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Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter Review: Is It Worth the High Prices?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 8, 2024

If you don’t know it already, Dr. Elsey’s is one of the bigger names known in the cat litter industry. What makes the company a reputable brand is thanks to some of their best quality litter around. They use the unique processes and materials, which is what impresses their many litter users (and their cats, too!).

But with excellent quality litter also comes a higher price, which is also what they’re known for. For quality litter you can check green tea litter views. It can help you choose the best quality cat litter. I wanted to try something in the premium price range to see if they were really worth their claims and costs. So I looked into their five most popular products to try out myself, giving the personal and honest reviews to help you make the right choice.

So if you’re considering getting a bag of Dr. Elsey’s, read this first! I’ll be showing you all about the brand and my own Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter review on their five popular litter products.

What Is Dr. Elsey’s?

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Based on my research, many of Dr. Elsey’s cat litters are the top-rated ones worldwide. Some are bestsellers like the arm and hammer litter, others are best-reviewed, with thousands of cat owners raving about how well their litters perform. But what makes them the best today, what’s their special secret?

The products are named after Dr. Bruce Elsey, who is a cat-only veterinarian for almost 40 years! As he continues to care for thousands of cats in his practice, he became an expert on both problems and solutions of litter boxes. With his expertise and knowledge, he made various formulas in cat litter, all of which addresses the unique needs of cats. Whether you have a kitten or senior cat, there will be one Dr. Elsey’s litter made suitable for them,

Dr. Elsey’s litter can also address very specific issues, including respiratory problems, litter odors, and even includes different litter accessories. Made of premium clay materials, you’re able to find variety and quality in the litter, making it beneficial for both you and your cats.

Is It For Multiple Cats?

YES, many of Dr. Elsey’s cat litters are great for those who have more than two cats. Made with excellent quality materials, it can clump well despite the high traffic while masking the smells of multiple cats doing their toilet habits. There won’t be an issue in dealing with messy clumps or foul odor from many cats who use the litter box!

Just take note that not all of their litters are suitable for multi-cat households, so you have to read up on descriptions to ensure you get the right one. I’ll be tackling that and recommending multi-cat litters down below, so not to worry.

Where Can I Buy Dr. Elsey’s?

While Dr. Elsey’s is such a huge brand with its many benefits and choices, take note it doesn’t come cheap. The price is actually on the premium-tier, though you may be able to find coupons and promos from Dr. Elsey’s themselves to save up to 30% off and/or get free shipping. However, even with its prices, you actually get more than what you pay for in terms of clean up, cat satisfaction, and more.

Fortunately, you can purchase any litter variety online and have it shipped straight to your home. This beats any inconvenience and you can actually save up on time and effort purchasing it compared to going to a physical pet store.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter Review

After my research and tests, these are the notable Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter reviews I made:

1. Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

This litter type by Dr. Elsey’s is the most popular of all, one of the bestsellers on their official stores and in other websites. When I tried it out myself, I immediately saw why it was such a hit, with this litter being medium grain and super comfortable for your cat’s paws. But that’s not the only thing I commend about this ultra clumping cat litter!

This clay litter, though very heavy, is great in preventing tracking. So while my cats love how comfortable it feels, I also love the fact that it’s so much easier to clean and prevents any messes. Its only downside is that because it’s heavy, some might struggle with pouring or replacing the litter as needed.

However, it has an amazing clumping action, so I don’t have any issues with the heavy weight it brings. Its clumping abilities are more than satisfactory, reacting and clumping quickly as soon as your cat does his business. And even with the quick response, it also clumps hard, staying solid until it’s time to scoop and throw it away. There’s no hassle in cleaning the litter, and it only takes a few minutes to scoop and throw now, rather than dealing with messy clumps or moisture below the tray.

Furthermore, when your cat urinates, there is only very little risk of the urine falling to the bottom of the tray. With its better moisture absorption and solid clumps, it keeps the odors at bay and I have no complaints about any artificial scent or smelly cat waste wafting around the room.

All in all, this is one of the best cat litters I’ve tried because it combines everything I need while performing excellently. It’s best recommended for all multi-cat households and can be added to mechanical litter boxes, too.

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Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter​

2. Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter

I mentioned that Dr. Elsey’s creates their litter in a way that they utilize advanced technology and materials. After all, it’s what Dr. Elsey’s is known for, for their innovative products that make it perform amazingly. This litter product is no exception, with its materials being put through smart formulas and quality processing that makes it the litter many know and love.

This litter is best for just about any cat, but best recommended for fussy ones. If you’ve got a cat who’s picky with where and when she does his business, then the litter can be a solution. It’s also great to use when house training a cat who has no idea what cat litter is.

All aspects of this litter are made in such a way to attract your cat to do his business on the litter. It’s infused with natural herbal scents, which are what cats love. With these scents, it can help pique interest and have them check out what’s in the litter box. Once they’re on the box, they’ll feel the soft and natural texture of the litter, which will encourage your cat to do his business with ease.

Surprisingly, even if it’s with the aromas that attract cats, it’s actually unscented. So you won’t have to bear the artificial and harsh chemical scents some cat litters would have. You won’t also smell the aromas your cats are interested in.

As for its clumping, it’s exceptional and works just as you would expect from Dr. Elsey. It’s really worth the price and will have just about ANY cat encouraged to use the litter box for their toilet duties. Whether it’s for multi-cat households or mechanical litter boxes, this litter is compatible with just about any owner and cat. This is what I love most!

Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter​

3. Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Clumping Cat Litter

For cat owners who are sensitive, or have sensitive cats prone to allergies, you’ll be surprised that there is actually a cat litter made to maintain better health. While there are many types of cat litters claim to be completely dust-free, there are still some very sensitive felines getting allergic reactions. That’s where the Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay comes, doing just as advertised and is quite effective in terms of providing a safe space where your cats can do their business.

This litter product is completely dust-free and is advertised as a hypoallergenic product, which not a lot of litter products would claim. Actually, it’s my first time stumbling upon hypoallergenic cat litter, and I knew I had to try it out to see if my sensitive cats would like it. I was quite impressed reading up on what it had to offer, as well as the effects it had on my cats.

For starters, this litters infused with all-natural scents and herbs, which can help relax your cat as they do their toilet duties. The relaxation can help with Feline Respiratory Disease, as well as encourage cats to do their business on the litter than anywhere else.

As for its clumping action, it’s by far one of the most excellent I’ve seen in litters. It helps trap odors, making it suitable for all types of litter boxes and would respond quickly to cat waste. While other litters on this review have bigger, heavier, and harder clumps that respond quicker, this one isn’t disappointing and will still impress.

BUT, the only downfall is that it only has enough strength for one or two cats. So no, this isn’t suitable for multi-cat households and best suited if you only have one sensitive or fussy cat at home.

Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Clumping Cat Litter​

4. Precious Cat Ultra Scented Cat Litter

This Dr. Elsey litter product proves just how far the company does their research with their development team. It’s one of the game-changing products you can find on their product selections, dealing with the major issue many cat owners have: The cat litter scent.

One common problem many cat owners face is the litter scent, which can be pretty bad if overpowering. However, it’s also a problem if there’s too little of a scent, with the cat waste odors being too overpowering if so. As a result, everything will just smell either artificial or foul, which is what the Ultra-Scented Cat Litter tries to solve.

While I’m no fan of powerful scents, the Ultra-Scented Cat Litter is one of the best-scented ones available now. The reason why it does a great job even with the strong scent is because of how it’s released. The scents are moisture activated, so it begins to flow through the air only once your cat does his business. And considering this is cat litter, it releases the pleasant smell that overpowers any cat waste odor produced and not locked in by the clumping.

This all-natural clay product offers great clumping action, forming strong and solid clumps. Though it mentions that the litter is low dust, it’s quite dusty compared to the hypoallergenic litter I reviewed above. But it has the absorption capabilities and controls odor well even when using it in multi-cat households. This is best for those who have more than two cats sharing a litter box.

So if you’re looking for something meant for multi-cat households and the toughest litter boxes, this is a great purchase. You’ll love the scent it brings out around the room, and your cats won’t mind it, enjoying its good feel. Just be wary with the dust to clean after your cats do their business and you’ll be fine.

Precious Cat Ultra Scented Cat Litter​

5. Precious Cat Long Hair Litter Cat Litter

Yes, you read that right, Dr. Elsey’s also has a litter meant for long-haired cats as well! But what makes long-haired cats need a specialized litter? Well, a huge issue with their fur is that they end up being a magnet for various materials, like cat litter. As a result, a LOT of tracking and bits of litter around the house.

That’s why Dr. Elsey created cat litter with the perfectly-sized granules which makes it suitable to use for long-haired cats. While there is still a bit of tracking, there’s a huge improvement to it and you won’t expect the litter to go all around the home anymore.

This is because the litter is made of silica, which helps lessen btw dust and tracking. Furthermore, this material is non-toxic and won’t stain your cat’s fur, too. It also does an adequate job in locking in odor as a silica-based cat litter, so I don’t have any problems with the litter.

Despite it being made of silica, this is biodegradable material with great clumping action. It forms such solid clumps and is easy to scoop. As a result, you have less tracking and a litter box that’s very easy to clean.

Another added bonus to this litter is that it comes with the herb scents and attractants I mentioned from the training cat litter before. Combining these herbal scents and the excellent texture, you have something your cat will enjoy. AND something you’ll enjoy because of its lack of tracking and hassle in cleaning.

Precious Cat Long Hair Litter Cat Litter​

What Other Cat Litter Users Thought

Now that you know more about Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter and my own reviews on it, what about the others? What do other people have to say about the cat litters reviewed? After reading up on various customer reviews, these are the common trends and comments people have to say:

Its Price

This is one of the most “complained” about from customers because obviously, the products don’t come at budget pricing. With premium quality litter comes at a premium price range. However, many agree that even with the cost, you get the value for money.

As for me, I believe this to be worth the price since the litter lasts longer and you pay for the ease of maintenance as well. It costs less in the long run and will have you save on time and effort with cleaning.

Odor Control

After checking out all the product reviews from Dr. Elsey, they can only rave about the excellent odor control it brings. Most of the reviews I read would include how effective it was in how the litter removes all forms of odor without the overpowering smell.

In fact, a lot of cat owners shared stores about how their stinky litter boxes now have no smell at all, making it easier to clean. That’s all thanks to Dr. Elsey’s cat litter!

Clumping Abilities

Besides the odor control, just as many people have been raving about the clumping abilities the litter offers. Reviewers have praised Dr. Elsey’s litter and how quickly it responds to urination and cat waste. The litter clumps fast and stay hard for days, which is also the main reason why Dr. Elsey’s has a great reputation.

With the combination of odor control and clumping, you only get the stellar performance to make it easier to clean. Plus, the cats will enjoy!

Wrapping It Up

Dr. Elsey’s produces some of the best cat litters on the market today, popular because of the unique processes their litter goes through. From its amazing clumping action down to the long lifespan, I believe it to be a worthy investment. If you have the budget and want a combination of all necessary cat litter features, you’ll enjoy this brand.

Hopefully, my Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter review showed you the worth of their products and if it’s right for you. So what are you waiting for? Check out what else they have to offer now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews of Dr. Elsey’s, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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