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Nature’s Miracle Litter Box Review: Does It Work?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: February 8, 2024

Litter boxes are one of the most useful equipment we need today as cat owners. Not only does this keep your litter box clean, but they also ensure that you have less of a hassle cleaning it up. However, not all cat litter boxes are made the same, making it confusing as to what you need.

With that said, I decided to review different litter boxes, this time focusing on Nature’s Miracle Litter Box! So if you’re wondering if this brand is worth the investment, read on. I’ll give you the comprehensive review you need to see if Nature’s Miracle lives up to its name.

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Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

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About Nature’s Miracle

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Nature’s Miracle is a pretty popular company, well known for its pet stain and odor remover products. But this time, they’ve moved to different other product types, including cat litter and training aids. Besides that, they now also have different products suitable for both cats and dogs, including the litter box.

The company has been here for more than three decades, now trusted by millions worldwide. With their slogan, “Trust the miracle,” many have trusted the way their products work, staying loyal to the brand.

This time, they use the latest technology to catch up with many other pet companies creating the absolute best and high-tech self-cleaning litter boxes. That’s why I also trust Nature’s Miracle and expected highly with their litter box.

Nature’s Miracle Litter Box Overview

Nature’s Miracle Litter Box can automatically clean litter boxes right after cats use it. This is thanks to its detection motion sensors, which detect when your cat enters and leaves the box.

That way, it lessens how much you’ll need to clean, AND you won’t have to worry about the ickiness of scooping up waste. After all, I know how many of us HATE the hassle of cleaning up after our cats, especially with their toilet needs.

Besides this, it has other extra high-tech features that help make the litter box even more efficient. While it isn’t the perfect self-cleaning litter box, there are unique specifications which make it a worthy investment for many cat owners.

I’ll be getting into all these other features in the next section, so read on!

Specifications and Dimensions

These are the features and specifications Nature’s Miracle Litter Box offers:

  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.8×17.7×9.8 inches
  • Litter area: 14×14 inches
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Inclusions: Litter box, four waste receptacles, measuring scoop, four carbon filters
  • Self-cleaning litter box to remove waste and used litter on its own
  • Dual motion sensors and special protection to prevent bacteria growth
  • Can program sleep mode for nine hours max and 15 hours of the usual operation
  • Doesn’t operate while cats are inside the litter box to prevent discomfort
  • Can operate through either battery or power outlet, using eight AA batteries
  • Has an indicator light that lights up if the device is switched on, as well as its current mode
  • Comes with a digital clock and buttons to easily set the timer, as well as power buttons

How It Operates

As I said, this is a self-cleaning litter box which would only clean once your cat has done its business.

It would use its dual-motion sensors to detect once your cat has left the box. Once detected, the machine would begin a 20-minute countdown to begin cleaning the box on its own.

It will clean itself using a special rake which begins sweeping waste away slowly. The rake will then dump all the clumps in a waste compartment, which would open only when the rake reaches the litter box’s end. There will then be a waste receptacle, which it attaches to the box’s lid, containing carbon filters to control any odors.

The unit will never operate while your cat is in the litter box. If ever she uses the litter box during the cleanup, the unit stops operation and would restart cleaning after 20 minutes.

Features It Offers

This litter box is more than just a self-cleaner but also has convenient features for ease of operation. It comes with a sleep mode so you can switch off the unit for up to nine hours while you and the cats sleep. This is very helpful to lessen the chances of waking up because of the litter box making some noise when cleaning at 3 AM!

Besides this, its indicator also helps you identify the current mode it’s on, as well as when you’ll need to replace some parts.

I also like the design, which is a helpful feature many cats will enjoy. Not only does it have a wide room for cats to find a comfortable spot, but it also has a ramp. That way, all types of cats have easier access to the litter box.

Do the Cats Like It?

This is a bit difficult to answer, as some cats will hate or love the unit. As for its ease of use, the cats have no trouble entering and exiting the litter box. The ramp can accommodate small and large cats alike, not breaking from the pressure.

As for the litter box room, it’s wide enough even for large cats to rummage around to find a comfortable spot to do their business. It isn’t the best for extra large cats, but enough for two small cats!

The unit does perform a bit noisily, to the dismay of my cats and I. They would get surprised when the unit works while they’re nearby, which might discourage some cats to use the box.

As for mine, they’ve had no huge issues with it and continue to use the box.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Operating it is quite noisy, though it does the job regardless. It also removes waste well, though some clumps get stuck, so you’ll need to at least check the box daily to see if it did a good job in cleaning everything. Checking it daily may be a hassle for some, but only a minor inconvenience that takes seconds.

When you do clean the litter box (at least once every two weeks), then cleaning it completely is easy. The unit has a smoother surface and removable parts, making it less of a hassle to replace any parts and wipe everything up.

Availability and Warranty

Another extra and useful inclusion the litter box comes with is its warranty. It has a one-year limited warranty, though it comes with its specific terms, specifically its locations and types of damage and repairs required. You’ll be able to contact the company for further inquiries on the warranty and product, they usually reply quickly and with excellent customer service.

As for its availability, I like the fact that Nature’s Miracle caters to all cat owners worldwide, so there’s no trouble in stock in your area. You can purchase their litter box from the company’s website or third-party sellers like Amazon or local pet stores. They would have great deals that save you more money, sometimes with extras included.

Pros and Cons

These are what I love and hate about Nature’s Miracle litter box:


  • It comes at a very competitive price for a self-cleaning litter box
  • Easy to assemble and set up, can be used immediately
  • No hassle in cleaning the litter box and removable rake
  • It cleans the box after each time you use it, not just at specific times
  • Comes with a sleep mode to cease nightly operations
  • Includes complete package good to last for one month


  • Cats might switch off the entire unit with the power button
  • Rake may not catch all its clumps, also being blocked
  • There’s no privacy hood included with the unit
  • The waste receptacle lid is a bit flimsy for some users

Is Nature’s Miracle Litter Box Worth the Investment?

Now that you know all about Nature’s Miracle litter box, is it worth the price?

This depends on your budget! I’m quite surprised that a self-cleaning litter box comes at such an affordable price, though of course, it’s pricier than basic litter boxes.

However, it does come with a few minor issues which can affect cleaning. Despite this, it still has a worthy price tag for it, especially if you’re looking for a budget self-cleaning litter box.

While a bit noisy, I appreciate its adequate cleaning performance compared to more expensive units. With that said, I feel like many cat owners will like it for two small cats!

Wrapping It Up

I hope my review on Nature’s Miracle Litter Box helped you find the suitable one you need. So don’t wait any longer and make the right investment now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on the litter box, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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