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All-Natural at Affordable Price: Weruva Cat Litter Review

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: December 18, 2023

There are a lot of cat litter brands available today, with all of them having excellent quality materials and processing. However, it can get quite confusing with the hundreds of names in the industry, having you wonder which really are worth the expense and which ones you should avoid. Well, I’ll be reviewing another popular one to help you out, which is the Weruva Cat Litter.

Known as one of the world’s all natural cat litter and worlds best cat litter review today, it makes you wonder what makes it so worth the buy? Well, I did the research and reviews, so read on as I show you everything you need to know about Weruva Cat Litter and if it’s really worth the investment.

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Weruva It’s A Tea Potty! Hinoki Wood & Green Tea Natural Cat Litter

Who Is Weruva Cat Litter?

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Not many people are actually familiar with who and what Weruva is, though take note that just because it’s a small brand doesn’t mean they don’t have the experience in the litter!

Weruva is actually a small family-owned brand which doesn’t only make cat litters, but cat and dog food as well. They are more known for their pet food, though recently, they expanded to cat litter. With that being said, they do have a limited selection- just ONE type of cat litter, called “It’s a Tea Potty!”

They take on such a unique formula to their cat litter, having all-natural materials compared to the other brands today which utilize traditional and non-natural ingredients which can be unsafe for the cats. The mixture is made of a combination of green tea and Japanese Hinoki Wood, just like what the green tea cat litter is using for their products, which are eco-friendly materials that are known to help with odor control, clumping, and a longer lifespan for cost-efficiency.

How Is the Price?

This is an excellent cat litter choice for people who want to take on a healthier route without compromising on quality. It’s certainly a cat litter type unique to many industries and cat owners, so if you’re starting to become environmentally-conscious, you’ll love this litter. Furthermore, it’s made best for people who prefer clumping litter. For clumping you can also try feline pine clumping as it is best for natural clumping, dust-free non tracking formula.

But with an all-natural clumping litter, expect it to be at an above average price compared to clay, which is a very cheap material. Even with the Weruva Cat Litter price, you actually get more than what you pay for given the fact it’s made with unique wood quality and infused with green tea. The combination of these two ingredients help keep the odor control at best and offer the great performance you’d expect from any natural litter at this price.

If you’re willing to spend at a premium price for eco-friendly litter, this one’s for you. Remember, you really get what you pay for, especially with all-natural litters like Weruva cat litter.

Moisture Absorption and Clumping

When you first receive the Weruva cat litter, you’ll probably be pretty surprised with the texture. Its litter granules are way different from most of the cat litters you’ve tried. For starters, they actually have the HUGE granules that actually remind me of rabbit food pellets than actual cat litter.

It made me wonder how the heck this was going to clump properly because of its huge pellets. Also, would my cats appreciate the size and feel of it, or will they just turn away?

The way the Weruva cat litter is supposed to work is that the pellets would dissolve into goop form once it’s been in contact with moisture. After that, the goop would wrap around this moisture, forming a protective casing which makes it easy to scoop.

While this sounds pretty cool and innovative, the results were underwhelming. It did roll into a goop, though it never became hard or solid enough to easily scoop. When scooping it, it might actually fall apart to smaller clumps. And that’s actually the results for solid feces.

For urine, it doesn’t absorb as well as other natural liters. When in contact with urine, it would make a huge area of dissolved litter. This would make cleanup difficult AND you’ll be replacing the litter even quicker. The clumping is fine, though if you have a multi-cat household or have a cat who does his business a lot, it may be a problem.

Odor Control

While the clumping abilities were a bit underwhelming, I have a feeling you’re purchasing the litter for its scent and odor control. Utilizing green tea for the litter is an amazing and wise choice because it gives off the wonderful and addicting smell my cats and I love. Combining green tea with the natural wood scent, you have the naturally scented litter without any signs of artificial odor the traditional cat litter would usually have.

BUT, do be wary that it has such a strong scent! When pouring litter out of the bag, you’ll have to be wary for the scent you’re exposed to, as well as your cats. Fortunately, my cats loved both the feel and scent, so they got used to the newness of the litter quickly.

The odor control was excellent, though had some weak points. While the strong natural scent overpowers the cat waste odors initially, it begins to fade and you’ll notice a few weaknesses.

Green tea is fantastic in handling the urine ammonia smell. However, I can’t say the same for solid waste, as there would be a bit of smell that comes out despite the clumping. To remedy that, you can mix and move the litter around the kick its odor control up for a few hours.

Because of this, it’s not a suitable choice for multiple cats using a litter box or you will have huge trouble controlling the odors!

Does It Track?

For its tracking, this is where I appreciate the bigger granules. This is because the bigger pellets would make it more difficult to pick up on fur or cat’s paws, letting it stay within the box.

Another thing I appreciate is that it’s still lightweight despite the size, though this may mean that if your cat loves to scratch and kick, it may end up out of the litter box. It’s not a huge deal because the tracking is still VERY minimal and even if you did step or see it, it feels soft and is easy to sweep up. Overall, the tracking is adequate enough given its price tag.

Is It Dust-Friendly?

As for the dust, it’s just similar to the cat litter’s tracking. It’s not the dustiest compared to other natural litters, definitely less dusty compared to traditional clay litter. However, it still produces dust more than other natural cat litters. This may be a disadvantage for this who are sensitive to dust, as well as cats who are more prone to allergies.

However, if that’s not the case, the dust levels are pretty adequate and I have no trouble with it. I’ll need to sweet a bit after replacement and pouring, but it’s not a huge deal since I usually sweep anyway!

Flushability and Cleanliness

With its cleanliness, it can be a bit challenging trying to clean it up, given the fact that it can’t maintain clumps as well as other natural litters. Furthermore, because of its larger size, you’ll need to use a new scooper as some scoopers may have smaller holes which may not be able to segregate the clumps and clean granules.

As for its “flushability,” don’t expect it to flush it, just as you wouldn’t with any other cat litter, despite it being natural. You’ll need to dispose of it in the trash rather than flush or rinse it out. It might end up ruining pipes and/or septic systems. Furthermore, you’re unable to use it for composting.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Another thing owners will like about Weruva besides its scent and odor control is that it’s extremely eco-friendly. In fact, the whole Weruva brand focuses on eco-friendliness, taking sustainability seriously from manufacturing to production.

The Japanese Hinoki Wood are by-products so you won’t have to worry about it killing any new and innocent trees. The brand gets its wood from different sources, which is then vetted by the company before adding it to the cat litter. Furthermore, there are NO harsh chemicals and dyes which can affect the litter’s safety.

With the all-natural green tea and wood properties, you won’t have to worry about your cat’s safety and chemical exposure. It’s completely safe!

Wrapping It Up

When looking for an all-natural cat litter, Weruva is a good consideration with its clumping litter. Made with eco-friendly products, you know that this company ensures safety for you, your cat, and the environment! Sure, it may not be the absolute best, but it does the job in clumping and odor control at its affordable price.

I hope this Weruva Cat Litter review gave you an idea on what you should invest in. So don’t wait any longer and begin looking into any of these cat litter brands now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on Weruva Cat Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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