Whenever I’m cleaning my cat’s messes, I ALWAYS wish I could just potty train them in the toilet. That way, I won’t have to worry about their waste, simply flushing it down without the stink. I guess millions of other cat owners feel the same, as litter box manufacturers have created automatic litter boxes that wash and flush itself!

One of the first of its kind is the CatGenie Litter Box, well known for its self-cleaning properties. But does it live up to its claims? It honestly sounds too good to be true, especially since you won’t need to use as much litter!

That’s why I decided to review the litter box myself, so read on for my full review!




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CatGenie Litter Box

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The CatGenie Litter Box Overview

The CatGenie Litter Box is a self-cleaning unit which flushes and washes on its own. This is a pretty innovative concept not many automatic litter boxes have, as they’re designed as human toilets! This is pretty interesting and innovative for CatGenie, as it would wash the litter box, lessening your efforts.

Fortunately, it isn’t as tough as people think it is. With its understandable programmable instructions, you won’t have much trouble in getting it ready for your cat to use. Even as someone who isn’t tech-savvy, I got to set it up quickly!

Besides this, it comes with more useful features that benefit more than just you and your cat. It does have some downfalls, including its price, but I’ll get into more of that in the next sections, so read on!

Features and Inclusions

These are my favorite and notable features that the CatGenie Litter Box offers:

These are its requirements and specifications:

How Does the CatGenie Litter Box Work?

The CatGenie Litter Box can work and clean litter and waste away using two methods:

Overall Design and Appearance

As I mentioned, I’m very amused with how the CatGenie is designed, looking almost like a toilet bowl! It’s what makes it look sleeker and more modern compared to the other litter boxes available.

My first impression of the “toilet” is that it looks very solid and durable. Yes, it uses plastic, but it’s very sturdy and seems able to withstand a lot of use. Furthermore, it has a deep and spacious base, which I see larger cats being able to sit on comfortably. It can either fit one large cat or multiple average-sized ones, provided they’re older than six months.

The buttons are easy to reach and configure, so you can set up various flushing routines and the sleep mode. Installation is a breeze as well as long as it’s placed strategically. I’ve had no problem with assembling it, you just need pliers and the manuals and you can do it all on your own.

Because of its depth and size, take note that it takes up space in the room. Furthermore, you’ll need to give it access to power outlets and water inlets for the litter box to work.

Different Mode Settings

Here are the different modes to take note of when programming the CatGenie Litter Box:


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Pros and Cons

Here are the different things I liked and disliked about the CatGenie Litter Box:



Tips to Use the CatGenie Litter Box Well

Here are some helpful tips to follow when using the CatGenie Litter Box:

Is the CatGenie Litter Box Worth It?

Overall, I believe that the CatGenie Litter Box works excellently and does a job well done. Out of all the self-cleaning litter boxes I’ve tried, this unit isn’t unique, but one of the most efficient. But of course, it comes at a costly price.

So if you’re on a tight budget and space, this might not be for you (yet). I would recommend it most for those who have extra space and can connect the litter box to plumbing. Furthermore, it’s best for cats who defecate firmer stools and if you have one large cats or up to ONLY three average-sized cats.

However, if you have more than three cats and a small apartment, you may want to consider another litter box for now. It’s not also best for playful kittens and those who have a soft stool, as they can damage the unit with it.

But for its price, I believe it to be worth the cost and I can see this lasting for a long time. Kudos to CatGenie for creating a quality unit that completely removes the need to scoop up or monitor the litter box every day.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, my reviews on the CatGenie Litter Box helped enlighten if this is the right investment. If you have the extra budget and want to lessen your workload, then find the best deals from CatGenie now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on the CatGenie Litter Box, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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  1. Baratier

    We got a catgenie about a month ago for our two kittens and while we are glad we got it, it has one issue that i don’t see mentioned on any reviews. The Cat-activate Sensor doesn’t always work. Many time we come home to find our kittens have gone potty somewhere in our house. I have reviewed the programing instructions, watched the videos on how to set the cat-activation to no avail. When I called their support, I was told that the Cat genie does not work well with Kittens because the sensor “is not a motion sensor. it is a presence sensor, and kittens don’t have a big presence.”… The told me that as the kittens grown up, the sensor will work more consistently.

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