Tidy Max Clumping Cat Litter Review – Easy Clumping and Odor Control

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: March 19, 2024

Getting the right kitty litter can be difficult, and the usual store-bought brands might not always be good enough.

There always seems to be something wrong with the litter – they might be too fine or too rough, not absorbent enough or too sticky and so on. No matter what it is, you now have a mess on your hands.

That’s why you need to buy litter from a brand name you can trust to deliver on the quality you need.

One of the best brands out there right now is Purina’s Tidy Max – and in this review, you’ll see exactly why it’s trusted by so many cat owners.

A Little Bit About the Tidy Cats Brand

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Tidy Cats is a brand of cat litter made by Purina, a company well-known for making quality cat and dog food for decades now.

Their Tidy Cats brand has been around for a while as well, and today they make almost every type of litter you can imagine, all aimed at making your cat feel as good as possible and making the clean-up minimal.

The best thing about their litter is the amazing clumping action which allows you to clean up all the soiled parts with ease and nothing gets left out juts like the garfield cat litter.

The prices they offer are also good, and most of their products are affordable – which is what you need, especially when you have a lot of cats. They make their litters with owners of multiple cats in mind.

Tidy Cats Tidy Max Clumping Cat Litter Review

Tidy Max is one of the best-selling variants of Tidy Cats litter, and you can buy it exclusively online.

It’s made for maximum performance and absorbency, and it comes in two different varieties – here, I’ll take a look at how they perform and how they differ from each other.

1. Tidy Max 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

This litter claims to offer long-lasting 24/7 odor control with good clumping action for easy scooping. Let’s see how it does.


  • Great Clumping Action True to the Tidy Cats standard, this litter does clump amazingly well which usually makes for an easy clean-up. This is due to the highly absorbent “power pieces” as the company calls them. It can absorb a lot of liquid too so you won’t have to clean it quite as often as you might with some other clumping litter. The clumps are strong too, and they won’t break apart into tiny pieces that go everywhere, which is a problem I often encounter with clumping litter.
  • Minimal Dust There’s barely any dust around with this litter – the pieces are large, and they don’t break easily. If your cat is sensitive to dust or you are, this is the type of litter you want to get.
  • Low Tracking Due to the pieces being relatively large, there’s barely any tracking with this litter, and it will stay safely in or around the litter box and won’t be spread all over your home. If you have a litter mat, it will be easy to clean up the small spills.
  • Scent Control This litter definitely delivers on the promise of suppressing scents. It quickly eliminates the scent of urine, and it doesn’t return after a few hours or so lime with some other types of cat litter I used. It does have a scent of its own though, and if your cat is sensitive, it might be a bit of a problem.


  • Weight This is some heavy litter – and it gets even heavier after it absorbs liquid and clumps up. If you need to use a lot of it and throw it out constantly, you’re going to break your back doing it. Because of this, it also runs out quickly. You will usually have to use around 10 to 15 pounds per litter change, for one cat and that’s a lot.
  • Stickiness Once this litter clumps up, it seems to stick to everything – which will include the bottom of the litter box. You’ll need to scrape and scrub hard in order to remove it. Also, if you happen to clean it while it’s still moist, it will stick to your scooper as well, which might stop you from cleaning the litter until you get it off.
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Tidy Max 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

2. Tidy Max Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter

This variant of the Tidy Max litter claims to offer much of the same benefits as the 24/7 Performance variant, but is more focused on quick clumping action, allowing you to easily scoop it out even if your kitty just went to the toilet. Does it hold up?


  • Fast Clumping Action While it’s not exactly ‘instant’ the clumping action of this litter is noticeably faster than the other variant and most other types of clumping litter. Hard clumps will form around the ‘power pieces’ within 10 to 15 minutes most of the time, and it can definitely absorb a ton of liquid.
  • Less Stickiness One of the benefits that this version of the Tidy Max litter offers over the 24/7 variant is reduced stickiness. The clumps dry out quicker and become solid fast, so there’s not a lot of mud left stuck to the litter box, and your scooper will probably stay relatively clean.
  • Odor Control The odor control here is as good as ever – quick, and it lasts. It even manages to filter-out most of the odor if the cat leaves its business uncovered. There’s definitely a scent to this liter and it might annoy some more sensitive kitty noses, but for the most part, the cats don’t have a problem with it.
  • Almost No Dust Just like the 24/7 Performance variant of this litter, there’s little to no dust here due to the pieces being fairly large and tough to break apart even if the cat scratches vigorously. This also means there’s little to no tracking and the litter will mostly stay in and near the litter box.


  • Weight Just like the other variant, this litter has a huge problem with weight. It is heavy, to begin with, and it can almost triple in weight after it absorbs liquid, making it difficult to clean up. Never throw this litter into the toilet since it will definitely clog it up.
  • Poor Packaging The box that this litter comes in is just a rectangular cardboard box with no handle and relatively poor construction. It’s difficult to pour litter out of it, and it will probably fall apart before you use up all of the litter. I suggest you transfer the litter to something else as soon as you buy it.

Tidy Max Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter


Overall, I’d say the Tidy Max litter definitely delivers on its main promises of good clumping action and great odor control.

Both variants are relatively easy to clean up, eliminate most if not all odor, are less dusty than most other types of cat litter and have relatively little tracking. They can also absorb more liquid than you might think at first

However, the Tidy Max Instant Actions ends up being a bit less sticky and easier to clean than Tidy Max 24/7 Performance, so it has that benefit going for it.

The main issue with both variants is that they’re both extremely heavy, especially after they clump up, which can make cleaning harder. You also need to use a lot of them per filling, so the price-to-weight ratio isn’t as great as it looks at first glance.

If you need a litter that clumps fast, eliminates odor, and doesn’t get dusty, Tidy Max is probably the right litter for you. However, if you want something lightweight, it’s not a good choice. If you’re looking for a standard clay litter that offers hard-clumping action, low dust, and an affordable price, you can check the frisco litter review.

What are your thoughts on it if you used it? Do you agree or disagree with me? Post your opinions down in the comments, and I’ll see you next time!

If you have any questions or would like to share your reviews on the Tidy Max cat litter, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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