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Fresh News Cat Litter: Environment-Friendly Litter For All Cats

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 12, 2024

You’ve heard of Yesterday’s News Cat Litter by Purina, but what about FRESH News Cat Litter? This one enticed me after reviewing the previous news litter, not just because of its name but because of what it had to offer. The company was as interesting as the products it rolled out, and I wanted to learn even more.

So I decided to do more research and test out their one and only litter product they have available (so far). If you’re thinking of using all-natural and unique materials lie newspaper as your cat’s litter like the okocat litter, then read on! I show you the extensive review on Fresh News Cat Litter and if it’s worth the investment.

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Fresh News Post Consumer Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Fresh News Paper Cat Litter Multi-Cat Litter

Who Is Fresh News?

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Before anything else, I first want to explain who Fresh News Litter is!

Dedicated to providing the all-natural litter products for cats, Fresh News Litter is a company that focuses on saving the planet! Utilizing 100% post-consumer paper from recycling centers, they make sure that nothing is new and wasted. In fact, they even have a recycling program where they pay organizations to collect recycled paper to use as their litter!

Not only do they aim to satisfy consumers with environment-friendly products, but to satisfy your cats as well. Through efficient features like odor-fighting and good absorption, this ensures that your home smells clean and your cat has no issues in doing his business. If you are also looking for natural wood clumping cat litter, since talking about environment-friendly products, you can try prosense litter.

So not only do you save the Earth in your own little way, but you also ensure that your cat stays safe and happy with his litter box! Besides their litter, they also offer bedding and litter for cats and other small animals.

Clumping Abilities

If there’s one thing I appreciate about Fresh News, it’s the litter texture, which is in pellet form. But you wouldn’t expect these pellet granules to feel so soft and sand-like, which is what my cats really love. Its good feel is a hug advantage for cats, who appreciate softer sand that feels more natural to them.

It’s actually an interesting take to cat litters, as it utilizes recycled newspaper rather than the traditional clay litter. With this type of material, it’s actually known to absorb moisture thrice as better than the usual clay, and it shows! I can’t say that it really absorbs that better, but it does have effective absorption that locks away smells without difficulty.

One of the difficult things to lock away is urine moisture and ammonia odors, which thankfully, the litter has no problems with. As long as it’s cleaned on time, then there won’t be a problem with the litter sticking to the box or odors escaping. For clumping issues, you can try natures miracle cat litter odor control clumping.

Scent and Odor Control

Another huge benefit to the Fresh News Litter is the fact that it has great odor control! Besides the recycled newspaper with absorbent pellets, it’s also infused with baking soda. This baking soda built into the pellets helps neutralize the waste odors from the litter box.

This is what I like most about the litter because it offers better odor control. While some natural litters do poorly with fighting off smells, the Fresh News Litter does well thanks to the baking soda. The litter still continues to fight off odor well even if you have a multi-cat household.

When I tested it out, I was a bit surprised. For a natural litter without much of the litter scent (no artificial perfume or what), it did a job all done in keeping ammonia, feces, and urine smells away. However, take note that it might be different depending on how many cats are using it, as you may need to replace it faster if more cats do their business.

Low-Tracking and Dust-Free?

I like the fact that Fresh News Cat Litter is soft and lightweight, great on cats’ paws. The only downfall to that is how easy it is to track because it gets stuck between those paws! Fortunately, the tracking isn’t as intense as I expected, it was still manageable despite having a lot of cats around.

I notice that it tracks considerably less compared to other natural litters, which is nice. As for its dustiness, I have no issues with it anymore unless you have an extremely sensitive cat. While it IS a tiny bit dusty, sensitive owners and cats a can handle it without allergic reactions.

Because of its low-tracking and almost dust-free properties, it makes the litter easy to clean and maintain. And since it doesn’t smell when replacing the litter on time, you won’t have issues in handling it. From pouring it into throwing it out, it’s a pleasant experience.

How to Use and Clean?

Like mentioned, using and cleaning it is a breeze because of its texture and odor-fighting capabilities. Because the litter itself is pretty lightweight, you use less of it and it’s fairly easy to pour in from the bag. Because of that, it’s also easy to pour out to throw away.

As for cleaning it up, I’ve had no problems in terms of carrying, scooping or removing any waste. Everything was easy to handle and since there was no smell, I wasn’t gagging nor did I have any unpleasant experiences. I can’t smell urine or feces at all, even after five days of the litter being in the box!

As long as I remove any solids immediately and scoop out the wet patches every few days, the litter can last for up to three weeks with odor control. That’s a pretty long time, giving you the cost-efficiency for a natural cat litter. But I’ll get into the price review in the next section.


Besides the ease of cleaning and odor control, one thing I can’t stop raving about (as you can see) is the material! Again, it’s 100% recycled paper infused with baking soda, which actually works well together. And not to worry about the company using new paper, as they continue to only process used paper to ensure no wastage at all.

Because of its 100% environment-friendly materials, you can flush it with ease, so long as you allow it to soak before flushing it down. This prevents clogging and the like, though I would rather recommend that you throw it as usual or compost it.

Yes, you can compost the used litter to use as soil amendment or mulch. It puts the litter to more good use, helping the environment more even after your cat has done his business on it.

Where to Buy Fresh News?

As for its price, expect the litter to be a bit more expensive compared to other traditional clay litters. But with that being said, you do get what you pay for in all aspects. The waste stays in place and is easy to dispose of, the odors lock-in, and there’s no tracking or dust!

Furthermore, the litter lasts even longer before you have to throw it away, making it even more cost-efficient. You save money and effort in the long run through all these features, all the while saving the environment. And again, since you can compost it as a soil amendment or mulch, you get the most out of the litter, getting your money’s worth.

Fortunately, you can purchase Fresh News Cat Litter just about anywhere. Sometimes, it can be available from your local pet stores, but usually, you can purchase it online. The litter can be bought from Fresh News’ official website or you can get it from third-party websites like Chewy or Amazon.

My Final Verdict

Overall, I love Fresh News Litter. While there is a bit of tracking and may not absorb moisture in extremely high-traffic areas, these are small issues that can be remedied easily. I have had no issues throughout testing it out and would use it again for my cats.

The cats loved it, I had no issues with it, and everything was easy to handle, which is everything I need in cat litter. I would say that this is totally worth the price paid for! Just remember to practice correct cleaning and dispose of waste right away, and you can enjoy the benefits this litter has to offer.

I recommend this for all fur parents who want something all-natural and still fights off odor amazingly. Though slightly on the pricier side, you’ll see why once you try it.

Wrapping It Up

Newspaper is actually an interesting material to use for your cat litter, though it’s actually quite effective. Fresh News Cat Litter proves just that, with their excellent quality cat litter that offers adequate performance in all aspects. If you’re looking for environmentally-friendly products, you’ll want to consider this litter!

I hope this review on the Fresh News Cat Litter gave you an idea on what the newspaper feels like for cats! If you think this is best for your feline friends, why not try a bag out now?

For those who have any questions or want to share their tips and reviews with the Fresh News Cat Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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