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Ever Clean Cat Litter Review: Is It Really That Good?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 9, 2024

I’m sure many of you have heard of Ever Clean before, one of the oldest brands out there! This trusted brand is known for its clumping cat litter, continuing their services for almost three decades now. With that much expertise and good popularity, I wanted to test it out myself to see if they stay true to their word with premium quality.

After checking out their four most popular cat litter products, I want to share my Ever Clean Cat Litter review of each so read on! I’ll show you what Ever Clean is all about and which litter products are best suited for you.

About Ever Clean Cat Litter

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There are a ton of cat litter companies on the market today, all of them using and testing out various materials. A lot of them even use exotic and hard-to-find ingredients just to create that amazing and perfect formula for all cats. However, this is where Ever Clean is different.

Rather than trying to go for plants, newspaper, crystal, or even walnuts, they stick to the classic approach: CLAY. Sure, it’s not an original ingredient, but it sure is effective in clumping. They utilize clay in all their products, which are known for odor control and good clumping performance.

However, just because they only use clay doesn’t mean the company doesn’t try finding new ways to optimize their product selection. They continue to take advantage of advanced technology, adding Carbon PLUS and other unique formulas which compliment their litters and add better odor-fighting features to it, which is also how the brand is known!

Handles Tough Litter Boxes and Wide Range of Needs

Ever Clean may not have the plus points in terms of originality win it comes to material usage. BUT, their straightforward approach when using clay has a huge bonus, which is its odor-defending features. Usually, clay-based litters have a great reputation in both clumping abilities and odor control, even in multi-cat households.

When combining both clay and Ever Clean’s formula and technologies, the brand produces decent quality litter without the high prices. Whether you have a single or multi-cat household, the company provides.

Yes, they have a smaller selection of products, but they meet a wide range of needs. It’s actually quite broad in terms of clear litter, as you can choose between clumping or non-clumping, multi-cat or single cat households, as well as scented or unscented. They cover products suitable for all types of cats and households.

Reasonably-Priced With Good Range of Sizes

One of the fantastic benefits Ever Clean cat litter has to offer is its nice range of sizes. Their product selection isn’t vast, but they do have a lot of sizes and bags/boxes to choose from.

You can choose between 14-pounds bags all the way to 42-pound boxes, actually! This makes it suitable for both single and multi-cat households looking to either save on space and/or money.

Speaking of money, another amazing benefit the company offers is its price range. Because they use inexpensive materials like clay and have a low overhead price with their manufacturing processes, they provide decent products at affordable prices. It’s very affordable compared to the other litter companies out there, saving you a ton without scrimping on your cats.

You can find a bag or box of Ever Clean Cat litter from third-party websites or physical pet stores, making the company accessible for you.

Ever Clean Cat Litter Review

After doing the research and reviews, these are the four most popular Ever Clean Cat Litter products to look into:

1. Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented

I believe that the Ever Clean Extra Strength is their best litter product of all. It provides the well-performing necessary features such as clumping, odor control, and easy cleanup. The litter itself has NO issues in terms of the scent, having no artificial or bothersome litter smell at all.

Because of its unscented properties, you and the cats won’t be bothered by any smell. But even without any litter scent, the odor-fighting capabilities are great. It locks in almost all the cat odors and is pretty effective in terms of clumping. It’s not the best and topnotch, but it does well for its price. I do find it better for single cat households though, as more than two cats adversely affect its performance.

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented​

2. Ever Clean EverFresh With Activated Charcoal

This is an unscented litter which focuses more on killing odor-creating bacteria while neutralizing any odor from cat waste. Activated charcoal on cat litter is very helpful on preventing stinky odor. You can check the fresh step cat litter reviews as it might help you to choose the best cat litter. Expect there to be NO artificial chemicals or nasty smells which can be problematic for kittens and sensitive cats. It’s completely safe and enjoyable for all cats, even the fussy ones since it has a good texture that encourages them to do their business.

However, it does have problems in terms of being dust-free. It’s not a low-dust product and while dustier than other cat litters, it isn’t much of a huge issue. That is unless your cats are extremely sensitive and allergic to dust.

With that being said, I commend the litter’s strong clumping action, creating large and heavy clumps for easy scooping. It also has the good cleanup not just because of its clumping, but from its track-free properties as well.

Ever Clean EverFresh With Activated Charcoal​

3. Ever Clean Lightweight Unscented Extra Strength

If you’re looking for a litter that’s lightweight for easier handling, you’ll like this litter product. It performs similarly compared to the other products reviewed above, having the antimicrobial agents and plant extracts. It also includes activated charcoal for excellent odor control without the nasty litter smell.

But what makes this unique from the other products is that it’s lightweight, providing better moisture absorption compared to other litters. It makes the litter more economical since you use less of it while making it easier to handle and clean up. It can last for up to ten days before you need to replace the whole litter, and you can enjoy its strong clumps that lock smells away!

Ever Clean Lightweight Unscented Extra Strength​

4. Ever Clean Multiple Cat Clumping Litter

The previous litters I mentioned are made for single cat households usually, though those with two to three cats can also benefit from it. But if you have more than three cats and need something even stronger, their Multi-Cat Clumping Litter is the best choice.

It comes with the similar plant agents and extracts for good odor control, as the other litters. But what makes it different is that these agents come in even larger quantities, making it suitable for high-traffic litter boxes. Not to worry about the scent though, as it only activates upon contact and isn’t strong at all.

Expect its clumping action to be similar to other products, though stronger for many cats using it!

Ever Clean Multiple Cat Clumping Litter​

5. Ever Clean Lightly Scented Extreme Clump Cat Litter

Besides the plant extracts and antimicrobial agents, this cat litter is pretty different. The obvious difference is that this is scented, and unfortunately, it’s not the best benefit. I’m not a fan of this particular cat litter because of its scent, which is incredibly strong.

However, I’m just glad it smells a bit better compared to other brands on the market. I just don’t feel like this litter’s scent actually does anything to make the odor less intense. But what makes it better is that it has the extreme clumping litter technology, which not all litters have. I commend it for the clumping abilities, but not its smell and scent.

Ever Clean Lightly Scented Extreme Clump Cat Litter​

My Final Verdict

So based on the different reviews and products they rolled out, is the company worth buying from?

Ever Clean Cat Litter s a great brand which offers quality litter at reasonable prices. While there aren’t a lot of features which set them apart, there isn’t anything wrong nor are there huge issues which have them lose their reputation, either.

Overall, I think that most of their cat litter products are worth the price, providing the no-frills litter. It clumps well, it masks off odor, all without the harsh chemicals. The cats love it, and I find no problem in cleaning, with the products performing as claimed. So yes, it’s worth buying from and I would recommend their litters.

So if you want the solid quality litter which does a job well done without spending so much, you’ll want to consider Ever Clean. I know I would reconsider them again, given their price range and a good variety of cat litter products.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for the many varieties in products and sizes with the surefire formula, Ever Clean is the way to go. They’ve been in the industry for so long and continue to stay on top for a reason! With excellent clumping abilities down to unscented odor control, people with any budget can choose a product according to their wants and needs. You can also check garfield cat litter reviews to help you have more knowledge on choosing the best cat litter.

I hope my Ever Clean Cat Litter review gave you an idea on what you should get. So start doing more research and see where you can get a bag of Ever Clean Cat Litter now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on Ever Clean, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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