My Ultimate CatSpot Litter Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: February 5, 2024

You’ll be surprised that cat litter still continues to evolve, with many companies looking into creating more types of litter that suit individual cat needs. Not only do we have the choice in the type, price, and brand, but we also can choose how the litter was made and what it’s made of! With that being said, I decided to look into the different cat litter with unique properties and stumbled upon the CatSpot Litter.

What I love most about it is what it’s made of, both my cats and I enjoy it! But what exactly does it have that other cat litter products don’t? Read on as I show you the ultimate CatSpot Litter review to learn more about this cool investment.

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CatSpot Litter Coconut Cat Litter

What’s It Made Of?

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The first thing I want to point out with this particular CatSpot litter is that it’s made of COCONUT. Yes, the cat litter’s made of husks from organic (non-GMO) coconuts, and nothing else. It’s advertised as a simple yet efficient litter without the added chemicals or fragrances like the walnut cat litter.

The coconuts used aren’t just organic, but they come from leftovers from organic coconut industries from India and Sri Lanka to ensure no wastage. The litter is then produced in Missouri, the USA for quality checking and assured safety.

So you know that the natural coconut litter is safe for cats AND the environment, as you’re able to compost or mix it with soil.

Tracking and Dust-Free?

Unfortunately yes, the cat litter does track. That’s because the litter is very lightweight, which makes it easier for it to stick to your cat’s paws, making its way out of the box. It’s not exactly dust-free as well, more prone to scattering especially with a kitten who loves to scratch or dig at their litter box!

Fortunately, there are remedies to lessen the mess your cat can make while doing his business. You can invest in a litter mat to catch the litter from your cat’s paws, as well as fill the box with half the amount of recommended litter (which is 1.5 inches). This can reduce litter scatter well. But you can still invest to cat litter that doesn’t track. You just have to choose the best cat litter that is comfortable for your cat.

Clumping Abilities

The CatSpot litter is NOT made for clumping but it’s also not under the standards of non-clumping types. Rather than scooping out solid or liquid waste after a few days, you need to scoop the solids every day, stirring the rest of the litter for the coconut material to absorb. This is an easier process than you think!

This is more cost-effective compared to the non-clumping litter, which incurs smells and will have to be thrown altogether. At least with CatSpot, you throw the solid waste and mix the urine with the rest of the litter to absorb to keep it from smelling and to utilize the rest of the unused cat litter.

Scent and Odor Control

While you can smell a bit of coconut in the cat litter, don’t expect it to have the spectacular odor control. I highly appreciate that it has no fragrances or chemicals to mask the smell, though the coconut doesn’t do well in covering up ammonia or urine odor.

As suggested by the website, you’ll need to replace the entire used litter every half month, or even less if you have more cats or own one with special bathroom habits. However, in terms of its initial smell, as you first get it, it’s pleasant and almost odorless, a subtle coconut scent that both owner and cat would enjoy. I like it!

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Just like I mentioned before, the cat litter does track and would scatter because of its lightweight properties. Furthermore, it doesn’t clump. But that doesn’t mean it’s not as easy to maintain as other clumping cat litters.

It’s actually much simpler to use and maintain, as it’s easy to carry and clean. All you need to do is place it on the litter, remove any solid waste daily, and allow the liquid to absorb with the coconut litter. It only takes a few minutes to do this, and every two weeks to replace the whole litter. Also, since it’s made of all-natural coconut, you can compost this or place it on your garden soil for easy, responsible disposal.

Brand and Price

CatSpot is a reputable brand many trusts for their feline products, and I believe it to be a reputable company for the litter they offer. Plus, it comes at such an affordable price considering its many advantages and the size of the bag it comes with just like the dr elseys cat litter.

I’m able to save money since I only fill the box to half the recommended depth and it still performs well, lessening the tracking. Also, I only replace it every week or two, so one bag can last for a month or so! Overall, it’s definitely worth the investment, especially if you want something eco-friendly, as well as easier to use and dispose of.

Where Can I Buy It?

Another awesome advantage of the CatSpot litter is that it’s very accessible and easy to find. You can either purchase it from your local store or find it online.

I highly recommend that you get it online, which lessens the hassle and effort of going to the shop and getting it yourself. Plus, they have great deals online, as well as good shipping terms!

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CatSpot Litter Coconut Cat Litter

Does It Have Issues?

While I highly recommend the CatSpot litter, it does have its main downfalls, some of which I mentioned above!

For starters, the clumping. If you don’t have the time to scoop up the used cat litter and solid waste each day, then the litter may be a bit of a hassle.

Besides this, it would track around the kitchen and you may end up finding a lot of scattered litter outside the box, especially when your cat loves to pick at it!

The smell afterward can be a bit of an issue as well, since it doesn’t absorb the urine/ammonia scent as well as others. But you have to realize that this is chemical and fragrance-free, the reason why it doesn’t mask the smell or clump as well.

These are very minor issues though, which can be fixed with a proper litter cleaning schedule (it only takes a few minutes) and a quality litter mat which would catch any loose litter from your cat’s paws.

Pros and Cons

After all the research and my own review, here are my notable pros and cons to learn about:


  • Cost-effective, one bag lasts one month
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Great for allergies for owners and cats
  • Safe and comfortable for cats to use
  • Free from chemicals and additional fragrance
  • Made of organic coconuts for eco-friendliness
  • Renewable and easy to dispose of the waste
  • Easy to purchase and available in many shops


  • Doesn’t absorb smell so well
  • Would track outside the box
  • Doesn’t clump and requires daily cleaning

What The Cats Thought Of It

Of course, we have to take account what the main users, the cats, thought of it! My felines actually enjoyed it a lot. Not only is it safe for them (a relief for me), but they also appreciate the fine and soft litter. It’s not hard on the paws compared to tougher, grainer litter.

They have no issues when doing their business and are most likely more encouraged to do so because of the litter quality. So if your cats love a softer feel for their paws and toilet needs, they’ll most likely love CatSpot litter.

My CatSpot Litter Review

As for me, I love the litter and would recommend it to any pet owner who:

  • Prefers eco-friendly products
  • Has the litter box located in a lower-traffic area (for humans)
  • Is already used to non-clumping litter

The cat litter is lightweight and easier to maintain, safe and comfortable for cats to use. Most cats love it because of its softness and though it does leave dust around the area, it’s not a huge issue and I have no problem with it. If you’re used to clumping litter, it can get time to get used to how to clean it!

All in all, a worthy investment that’s cost-effective and great to use for both owner and cat. I have less trouble handling the litter with CatSpot and though there are some drawbacks, it still does a job well done.

Wrapping It Up

CatSpot is definitely a great choice for many cat owners who want something with adequate scent control and more natural material. Though it can sometimes scatter and isn’t the best in keeping urine smells, it does a great job in keeping your cat’s paws comfy and safe. For me, it’s definitely a brand to consider investing in, especially with all the extra advantages it offers!

I hope that my CatSpot Litter review helped you make the right choice for your feline friends. So don’t wait any longer and try testing out this brand now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on the CatSpot litter, then do comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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