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Blackhole Cat Litter Mat Review: True To Its Claims?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: December 28, 2023

I needed the best cat litter mat because the litter tracking issue was too intense for me to sweep up. When I saw that the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat was the most popular, I decided to give it a try.

They claim that it has TWO unique mat system to collect litter excellently, which piqued my curiosity. So read on to find out if what they claim is true!

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Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

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Blackhole Cat Litter Mat Review

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The Blackhole litter mats are created and sold by Moonshuttle, a popular company known for its cat products.

It comes in a discreet gray or black design to match most rooms, also having the soft EVA construction. That way, it adds more comfort to your cat’s paws to encourage them to step on it after doing their business! I love the EVA material, which is non-toxic to use for cats and has the plush feel for cats, ensuring their safety.

The material feels durable and at the typical size, not too big to take up space, but enough for cats to step on and leave litter on the mat. It’s also extremely durable and built with quality construction to last for years, provided it’s cleaned properly. Besides this, it weighs only two pounds, making it easier to carry around for cleaning or moving.

The mat also has the dual structure design, which is the TWO unique may systems they’re talking about. Meaning, there are two mats under each other, with the top mat having the softer feel made for comfort.

The top mat also collects all loose liter on your cat’s paws. As for the second layer, it would store all the litter the first mat collects, making it easier to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, it’s also pretty easy to do so, only requiring monthly cleaning. In fact, you’ll only need to clean it once every three months using tap water and to air dry under the sun. However, I recommend that you clean it at least once a month or so to prevent the material from wearing down.

Advantages of the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Here are the great advantages that the Blackhole cat litter mat has to offer:

  • Easy to Clean
    If ever your cat makes a mess such as throwing up or when it’s time to clean out loose litter, no worries. You can simply put it under water as its waterproof and cleans well.
  • Can Work With Many Litter Boxes
    You can use this cat litter mat on just about any box, with its holes big enough to collect ALL types of litter used. That way, you won’t have to worry about its compatibility or effectiveness, it works for all without any problems. No need to spend more money on new litter or boxes to accommodate this mat.
  • Rubber Won’t Heat Up
    I like that the EVA material isn’t only soft and comfortable, but that it doesn’t heat up. You won’t have to worry about it heating up and wearing out if you place it on hot areas or under the sun. Even when under heat, it stays cool for your cats’ comfort.
  • Cats Won’t Scratch It
    One issue I have with cat litter mats is that cats would scratch at it, wearing it down too quickly. With this cat mat, it’s built with a surface cats WON’T feel like scratching. Plus, it’s built with strong material to prevent it from wearing out from their claws.

Disadvantages of the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Unfortunately, the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat also has its disadvantages to watch out for:

  • Not a Huge Size
    While the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat comes in various sizes, I believe that it’s still a bit small. Even the larger version of the litter mat isn’t as big as expected, so it has less coverage. However, I feel like many homeowners with small space for their litter boxes will appreciate it!
  • Just One Piece
    The mat comes in two unique mat systems, having two layers that make it more comfortable and easy to clean. However, it only comes in ONE big piece and can’t be separated. Honestly, it would be better if it is in two separate pieces to really wash the pieces well and ensure it’s completely clean.

With that said, these are just minor issues that don’t affect the litter mat overall.

Worth the Price?

With all this in mind, is the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat worth the long-term investment? Yes, I believe it is!

The Blackhole cat litter mat has all the features you need in a litter mat, from its soft feel down to the effectiveness in trapping litter granules. Plus, it’s easy to clean and known to last for a long time, making it a great purchase for almost any type of cat and cat owner!

While it DOES have its limitations in terms of size, it isn’t a huge deal. The litter traps well despite the average size and I’ve had no more problems in terms of tracking around the room. As long as you take care of it well and clean it monthly, you can enjoy its benefits for years to come.

I recommend the litter mat for cat owners who focus more on better feel and excellent cleaning. If you don’t need the extra large size, you can benefit from its shape and unique design.

In Conclusion

I really love the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat, having simple designs but with useful features for multicat households. If your cat has serious liter tracking issues or loves to scratch around, this one works well.

Easy to clean and with the durable construction to last, it’s worth the high price. If you think this litter mat’s made for both you and your cat, check out more deals on it to get one for the house now.

For those who have any questions or want to share their own experiences on the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat, do comment below! All of your questions and thoughts are much appreciated.

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