The Ultimate Scoop Away Cat Litter Review You Need

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: March 16, 2024

I needed something that could mask the smell of my cat’s toilet habits, especially since I lived in a smaller space! The Scoop Away Cat Litter was recommended to me by some cat lovers because of its fragrance and clumping. So I decided to give it a go, and though it did have its downfalls, my cat and I had good experiences with it, and I wanted to share with you exactly how it worked and what School Away is all about.

To help you decide what type of cat litter to buy, or to learn more about this particular brand, read on! This is my comprehensive review on the Scoop Away Cat Litter to see if this one is for you.

What’s Scoop Away Cat Litter?

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Scoop Away was created in 1987, previously known as Catsanova. They are most famous for their cat products, including their litter, coming at a more affordable price for those on a budget.

There are actually many different litter types Scoop Away has created, and I’ll be reviewing the Complete Performance Scented Litter. This is claimed to be the company’s best formula, using patented technology to provide maximum strength in all aspects. An all-in-one cat litter, this is most popular for its scent and odor control from what it’s made of.

This litter utilizes plant extracts, Ammonia Shield Technology, as well as odor-absorbing minerals to reduce the odor and improve the overall smell of the litter box. For an inert and non-toxic material that is safe for you, your cat and the environment you can check so phresh litter review

Tracking and Dust-Free?

The company claims that this cat litter is low-tracking, as well as it being up to 99% dust free. However, there have been some customers who contradict this saying, reporting that it dusts a lot and is more prone to tracking.

I tested it out and waited for my cat to do his job, and knowing him, he can track everywhere. Unfortunately, what Scoop Away claims is false, as there was some tracking after my cat did his business. But fortunately, it’s not as intense as I expected based on the reviews. If you used a litter mat, tracking and dust can be lessened, making the litter easier to clean.

Clumping Abilities

The Scoop Away Cat Litter is known for its clumping abilities as well, and when tested, it was adequate enough. It would clump feces well and though the clumps are larger than the usual litter, it would stay hard for a few days.

As for the urine, the moisture is a bit tough to clump and there have actually been people reporting that cat urine goes to the bottom of the litter box, creating a sludge mess after a few days. However, these reports come from multi-cat litter boxes that are used many times. For clumping formulas designed for quick and easy cleanup, try to check tidy cats litter review.

Because I only own one cat, I’ve had no problem with its clumping, both feces, and urine.

Scent and Odor Control

Again, Scoop Away is really known and advertised for its scent and odor control, claiming minerals and plant-based extracts help with this feature. But ironically, this is where it fails. Not that I’m telling you it’s the worst scented cat litter, but it sure is strong!

When I opened the packaging, the litter is heavily perfumed and it had such a strong scent. I still gave it a chance and poured it to the cat’s litter box, and my cat seemed to be okay with it, though I can see mild discomfort probably due to the smell.

This is quite shocking for something claimed to be plant-based, as I expected it to be more mild and fresh. As for its odor control, the scent would mask feces odor for a week or so, while it also struggles with urine, smelling like ammonia after a few days.

How to Use and Clean

Unless you have a multi-cat litter that’s always used, you won’t have much of a problem with cleaning. While the dust does stick to everything, using a litter mat can remedy it. Furthermore, the feces clumps are hard enough to make it easier to scoop away (like as advertised by their name).

BUT, if you have a lot of cats, the urine can create quite a sludge mess and will be difficult to scrape. As for those who have less than three cats, there’s no issue with urine or feces. You’ll just need to replace the litter every week or so, depending on when the smell goes away.If you want superior odor control and you can check pretty litter review.

As for using it, it only comes in 42-pound packagings, which may make pouring tedious because of its heavy weight.

Brand and Price Review

Scoop Away is a well-known brand many have trusted over the past few decades. It does have good reviews, though I appreciate it more for the price.

The cat litter comes at such an affordable price compared to others, and though it has its drawbacks, you get what you pay for and your cat would still appreciate it. However, you get more value only if you’re focused more on the clumping and have one or two cats at home. Multi-cat owners should be wary before getting this!

Where Can I Buy This?

A good advantage with this cat litter is that it’s easily accessible and can be bought anywhere. There are many stores that have it deadly available either in pet stores or online, having a lot of deals as well.

As for me, I prefer to get it online because it’s too heavy to carry and bring back home. Plus, even with the shipping fee, it still comes at a cheap price (there are some coupons and deals to take advantage of!).

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Scoop Away Unscented Super Clump Cat Litter

Scoop Away Multi Cat Meadow Fresh Scent Clumping Cat Litter

Scoop Away Lightweight Extra Strength Scented Clumping Cat Litter

Scoop Away Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter

Scoop Away Multi Cat Scented Cat Litter

Any Issues?

Unfortunately, this cat litter did have a lot of issues, such as its strong scent and the tracking. I’m not a fan of its strong scent, which can be off-putting to some cats who are sensitive to it. Luckily, my feline wasn’t too bothered by the scent, though I was more bothered with how she would track around the box!

I would use a litter mat to deal with the dust and tracking, which helps to a certain extent. At least the good clumping abilities make the mess easier to clean, and that it takes a few days before the litter requires replacement (AKA when the smell starts to unravel).

Pros and Cons


  • It comes at a more affordable price
  • Best used for one or two cats
  • Good clumping abilities for feces
  • Easy to clean clumps and overall litter box
  • Scent masks the smell for over a week
  • Made with plant extracts and minerals
  • Scoop Away has a good packaging design
  • Less hassle of maintaining the litter box


  • The clumping struggles with fluids and moisture
  • It masks the odor with a heavy perfume smell
  • Known to be very dusty and would track
  • Has a strong ammonia smell after just a few days
  • Not the best for multi-cat and high-traffic litter boxes
  • Some cats may not like the perfume

What the Cats Thought

My cat didn’t really have much of a reaction with this particular litter. While she didn’t seem to have any trouble with the scent and doing her business, she didn’t seem to be completely happy with it either. It was just neutral, though I would feel like she deserves something better.

This is because of the strong scent, while unbothered, can affect her nose and sensitivity. Furthermore, I think she wouldn’t like the dust around her paws as well (I know I don’t!). While there are no safety issues with the litter, I see my cat struggle a bit with its material.

My Verdict

As for me, I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting something that would be able to fully mask the smell with a mild and fresh scent. However, it was just heavily perfumed stuff I don’t believe came from plant-based extracts alone.

And while cleaning it had no issue, it was because I had a litter mat to get the extra tracking and dust my cat’s paws got while using the box.

I believe that for its clumping abilities, you’ll get your money’s worth. The same goes for those who only have one or two cats to prevent extreme mess or lack of clumping capability. Just like my cat, I am neutral and would only commend it for its affordable price.

Wrapping It Up

The Scoop Away Cat Litter is a great product if you need something on a budget but still performs well. Granted, it doesn’t do the best in masking the smell, nor is it the easiest to pour, but its ease of cleaning and clumping makes up for it. I would recommend it if you have less than three cats and want to save up on your cat litter purchases.

I hope that this review on the Scoop Away Cat Litter helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and start learning more about choosing the right cat litter for both you and your cat now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on cat litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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