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Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Review: The 14 Best Ones to Try

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: December 22, 2023

Arm and Hammer is one of the most reputable brand names out there, known best for their cleaning products. So imagine my surprise when I found out that they also manufactured their own cat litter? While it was shocking, I also had the feeling it would be able to help in locking in odor, which is what the brand’s known for. And as I began to do my research, the more impressed I became with Arm and Hammer.

That made me interested in what more they had to offer in the cat litter industry, which is why I searched and tested the top 14 cat litters they had to offer. If you want to see if Arm and Hammer is a suitable brand to invest in for your cat, then read on! I’ll be showing you more about what the company is about and my Arm and Hammer cat litter review on the 14 best ones.

What Is Arm and Hammer?

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If you don’t know who Arm and Hammer is, they are one of the oldest and most reputable companies today. They’re best known for their baking soda, which is incorporated into most of their products, including the cat litter they manufacture.

Because they are a trusted brand for years now, you know that they have the experience and advantage that have them create the excellent quality cat litter today. And the fact that they continue to implement their main ingredient in cat litter while still staying on top of the cat litter industry shows something!

I highly appreciate that they maintain the foundation of their company with their new and different products lined up.

Wide Selection of Products

Even more surprisingly with Arm and Hammer, they offer one of the largest selections of cat litters today. Instead of catering to just one type of audience, they went all out to create different cat litter products to choose from, with different categories.

Under their Arm and Hammer cat litter products, you can choose from clumping or non-clumping, litter for single or multi-cat households, even different materials and ingredients that you or your cats prefer more. In fact, they even have natural cat litters for the eco-friendly owners, really catering to most, if not all, types of audiences today.

But one thing’s for sure: Of all their different cat litter products, there will always be baking soda included. The fact that Arm and Hammer manufacture different products but still keep their core ingredient gives us the confidence that they know what they’re doing when creating quality cat litters.

Many Sizes to Choose From

Besides the variety of litter options they have to offer, I like the fact they have a variety of sizes to choose from as well. With the choice of what size to choose, you’re able to choose the right litter size you need and prefer.

After all, who would need a 50-pound litter bag lying around the house if you only have one cat? At least you have the choice to get something according to your budget and space at home.

Furthermore, a cat owner with multiple pets who use the litter box will find a use for bulkier options, saving money as well. The variety in sizes can really help in costs and convenience on the owner’s side. Arm and Hammer addresses this need by having pouches to boxes of cat litter in different weights. And yes, this applies to all their cat litter products available!

Affordability At Its Finest

Arm and Hammer has a lot of products to offer, ranging from affordable to premium priced. Most of them fall on the budget category, which is great for anyone who wants to save on costs but still get the quality they need in cat litter. Because of their less costly products, anyone can avail their cat litter without worrying about the budget.

Most of the Arm and Hammer cat litter I reviewed fell in the budget category and did amazing for its cost. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend tons of money on quality, you just need to make sure that you purchase from a reputable brand like Arm and Hammer. Their cat litters are really for all audiences!

Are all their products worth the price? Honestly, they do fall short with some of their cat litters. But overall, they do the job right with most of their products, which is why I commend Arm and Hammer as a good brand entirely. I’ll be getting into the exact details of what they have to offer, as well as the good and bad of their litter types later on.

Where to Avail Their Cat Litter?

What’s great about the Arm and Hammer cat litter is that just like the rest of their products, they are easily accessible. You can actually find them in various supermarkets or pet stores with ease. Since Arm and Hammer is known worldwide, there’s a sure chance they have their cat litter products available in your area.

If not, you’re able to find it on their official website, having the full list available for you to purchase. There are also other online resellers that sell it at good prices over on Amazon or other reputable websites. It only takes a few minutes to search and you’ll find your chosen litter, may it be in a physical or online store!

The Best Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Review

After doing much research and tests, these are the 14 best Arm and Hammer Cat Litters to try out (rated from highest to lowest):

1. Clump and Seal with Microguard

This is the best cat litter from Arm and Hammer to date. It really does what it claims to do: Clump, seal, and clean for later! It has the strong clumping and odor control, with the litter being made of clay and baking soda. The litter also comes with the new MicroGuard technology, which is known to stop cat litter odor for a few days.

There isn’t any strong litter scent and it comes at reasonable prices, especially for the fact it clumps excellently without strong odors. The only issue I noticed was slight tracking but after that, nothing more.

1 icon medal meowkai

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal with Microguard​

2. Platinum Double Duty

The Double Duty is an original cat litter from Arm and Hammer, with the Platinum version being the all-new upgrade. The main differences are it’s enhanced odor control without that strong perfume scent. It’s best for those who worry and focus on removing any litter odor at home at a reasonable price.

As for clumping, it still continues to perform the same way as what Arm and Hammer is known for. At an affordable price, you really get more than what you invest in, especially with the new and improved formula compared to the original Double Duty cat litter.

Arm and Hammer Platinum Double Duty​

3. Clump and Seal Naturals

What I like about this Clump and Seal version is that it’s made with the natural ingredients like wood, plants, minerals, and obviously, baking soda to ensure the safety as your cat uses it. Those who are eco-friendly will highly appreciate the make of the Clump and Seal Naturals, especially since it comes at a moderate price. This is different from the usual natural cat litters that are more expensive!

It clumps and locks in odors just as well as Arm and Hammer advertises, though be wary that it has a shorter lifespan. But that’s a minor issue for a natural cat litter.

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Naturals​

4. Super Scoop Fresh Scent

If you need something that’s very easy to clean, you’ll love the Super Scoop Fresh Scent. Its clumping is actually the major point of the product, responding quickly and making the solid clumps you can scoop and clean out. However, it’s takeaway is the litter smell it comes with, having a weird, artificial smell I don’t like.

BUT, it locks in odors excellently and you won’t smell any ammonia or feces at all. Furthermore, it comes at such an affordable price so I have no complaints about it, I can bear the smell and most importantly, the cats can, too.

Arm and Hammer Super Scoop Fresh Scent​

5. Multi-Cat Unscented

This litter is tough in all aspects, though I wish it were better in terms of fighting odor. The clumping is amazing, considering that there are multiple cats using the litter box daily. It holds well despite many cats using it, creating and maintaining the solid clumps.

BUT, I do wish that it had better odor-fighting properties. I can’t complain though, as it comes unscented and focuses more on its clumping performance. If you want to check satisfying litter, you can try to read pride litter review as mostly said that it’s truly unscented. At a budget price range, I believe it to be totally worth the price, as long as you monitor the litter box more if you have a lot of cats!

Arm and Hammer Multi-Cat Unscented​

6. Essentials Double Duty Natural

Another version from the original Double Duty cat litter, the Natural one is great in what it does. But there’s no exceptional factor to it that makes me want to grab it and have everyone get it for themselves. I don’t see why it’s priced super high, though because it’s a natural clumping litter, you can take account its higher cost of processing and quality ingredients.

The litter consists of corn fiber and baking soda, doing well enough in clumping quickly and providing a more natural smell. It’s a good investment if you focus more on premium and natural choices.

Arm and Hammer Essentials Double Duty Natural​

7. Double Duty Clumping

With the Double Duty Clumping, you really get the solid clumps that respond quickly to any action taken. The clumping abilities are exceptional but its downfall is the odor. It doesn’t only have the slightly artificial fragrance, but it can’t lock in the ammonia smell from urine. It comes at a budget price, but I believe there to be other similarly-priced litters from Arm and Hammer without the overbearing smell.

The litter is made with a mix of crystals, clay, and baking soda, coming at a budgeted price. If you don’t mind the smell and want something cheap but good clumping, then you might want to consider this.

Arm and Hammer Double Duty Clumping​

8. Essentials Natural Clumping

The Essentials Natural Clumping is just average in performance but comes at a very good price range for its function. While it doesn’t clump as well as the other more expensive versions, nor does it have the most enticing fragrance, it does a great job in odor control. The litter doesn’t smell so strong of ammonia or feces and is pretty easy to clean.

For the price set, I can’t complain, especially since it’s made with natural ingredients like corn fiber. A nice choice if you want something affordable but adequate enough to maintain your cat’s toilet habits.

Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping

9. Ultra Last

Why is it called Ultra Last? This is because the product provides good clumping and longer lifespan compared to others. It’s fairly easy to clean, despite a bit of caking if you have a multi-cat household that urinates a lot.

However, its major flaw is how it smells! The litter smell is strong and some cats may not like that strong scent. I didn’t like it and had to cover my nose the entire time I cleaned and replace the litter. Made with clay and baking soda, this is a moderately-priced litter I would only recommend if your noses can take it.

Arm and Hammer Ultra Last​

10. Essentials Multi-Cat Natural

It’s made of all-natural ingredients but besides the eco-friendliness and great clumping abilities, everything else is average. The litter doesn’t dust as much and the clumps stay hard, making it easy to clean up.

It comes at a high asking price though, for its performance, I don’t see its worth. If it did come at a less expensive cost, I would totally recommend it as an all-natural litter, and there may be packages that come cheaper if not bought online. Made of a mix of plant extracts, corn fiber, and baking soda, I only see prices at the more expensive range.

Arm and Hammer Essentials Multi-Cat Natural​

11. Multi-Cat Extra Strength

The Multi-Cat Extra Strength does its job in clumping and the like, but there’s no wow factor to it. It doesn’t fail at its job in clumping and odor control, but it’s not particularly excellent in anything either. Actually, it struggles a bit with clumping but still masks odors well despite it.

For a near budget price, it’s close to (just) an okay choice. But I would rather spend a bit more money on something that performs better than just average. For multi-cat households, this Multi-Cat Extra Strength is just not worth it at all.

Arm and Hammer Multi-Cat Extra Strength​

12. Clump and Seal  Fresh Scent

As we go lower into the last few litters from Arm and Hammer, you can see that there are some points the company needs to improve on. But one thing’s for certain, they do manufacture litters with adequate to excellent scent and/or odor control.

The Clump and Seal is great because of the lightweight properties that make it easier to handle and throw. Furthermore, it has a good scent and great odor control for the first few days. But other than that, the clumping abilities isn’t good at all and would track. That’s something you don’t want for a moderately-priced litter.

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Fresh Scent​

13. Clump and Seal Multi-Cat

Another Clump and Seal this time for Multi-Cat household, this lightweight liter is only best because of its feel. It’s both soft and lightweight, easy to handle and for cats to step on. But because of its fine texture, it makes it dusty and easy to track. Furthermore, the clumps are a bit weak and the litter smell is overpowering for some owners and felines.

At its mid-priced range, I don’t see why it comes at the price set. The litter is fine for single cats maybe, but even then, the smell is overbearing.

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Multi-Cat​

14. Super Scoop Fragrance-Free

The only two things that the Super Scoop is good for is its very little dusting and its amazing price. It’s one of the most affordable of all cat litters but you don’t get much from it either. The clumps would fall apart easily and it has an overpowering litter smell.

Even at its good price tag, I feel like there are better options at the same price range. Or, you can spend a few more dollars on similarly made Arm and Hammer liters made with clay and baking soda like this one!

Arm and Hammer Super Scoop Fragrance-Free​

Wrapping It Up

Arm and Hammer is one of the most reputable companies well known for their variety of products. With their cat litter, they don’t scrimp on quality and stay true to their word with easier cleaning at home. As they continue to have a wide variety of cat litter, you’re able to find the best one for you and your cat. And if you are looking for natural, safe and hygienic cat litter, you can try yesterday news cat litter.

I hope that this ultimate Arm and Hammer cat litter review helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into getting your own bag to try out now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on the Arm and Hammer cat litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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