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Fresh Step Cat Litter Review

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 13, 2024

Fresh Step Cat Litter has been around for so long, one of the biggest companies in the cat litter industry. Not only do they have the certifications, but the wide range of cat litter products to prove it! As the years pass, they manage to release cat litter products in every aspect meant for just about anyone, meeting all requirements of individual cat owners and felines.

But are all their cat litters worth the hype or are there a select few you should and/or shouldn’t get? This made me curious, seeing that all their products were claimed to have the excellent quality built to last. So what litters are best for who and what are the ones to avoid?

I did the research and tests to help you in that aspect, so read on! I’ll be showing you the ultimate Fresh Step Cat Litter review, along with facts to know about what Fresh Step is about and what they have to offer.

What Is Fresh Step?

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Fresh Step is a popular company that focussed on producing the newest cat litters in the industry with the same effective formula they’ve been using since they began. What’s great about Fresh Step is that they focus solely on cat litter, which is a plus considering that their manufacturing and thinking process concentrates purely on litter rather than anything else.

And with their years of experience in the industry, it’s led them to the top of the cat litter world now. Today, they have different types of litter available not limited to the traditional clay clumping.

From the founding year until today, their purpose is to make the world a welcoming place for both cats and people, with their guiding principle being, “Cats First.”

A Huge Selection of Products

Fresh Step, like many of the top brands in the cat litter industry, offers one of the largest range of products now. They have a wide range of products made for ANY cat owner out there. While a majority of the litters offered are clay-based, many of these clay-based products also offer unique features that have each standout, from including plant extracts down to placing activated carbon for better performance.

Besides this, they also have non-clay based products like crystals so you’re able to take advantage of the premium benefits this unique material has to offer. From clumping to non-clumping liters down to different fragrances or unscented litters, you can find the suitable one according to your wants and needs.

Great Range of Sizes Available

Besides the wide range of products they have to offer, Fresh Step also offers a wide range of sizes, too. You’re able to get small pouches that weigh four pounds up to bags and boxes which weigh up to 42 pounds.

This is highly advantageous for cat owners who have one cat and don’t want to lug a huge bag to pour. OR, it’s advantageous for those with multiple cats and needs to replace the litter frequently. From small sizes to easily handle down to big sizes to save on costs, they have it to meet your requirements and customer satisfaction.

Amazing Odor Control and Protection

What makes Fresh Step unique among the rest of the cat litter brands is that their litter activates when moved or touched by paws. Not many brands would be alb to create and advertise their litters like this!

Because of the activated litter, it has the targeted odor control so you won’t “waste” the odor control features the litter has to offer even when not in use.

Furthermore, Fresh Step also has claims of their litter having up to ten days of odor control, one of the longest among all cat litters available. And yes, this claim also includes litters for multi-cat households! With this claim, it shows that Fresh Step focuses on their odor control and protection for all cats and people to enjoy their home without the odors ruining the area.

Is This Great For Multi-Cat Households?

Fresh Step offers the many types of litters available, including those for multi-cat households. While not all litters from the brand dedicated to multi-cat households, there are still a number of them that offer the strength and performance for the difficult litter boxes and other home situations.

This is a huge advantage for any cat owner, especially those who have cats that share one litter box. That way, you won’t have much of a hassle in dealing with odor or having to clean up and replace the litter too frequently, costing you a lot of money and effort. Dealing with odor on litter box, you can check the prosense fresh litter review.

However, the question is: Are the multi-cat litters actually efficient in clumping and maintenance? We’re going to delve into that in the next reviews!

Where Can I Get Fresh Step Cat Litter?

We all want to save an extra buck, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any present discounts or promos from Fresh Step Litter. However, an advantage to the brand is that it’s so popular, you can find them in most physical and online pet stores. You can also purchase it from Fresh Step Cat themselves online, which is less of a hassle, but it may not be available for your country.

What’s best is to purchase from your local pet supply stores or from reputable websites like Amazon (from reputable sellers). Usually, they offer offers and discounts which can have you save a bit on your chosen cat litter.

Fresh Step Cat Litter Review

After doing my research and tests, these are the 14 top Fresh Step Cat Litter reviews, ranked from best to relatively average.

1. Clean Paws

Clean Paws is really the best of all the Fresh Step litters out there because it has the combination of all necessary features without any issues. My only wish is that it wasn’t so expensive, though, for its performance, I can see why you get what you pay for. It’s not on par with other budget clay litters, but it does more to warrant the investment.

The clumps are very solid and easy to scoop and clean, plus it makes no dust or tracking whatsoever. There’s no artificial smell OR any waste odors that waft around the room either.

1 icon medal meowkai

Fresh Step Clean Paws​

2. Extreme Odor Control scented

Another one of the best goes to the Extreme Odor Control scented, which truly does its job in keeping any odors away. I love that I smelled NOTHING whenever I handled this litter, and even after a few days of use, there was no waste odor whatsoever. This is thanks to the CarbonPLUS feature included, making the odor control extreme.

All in all, it fits all requirements of a cat litter, though expensive and a bit dustier than normal. But you can actually find some at more affordable and moderate prices!

Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Unscented​

3. Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable

This litter is best made for just about any household, particularly with its clumping abilities. Even the busiest litter box, you can enjoy how well it clumps and is easy to scoop away. But I’m a bit weirded out with the fact that it has a slight artificial scent, as it’s advertised to be fragrance-free?

Other than the odd smell, it does the job exceptionally well and I can see you get more than what you pay for. Take note it comes at a moderate price range with different boxes and weights according to what you need.

I was expecting more for the Multi-Cat Scented Scoopable’s price, as it was in a higher range. Instead, the performance was underwhelming, with the only thing that overpowered the litter was its strong chemical smell. This is thanks to Febreze, which helped block odor but ended up costing it with artificial fragrance.

The litter’s plus points are its great clumping and odor blocking, which has the litter last for days at a time. But for the cost, there may be other multi-cat products from Fresh Step that perform better, or at least, come at a lower cost.

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable​

4. Odor Shield Scented

I highly recommend the Unscented Scoopable for its amazing clumping, it produces the solid clumps that respond quickly. However, with Febreze being partnered with Fresh Step, expect it to have a bit of an artificial smell to it. To have more knowledge on how to control odor, natures miracle review would be a great help. Furthermore, there are some issues with tracking and dust.

Besides this, the odors stay within the clumps and I have no complaints about its odor-locking abilities. If you can handle the smell while cleaning, then you and your cat will enjoy the litter. It’s got very effective clumping and keeps odors away for days before you need to replace it.

Fresh Step Odor Shield Scented​

5. Triple Action Scented

The dust that this product has is too much for cat litter, some sensitive cats and owners may end up sneezing! It’s a waste because, besides the dust, it has exceptional clumping and odor control, which is meant to last for over a week. Because of its high dust levels, it makes it more difficult to clean and maintain.

Made of activated carbon, clay, and plant extracts, this litter is good for its moderate price only if you don’t mind the dust. It clumps well and stays hard and doesn’t smell for days, which is a huge plus.

Fresh Step Triple Action Scented​

6. Extreme Clay

For those who are looking for non-clumping litter, you might want to consider this one. However, it comes at a higher price considering it’s non-clumping. I would purchase it if it’s on sale, though! Why?

Because it doesn’t do anything particularly exceptional (or bad), making it an average litter you can find at lower prices. It’s low maintenance and I won’t have to monitor it a lot, but in terms of urine smells and tracking, it’s a no for me. It doesn’t stay as fresh as advertised, though the clumping is adequate enough to last for a few days.

Fresh Step Extreme Clay​

7. Plus Dual Action Crystals

Crystal-based cat litters are premium ingredients that caught many owners’ attention in the past few years. While there’s an improvement compared to the traditional clay litters, this one doesn’t show a huge wow factor. There are no terrible flaws to it, but for the extremely expensive price, I expected more.

I appreciate the fact that it can lock in smells for over a week, and it does an adequate job in clumping. However, the clumps aren’t as strong and would crumble easy, creating a mess and chances of dust and tracking. It’s a bit difficult to maintain if you ask me.

Fresh Step Plus Dual Action Crystals​

8. Crystals Litter

Crystals are one of the premium materials that come at expensive prices because of their unique benefits and quality. I do like this liter because it performs well in areas that crystals are expected to. It masks odors for over a week and doesn’t need replacement until then, plus you won’t experience any dust at all. It absorbs moisture well, too.

But for its pretty high price, I feel like there are better options available. It comes at such a higher price compared to other brands that I would probably rather get something outside the Fresh Step because of it. If I were to pay a high price, I’d get something that won’t require too much monitoring and maintenance.

Fresh Step Crystals Litter​

9. Odor Shield Unscented

There isn’t much that would stand out from this litter, besides the fact it’s known to help capture and lock in odor. But because it would clump and fall apart too easily, I have a hard time using and cleaning it. Plus, it has a strong and artificial scent (do you see the pattern of most “bad” litters from Fresh Step?).

Initially, it does a great job of capturing odors. But leave it for a few days, and it would smell pretty bad. You’ll need to monitor the litter a lot, which is a negative point in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Fresh Step Odor Shield Unscented​

10. Extreme Odor Control Scented

For something that comes at such a high price, you would expect something better. However, it struggles in a lot of aspects, specifically in its lifespan and scent. Though it partners with Febreze, the litter has such a strong artificial scent that’s actually quite overwhelming. If I couldn’t handle it, I don’t think some sensitive cats would be able to.

However, its products the hard clumps, which I like. Other than that, this litter made of clay, carbon, and antimicrobial agents isn’t worth the expensive price at all. Unless you’re okay with litter smelling like Febreze, I don’t recommend it.

Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Scented​

11. Extreme Lightweight Scented

There’s nothing much to say about the Extreme Lightweight Scented, except for the fact that it’s messy and tough to clean up. I commend it for its lightweight properties (it’s so easy to carry, pour, and scoop!), but this clay and carbon litter produces the weak clumps that fall apart easily. Furthermore, the scented litter has a strong and artificial scent that still struggles to mask away cat odors.

At such an expensive price and only lightweight properties being an advantage, I would stay away from this. Fresh Step has better options available and I’d rather deal with something a tiny bit heavier.

Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Scented​

12. Fresh Step Simply Unscented​

Fresh Step Simply Unscented​

13. Fresh Step Ultra Unscented​

Fresh Step Ultra Unscented​

14. Fresh Step Multi-Cat Simply Unscented​

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Simply Unscented​

15. Fresh Step Simply Unscented Lightweight​

Fresh Step Simply Unscented Lightweight​

Wrapping It Up

Branding and reputation is an important aspect when selecting a good cat litter for your pets. With Fresh Step Cat Litter, you’re not only assured a trusted brand but the quality litter according to what YOU and YOUR cat need. Just remember to do your research before you make your choice, reading up on reviews to see which is best suited for your individual preferences.

Hopefully, this Fresh Step Cat Litter review helped you find which ones are best for your household. So don’t wait any longer and begin looking into what litter type to get now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on the Fresh Step Cat Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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