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Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: March 1, 2024

Pretty Litter Cat Litter Review. I’ve done a lot of reviews on clumping cat litter, so I decided to look for one of the best non-clumping cat litters out there. I found out one brand which is the catspot litter but I stumbled upon a Pretty Litter review and I was sold. I wanted to learn even more about what this particular brand had to offer and see if it lived up to its claims. All I can say is… I’m surprised by what it had to offer and can see why people were interested in the unique way of purchasing it.

If you want to learn more and are interested in availing Pretty Litter, you have to read my review beforehand to see if it’s good for you! Check out the strengths and weaknesses of Pretty Litter down below.

What Is Pretty Litter?

I honestly didn’t hear about Pretty Litter until I did my research on non-clumping litter! This is actually a cat litter company that works in such an interesting way. Rather than purchasing their litter as needed, they have a subscription-based company where you sign up, pay monthly, and just receive the litter like clockwork.

You would choose how many bags you need according to your cat’s toilet habits, as well as how many cats you have and litter boxes you use. They will then send in your cat litter monthly and continue to do so until you cancel.

This idea was created by Carly Martinetti, who wanted to remove the “depression” when it comes to changing and cleaning litter boxes. Because of this, she created litter that’s beneficial for both the owner and cats. The aim is to produce brighter litter which perks you up and is less of a hassle to maintain.

Today, the litter continues to become successful, used by many cat owners for its health monitoring and the unique subscription model. It’s a good and more luxurious alternative to clay litter, which anyone would appreciate.

Hold On…


What’s Pretty Litter Made Of?

Pretty Litter is actually made of silica gel, the same as So Phresh cat litter, which is one of the premium materials litter is made of. Silica gel crystals are extremely advantageous as they absorb moisture and odor immediately, which is what makes it a more premium choice. They can last for up to a month before replacing it, actually. But besides the silica gel crystals, this litter is more interesting than most of the litters I’ve used before. How so? It doesn’t just provide a comfortable bed of litter for cats to do their business in. It also reveals insights about your cat’s health because it would change colors based on their urine! The color-changing litter works as it has small pH detectors, which look like orange flecks when you first receive them. As they get wet (from your cat’s urine and feces), they would change color depending on your cat’s pH levels.

  • When it changes from green to blue, this may indicate urinary tract infections
  • If it’s orange or red, it can indicate serious problems like metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis
  • When it’s blue and slushy, it’s saturated and time to change it

However, this does NOT mean it’s a substitute for veterinary tests and the like. It simply tells the pH levels of your cat urine and doesn’t tell you if your cat is sick or not. As for its safety, I believe it’s actually safer than some traditional clay litters. This is because it doesn’t release any irritating particles which cause too much dust. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and doesn’t expand in the GI tract if accidentally ingested as well.

Is Pretty Litter Tracking and Dust-Free?

Take note that this is a NON-CLUMPING litter, so don’t expect the silica gel crystals to form with the feces and urine. You’ll need to scoop up the feces and the urine absorbs in the crystals (also changing color). Fortunately, this doesn’t really adversely impact the non-tracking and dust-free features Pretty Litter claims to have.

I don’t notice a ton of tracking or dust when the cats used it. The crystals don’t stick to the cat’s paws and when digging into it, it doesn’t make such a huge mess. BUT, after week two, it does become quite dusty from absorbing all that urine. This is relative and may depend on the number of cats using the litter, though.

With multiple cats, the litter gets quite dusty quickly, while those with one or two cats won’t have a problem in dusting.

Does The Litter Really Change Color?

The main reason why people will spend for the litter is for the color-changing properties that help you know if your cat’s urine is at a healthy alkaline level. YES, the liter really does change color and according to your cat’s urine pH levels! Fortunately, it remained a healthy color throughout the test.

I noticed that there would be green chunks after a few weeks, though this is totally normal and just indicates that it requires replacement. I tested it out with other liquids that have different pH levels, and it reacted accordingly, slowly changing colors according to the alkaline or pH levels the liquids had.

It’s pretty effective and makes it easy to monitor the urine health of your cat. But it can be quite confusing monitoring it if you have more than three cats around.

The Scent and Odor Control

During the first few weeks I used the Pretty Litter, I noticed that it was scentless, having no added perfume scent or strong odors when I poured or used it. That was a huge plus, considering that my cats don’t like heavily-scented litter (or anything heavily scented for the matter).

As for odor control, it did its job in maintaining a scentless litter… To an extent. It works excellently and I didn’t smell anything for the first two weeks. But once that two weeks were up, I knew I needed to replace it because I smelled ammonia and the odor was too much to bear.

I have a lot of cats, which is why it started to smell a lot after week two. For those with one or two cats, this may be different. However, the smell, though evident and obvious, wasn’t too strong that the cats were pissed. It was still bearable enough to clean without a mask.

How to Use and Clean the Litter

Using cat litter is pretty straightforward. I was actually quite surprised that an 8-pound bag is suited to last for an entire month, but I realized that the material was so lightweight, with the appropriate amount of litter to put in the box being less than a pound or so. Simply fill the box until it’s two inches thick and leave it to be until it’s time for a replacement.

Filling and replacement of litter are easy because the bag is lightweight. I’ve had no trouble in pouring the litter down and also appreciate the measuring card it has to ensure that you put in just the right amount.

Cleaning is just as easy as well. You just need to sift through the feces and solids and throw it away, just as you would with other litter. Granted, it may not last for a month (it tends to put up an odor after two to three weeks), but it still does the job in maintaining a scentless and comfortable litter box so as to maintain a tidy cats litter.

Accessibility and How to Get It

I have mixed feelings about the accessibility of the Pretty Litter. Take note, it’s a subscription-based litter, meaning, you won’t be able to find it from other retailers or sellers unless they are selling the liter from their own subscription.

So usually, you can only find this available on their website itself, which is fairly easy to order from. However, the downfall is the logistics. Some areas won’t be able to access the Pretty Litter subscription, depending on where they’re from. But I do see that they have a wide range of shipping options in different areas, which is a plus.

It’s fairly easy to order since the website is well-designed for navigation and quick-loading. Furthermore, customer service can lead you to what you need and how you can avail the litter (they will ask you about how many cats you have and give you a plan appropriate for it). Afterward, you receive it in about a week or so, with it being delivered straight to your home.

Canceling the subscription is also easy since you just need to click the “cancel subscription” link on the website, letting them know you won’t be availing of the litter anymore. That simple!

How are the Brand and Price?

One of the notable things about Pretty Litter is its excellent customer service. While the company isn’t the most popular one out there, I can vouch for its reputation and trustability, as they offer a quick response and accommodating service who are up 24/7.

When I contacted them to adjust the number of bags I needed, they immediately responded and also answered all queries completely. They add detail and make sure that I was able to understand and learn about what I’ll be getting. I now trust the brand and recommend it without hesitation.

However, it’s price may be a downfall. I’m after something suitable for my budget, which is between the low to moderate price range. While Pretty Litter performs amazingly, its price isn’t the most affordable.

With that being said, I still say it’s worth the price and more because you receive it immediately and straight to your door while enjoying the benefits it has to offer for both you and your cat. You just have to be wary about some issues, which I’ll be talking about in the next section.

I comment Pretty Litter and see that this is for just about any cat owner, but the price might set you back.

Are There Any Issues?

Pretty Litter is almost perfect with its host of benefits and features that help with your cat’s health and toilet issues. BUT, I can’t deny that there are issues, specifically with the time it takes before you need to replace it.

The first issue is how it absorbs urine. While it was good for the first two weeks, it becomes dustier as it absorbs more urine. It makes the litter a bit difficult to clean, and the dust would cause tracking issues especially with fussy cats who love to scratch after urinating! BUT, this was for high-traffic litter boxes, since it can still hold urine for long, as long as it isn’t too much of it.

Furthermore, there were also a few issues with odor control, particularly if you have a multi-cat household who share a litter box. After two weeks, the urine gets difficult to absorb and the odor would begin to stink up the area. That’s why it news to be replaced within two weeks, as the litter won’t be able to keep the odor in for so long, especially if your cats love to scratch the litter and “release” the ammonia smell from their urine!

However, two weeks is already a pretty long time before you need to replace the litter. Compared to other cheaper litter products out there, you still get your money’s worth and can utilize the litter for a long time before cleaning.


  • Litter changes colors to monitor the cat’s urine health
  • Excellent subscription and customer service
  • Delivers quickly and straight to your door
  • Takes two weeks before cleaning and replacement
  • Has the soft and fine feel for cats to enjoy
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to pour or replace
  • Easy to scoop up when cleaning the litter
  • Unique and quality silica gel crystals you can’t find anywhere else


  • The cat litter comes at such an expensive price
  • There are some issues with odor control, smells very bad
  • Not recommended for multi-cat households
  • Litter doesn’t absorb a lot of moisture and urine well
  • Cat owners might not like the non-clumping feature
  • Litter gets dusty and may track if too much urine in it

Hold On…


What My Cats Thought

I mentioned all the features it has to offer, but the most important question is: What did the cats think of the Pretty Litter? I needed to take account their own review as all since they’re the main users!

The cats continue to use the litter as they usually would, which is a good sign. I can’t tell if they love it, but they’re fine with the litter change and they don’t feel any discomfort. I checked their paws and none of the silica gel gets stuck between it, which lessens the irritation AND the tracking.

Scratching can be a problem, as it can get quite dusty afterward. But they didn’t notice the change or feel irritated with the fine material. Only I did because I was the one who had to clean everything up after spreading all the dust around!

As long as you clean and dispose of the litter before it gets smelly (about two weeks), then you won’t have a problem. The cats just don’t like the horrid odor that comes out after a week or so, especially when they share the litter box.

My Pretty Litter Review

You know what the Pretty Litter is, you know what the cats think of it, but how about my final verdict?

Overall, I feel like this is one of the best non-clumping cat litters I’ve ever tried. It stays true to its claims when it comes to monitoring the health and its amazing customer service. During the duration of my testing, my cats really enjoyed the litter and liked the soft feel of the silica gel.

As for me, I really enjoyed how easy it was to clean and maintain. Lasting for a relatively long time before replacement, I get my money’s worth and commend it for its accuracy and odor control, even in a multi-cat household.

While I do wish it came at a less expensive price, I understand why it was priced as such. And even if it’s pricier, you actually get more than what you pay for, from the quick delivery down to the ease of cleaning up and replacing. All in all, I believe it to be worth the price and would recommend it to just about any cat owner, provided that they have the budget and Pretty Litter available in their local area.

Wrapping It Up

Pretty Litter has a unique and interesting approach to selling their cat litter. Not only is it more innovative, but they also offer the quality litter that makes it worth the subscription price, particularly for those who need something non-clumping. While it comes at a pretty expensive price, it’s easier to clean and cats enjoy it!

I hope that this Pretty Litter Review helped you find out if this litter is right for you! So don’t wait any longer and look into getting any of these litters now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own Pretty Litter review, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated.

If you have any questions or would like to share your reviews on the Pretty Litter, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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