very strong & durable with removable rake


Uses less clumping litter


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Now this one is made to look just like human toilets, and I think it’s adorable. It fits so great if you put it in the bathroom, it’s like it’s meant to be there! And it has a lot of features too. It can wash and flush itself. It actually works like a toilet we use.

It uses washable litter granules, and after it throws the waste away, it flushes, washes and dries the rest of them. All of those operations are fully automatic. It takes a bit time to set it up though because it uses the same system as the standard human toilet.

It needs to be attached to drain pipe, waterline and plugged into an electric outlet. Even if it does take a bit time setting up, everything else from that point on will be done automatically. The best part of setting it up is knowing that you won’t even have to refill or clean it ever!

It’s very hygienic, and it’s pretty effective in removing the odor. Along with the work needed to set up, one more possible let down could be its price if you’re on a budget. Honestly, I didn’t even expect it to be, since it’s literally a mini toilet for cats.

And if you have more than one, this litter box, or better to say cat toilet, is ideal for two cats.

Things I Liked

  • check
    Awesome design idea, the fact that it looks like a mini real life toiled got me stoked
  • check
    It’s fully automatic after it’s set up, you don’t have to clean or refill it
  • check
    It’s very hygienic, and it removes the odor very well
  • check
    The granule litter is washable, and it doesn’t need to be changed
  • check
    No maintenance at all

Things I Didn’t Like

  • It requires some time and effort to be set up
  • thumbs-o-down
    It’s a bit pricey

​PetSafe is a brand that is dedicated to making the lives of pets easier and the owners’ as well. This litter box is one of the most popular ones out there, possibly because of the bang for the buck you get. The price is very competitive, and I expected it to be a bit more expensive, to be honest.

It comes with its own litter and removes the odor and absorbs the urine. It’s made of special crystals that dehydrate the waste. The litter can last for a couple of weeks, and it doesn’t require for it to be maintained daily.

The litter box has an automatic rake that goes through the used litter twenty minutes after your cat is done. It moves the used litter to the compartment which has a cover to prevent the odor from spreading around.

There are two options of litter you can choose from: the blue ones that come with the litter box or the ones that have a lavender scent. It can also be upgraded in the form of a privacy hood which gives your cat privacy while it’s doing her thing.

The bad thing about this is that its maintenance can cost a bit more than you would expect. The refill trays need to be bought especially for this litter box, and the extra litter raises the bill too.

Things I Liked

  • check
    Very simple and good looking design
  • check
    Long lasting litter that dehydrates the waste and neutralizes the odor
  • check
    It has a cover over the waste compartment to double the prevention for odor
  • check
    Can be upgraded with different scented litter and cover to look even more advanced
  • check
    Very good price, for something that looks so sleek and does the job good, the price is lower than expected

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The maintenance can be pricey
  • It only has one timer option

This litter box looks like it came straight out of 80’s futuristic movie. And I love that about it. It looks like an alien capsule from a cartoon, and it will surely leave a positive impression in the house. It’s a fully automatic litter box that can fit the cat of any size.

Cats feel comfortable and safe in this cat toilet, and it’s pretty well built too. It should last for a long time considering its sturdy construction. It has a detection system that starts the timer from the moment your cat leaves it.

After the cat gets out, it can wait for 3, 7 or 15 minutes before it starts cleaning, depending on how you set it up. Then it dumps the used litter into the waste container and replaces it with a fresh one. As for the settings, you don’t have to worry about the kids messing with them, because it has a lock option.

One of the most useful things is the waste indicator that tells you when it’s time to empty the waste container. I like everything about this litter box, except for its price, there are some alternatives that are much cheaper, and I can’t blame you from overlooking this one. But, if it fits in your budget, then you won’t have any regrets!

It’s the ultimate choice for an automatic litter box, and it sells out really fast, so keep an eye on it.

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Things I Liked

  • check
    It’s fully automatic, the only thing you will need to do is empty the waste container once its full
  • check
    It has three timers to choose from, depending on how long it takes your cat to be done
  • check
    It can fit the cats of any size
  • check
    Sturdy and durable, very well built
  • check
    Waste indicator, you don’t have to check is the container full, the machine does that for you

Things I Didn’t Like

  • It’s a bit pricey compared to the other alternatives

The Littermaid can handle the cats of all shapes and sizes. The design is pretty ordinary and plan, but it does the job, and it is a budget pick after all. It’s completely made of plastic, which I didn’t like that much.

It has four compartments for the waste, and all of them feature carbon filters to neutralize the odor. It also has a ramp that cleans your cat’s paws after it’s done with its business. It has a backup battery, which is awesome performance wise, if the power cuts out, it won’t stop working, and it can shut itself down safely.

It waits ten minutes before it starts cleaning, and it’s fixed on that timer. The cleanable rake can be cleaned manually as well, although I don’t know why I would want to manually clean it if we’re talking about automatic litter boxes.

That’s pretty much everything you can expect from this machine, all of that and a very low price, which is the best attribute of it. If you need something that is supposed to do the basic job, without spending too much in the process, this one might be the one for you.

Things I Liked

  • check
    Very low price, everyone can afford it, so those of you on a budget, take notice
  • check
    It features carbon filters that neutralize the odor and keeps your home fresh
  • check
    It has a backup battery in case the power cuts out
  • check
    It features the paw cleaning ramp

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Not a lot of options
  • Made entirely out of plastic

This one looks different than all the other options above. It’s meant for smaller breeds of cats, so be sure that your kitty can fit in this one. The price is very competitive; this one is one of the most affordable automatic litter boxes out there.

You might need some time to attach everything and set it up. The parts are easy to maintain and clean, the waste container is transparent, so you can easily determine when it’s time for emptying it. It operates at a low voltage, so it stays quiet in operation.

It also uses a lot less litter than the other litter boxes, which can save you some money on the refills. Even though it’s so compact, no moving parts are visible or accessible, so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s safety.

The motor that runs everything is not that durable, which I didn’t like. If you want to extend its lifetime, you would have to get an extension for the electric outlet that will limit its working hours. But, again, this is one more budget pick, so I can’t be too picky about it.

If you didn’t like the Littermaid’s simplicity and stale design, but you still don’t want to spend more money, then this one could be what you are looking for. Just remember that it’s meant for small and medium cat breeds, the larger ones won’t fit at all.

Things I Liked

  • check
    Very affordable, great pick if you’re on a budget
  • check
    It’s easy to maintain and clean, the parts are detachable
  • check
    It’s quiet because it runs on a low voltage system
  • check
    It uses less litter, which saves you money in the long run

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Not that durable motor

How do Automatic Litter Boxes work?

The first thing you need to understand is how the automatic litter boxes work. I’ve learned this after I got one, so you can learn from my experience and be prepared better than I was. Even though they are primarily automatic, they can be switched to manual as well, at least the majority of models.

The mechanism of the litter box separates and scoops the mess behind your cat. Most of the cat owners either let their cat do their thing outside or in the dedicated box. Letting the cat go out and defecate in the yard can sometimes be pretty unpleasant.

Not for the cat, but for the owner, especially if the cat decides to go on its business in the neighbor’s yard. And having a dedicated box inside of the house, makes the area around it smell bad and you have to deal with the cleaning later.

The manufacturers of automatic litter boxes recommend using the type of litter based on the type of their product. So you will see automatic litter boxes presented with cobbles, walnut shells, paper granules, ground wheat, etc.

This is important for automatic litter boxes because the litter gets clustered when defecated on, so the litter box can separate the clustered litter from the clean one. The fully-automatic types possess a sensor and a timer, the timer mechanism is similar to the one on automatic feeders, so when the cat is done with its business, the litter box starts the timer and cleans itself.

The manual versions are not that advanced; they need manual intervention in order to work. Which is again much cleaner than cleaning the regular litter box. Every model has its own handling how it separates the dirty litter from the clean one. Some better versions are equipped with various scents or treatments to neutralize the odor.

Which Type of Automatic Litter Box is Best for You and Your Cat?

Well, the first selection you’re going to make is based on the function of the litter box. Do you want fully automatic or the manual type, it’s up to you. This is a personal preference, and a simple choice you can make without thinking too much.

If your cat has some issues with the stool, take the current situation in consideration as well.

Now, when you need to find the best automatic litter box in the category you selected, you might need some help. I sure would have liked to have one when I was browsing them.

Choose the right size

What’s the point of this kind of upgrade if your cat can’t even fit it? You don’t want to experience the hassle with return policies, check the dimensions of the litter box before you buy it. There are three basic sizes: small, medium and large.

If you have a kitten, a small one will be the best choice, medium litter boxes are for the cat of average size, and the large ones are for some bigger breeds. You might even find some extra large ones if the dimensions of the large crate are still not big enough.

And how would you know what dimensions fit your cat the best? The crate should be wide inside as much as your cat is long. And the length of the crate should be at least 1.5 the size of your cat. The kitty needs to have a bit of space, to turn around and cover its feces, which is its natural instinct.

How easy is the litter box to handle?

Even though it’s a work of technology, it shouldn’t be difficult to use a device like this. There is absolutely no need for these devices to be hard to use. So keep an eye on the ones that are the easiest to handle. And if you want the process to be the easiest possible, then settle with a fully automatic litter box which will do almost everything for you.

The only thing left for you to do will be to empty the contents once it’s full. There are, however, some manual models that are easy to operate. You can clean them up without ever touching the feces.

How easy is to clean and maintain it?

You can judge the litter box and the difficulty of its maintenance by its design. If the litter box is quite complex, then maintaining it won’t be simple as well. The simpler the design, the easier is to maintain it.

Some automatic litter boxes don’t even require maintenance at all, keep an eye on those, and you might like them the most. If your cat can use the litter box without you cleaning it or maintaining it, then you might have yourself a winner.

Where Should You Put It?

Going to the bathroom is can be delicate for all species, so make sure you have the right location for your cat to be as much comfortable as possible. Make sure it’s easily accessible, and it’s not surrounded by things that can be a distraction.

Like sound sources or obstacles. Cats like to go on their business privately and quietly. Also, make sure it’s far enough from the food bowl and water bowl. If you set the litter box close to the cat’s food or water, it won’t even use it. They like to keep things clean, which is one of the reasons why I love them so much.

How do You make Your Cat use it?

Well, you will have to train the cat to know where to go to deface from now on. If you already had a place for a simple litter box, just swap it with the automatic one, and that’s it. Sure, your kitty might take some time to adjust, but it will know what it’s for.

If things don’t go so smoothly for you and your pet, then the training sessions should start. Pay attention when does your cat want to go to the bathroom. Some cats do it right after they ate, some after they sleep and others after they had a good run around the house.

Introduce the new litter box to the cat once you notice it should use one. Make the cat get accustomed to it each time; you will have to be there for it for few couples of times. If the cat has a hard time getting into the crate, which should be a very rare case, you can pick the cat up and bring it into the crate.

She will know what to do next. A couple of times of this kind of potty training and your cat will get used to the new litter box.

Don’t be harsh and don’t yell at the cat if it takes a longer time to start using it then you expected. Not all cats can get used to new litter boxes that quick, let it go at its own pace and have a bit patience until it learns how to use it.


To wrap everything up, I hope I helped all of you to upgrade your cat’s litter box. I know you want the best for your cat, and getting some inside info can help a lot, I know this, so I tried my best to give you everything you need.

When I tested all of these, I liked the Litter-Robot III (Click to get $25 off) and the CatGenie the most, and I couldn’t decide which one is better. But I like to treat my cat like myself, so the CatGenie was an excellent choice mainly because it works like a regular toilet for humans, and it looks like one too. So, for me, that would be the best automatic litter box I could find.

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