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My Helpful Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat Review

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 30, 2024

As I was looking for cat litter trappers, I stumbled upon the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat. The word premium got to me, and I wanted to see how much quality the litter mat really had.

To see if the cat litter mat is best for you, read on! I’ll be sharing my review on the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat to help you out.

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Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

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Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat Review

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The first feature I noticed and liked about the Easyology Cat Litter Mat was its huge size. It came in such a big size that easily captures all sizes and types of litter, even collecting and grabbing other dust and debris to keep the area clean. Besides this, it’s built with the durable material that’s made to last for years of daily use.

Another huge benefit this litter mat has against others is its non-slip backing, which ensures that it doesn’t slide over slippery floors. Furthermore, you can choose between many different colors according to what suits your room design the most.

If you’re the type who requires something big to use as a cat litter mat or even a doormat, then you’ll benefit from Easyology. It’s strong and captures litter well without any issues in keeping it within the mat (unless you’re shaking it out, of course).

Advantages of the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

Here are the main points I commend with the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat:

  • It comes at such a large size for more coverage, making sure that most litter granules are captured by the mat
  • The mat comes at such an affordable price compared to other mats of the same size and features
  • There are a lot of colors to choose from to get a mat according to what design you want
  • It has a non-slip backing material to ensure that it doesn’t slide away from the box or cause accidents
  • You can easily vacuum the litter away instead of having to take it outside to beat it, which can scatter litter around the house
  • It’s built with extremely durable materials, made to last for years with proper care and maintenance
  • There’s more versatility in how you use it, it can double as a doormat, which is durable and can capture dirt, too

Disadvantages of the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

While I do love the Easyology Cat Litter Mat, it does have some minor drawbacks I want to comment on:

  • For starters, it doesn’t have the waterproof material! Because of this, vomit and urine has a chance of leaking underneath and into the floor. While advertised as water-resistant, this isn’t a strong feature and there’s still a chance of leakage.
  • It’s a bit of a hassle emptying out the litter mat compared to other mats. There’s a chance of the litter scattering as you carry and dump it out, especially if you don’t handle it properly.
  • I admire its big size, but it just makes the litter mat difficult to clean. Plus, stray poo particles and vomit tend to stick on it, which makes it a bit more difficult (and icky!) to clean.

So if you’re keen on cleaning and want something waterproof, this litter mat may not be for you.

Worth the Price?

After testing out the Easyology Cat Litter Mat, I can say that it’s a great purchase considering its excellent material. It performs well when collecting litter tracking, ensuring that little to no litter granules get out of the litter box area. Furthermore, it has such a large size that’s non-slip, accommodating both you and the cats to ensure less litter around the area.

However, it does have one major drawback: It’s not waterproof. So I recommend it most for homeowners with cats who don’t vomit or miss the litter box as they urinate. Other than that, an excellent mat that really captures all loose granules.

In Conclusion

I really admire the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, truly made for all serious litter tracking issues. It comes at such a large size and even has a no-slip pad to ensure both you and your cat handle the mat safely.

However, the mat isn’t waterproof so you have to be wary about cleaning the mat, especially if your cat misses the letterbox when urinating. If urination and water isn’t a problem, then you’ll enjoy the mat.

If you think the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat’s best for you, check out any of the best deals now! And if you’d like to share your own experiences on the mat, do comment below. I appreciate all thoughts, questions, and reviews!

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