The Ultimate World’s Best Cat Litter Review You Need Now!

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: March 18, 2024

When I found out about the World’s Best Cat Litter, the first thing that came in mind was: Was it really the world’s best, or is was it just like any other cat litter brand out there? Well, as I read through the reviews, I noticed it was really one of the oct popular brands on the market today. With that being said, you can see that they’ve got to be doing something right to maintain all the positive reviews and sales.

That’s why I wanted to put this particular brand to the test to see if it truly lived up to its name. To do this, I looked into their most popular litter products and got them to research and test out. So if you want to learn more about what this litter brand has to offer, read on! I’ll show you the ultimate World’s Best Cat Litter review to help you out.

Who Is World’s Best Cat Litter?

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The World’s Best Cat Litter is one of the most unique company names out there, specifically because of its very large claim as quality cat litter. But what makes them different among the rest of the cat litter companies which also claim to be the best?

The company believes that they are one of the best because of their edge in their patented processes of litter creation. Their unique process would compress corn into concentrated granules, which is what offers the odor trapping edge while still being able to form solid clumps.

Besides this, they also use natural ingredients like corn or pine, which are naturally-absorbent materials that are both efficient and eco-friendly. Its eco-friendliness is also what makes it a great and unique purchase, with the company assuring that the litter products are safe for cats just like the weruva reviews.

The Variety of Litter Products Available

While the World’s Best Cat Litter is a big and popular company, I was surprised that they only had a small selection of litters. They actually have exactly six types of litter products, which is quite a small range compared to other brands which have more than ten varieties sometimes!

But I feel like its selection is adequate enough, considering the special processes it comes with it. Instead of going with the traditional way of creating eco-friendly cat litters, they would combine a variety of eco-friendly ingredients to create that specialized formula which stands out from the competition.

You won’t find their formulas and combinations anywhere else in the cat litter industry, which adds to its uniqueness and benefits. But it all just boils down to all of their litter products having the environment-friendly processes and materials, which is what makes the litter a great recommendation for many cat owners. If you want different formulas made with high-quality bentonite clay, you can have a look at scoop away cat litter reviews.

Clumping Abilities

As I always say, clumping is the top priority and feature to look for with cat litter. I think this is the most notable unique feature that makes World’s Best Cat Litter stand out. They do not give up the standard clumping abilities many cat owners are familiar with.

With non-traditional and environment-friendly cat litters, you would expect it to give up its clumping abilities, or feel a significant decrease in its performance because of the all-natural ingredients. This would adversely affect the odor control of the litter product, as there is a lack of support to lock in the cat waste odors.

But with World’s Best Cat Litter, you’re able to enjoy the same clumping abilities most traditional cat litters offer today. I feel very refreshed knowing that the company still focuses on clumping abilities rather than merely the eco-friendliness of it!

Made For Multiple Cats

When I looked into the six litter products World’s Best Cat Litter had to offer, the first thing I noticed is that most of them had the “Multiple Cat” in their titles and descriptions. This is because all their litter products are suitable for both single and multi-cat households, amping up its performance and functionality in who can use it.

The litter products World’s Best Cat Litter produces are meant to perform for even the toughest and most-used of litter boxes. So if you have more than one cat using the litter box, you’ll need both strength and durability for the litter to perform as expected without any issue. It’s pretty nice knowing that they offer all-natural products for multi-cat households, straying away from the typical clay or crystals which are most recommended for such situations.

How’s the Odor Control?

If there’s one thing I always presume about all-natural cat litter, it’s that the litter would always have poor odor control. While the World’s Best Cat Litter isn’t the best in this aspect, it still offers adequate control that keeps the smell in the clumps. With that being said, the odor control isn’t as long compared to other traditional litters.

To ensure that the odor is under control, you’ll have to clean it out and scoop it every few days to prevent it from stinking up the room. But what’s a few minutes of scooping anyway, it still keeps the odor at bay and I don’t experience horrid smells when scooping or replacing the litter out.

Furthermore, it has this natural corn or pine scent, and you can choose a forest-scented one which makes it a refreshing smell for both you and the cats. It’s not overbearing, but just right enough to “distract” yourself from odor, if any.

Is It Tracking or Dust-Free?

Another excellent aspect of the World’s Best Cat Litter is that it’s literally dust-free. Sure, there are litters that claim to be 99% dust-free and not live to its claims, but this company does. The litter granules feel soft and fine, but they don’t make any dust at all, a making it advantageous for sensitive owners and cats. Because it’s dust-free, you have easier cleanup and fewer chances of allergies.

Besides that, it doesn’t track at all. This surprised me actually because I was used to most, if not all, the cat litters tested to track even just a bit. Most of the litters from World’s Best Cat Litter don’t track at all, nor does it get stick between the cats’ paws, making it comfortable to use and clean.

How to Use and Clean

Because it has excellent clumping abilities and a refreshing scent, it makes the cat litter so much easier to clean. Mind you, I hate cleaning cat litter that requires extra scooping or groaning over the clumps breaking down. Fortunately, with World’s Best Cat Litter, you’re able to scoop up solid clumps to easily throw away WITHOUT the horrid cat waste smell.

However, I do wish that it didn’t crumble so easily when scooped. You need to make sure you scoop it up quickly before it dries and crumbles, making it more difficult to clean. I appreciate how I can clean with ease and without having to gag over the ammonia smell I usually have to put through with some litters with poor odor control.

As for using it, it’s pretty easy thanks to it being lightweight. Pouring is easier because of its packaging and I won’t have to use as much litter to fill up the box, making it more cost-efficient.

What’s the Price Like?

While I do love the excellent clumping abilities, do I love the price they offer?

Unfortunately, with great qualities comes at a higher price! The World’s Best Cat Litter is also known for their pricier selections, though I can’t blame the company for setting their prices as such. You honestly get more than what you pay for when purchasing it despite the higher price!

This is because you can’t find any other cat litter of a similar formula and abilities. With its unique processing and the combination of all good quality eco-friendly ingredients, you only get the best out of the litter product you get from the company. Plus, because it takes long before requiring cleaning, you actually get your money’s worth since you won’t need to constantly purchase new cat litter bags.

So is it worth the price? I would say yes and recommend it to anyone who has the extra budget for their cats.

The Six World’s Best Cat Litter Review

After doing much research and tests, these are the six most popular World’s Best Cat Litter reviews:

1. Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping

What makes this lavender-scented is its addition of lavender oil, which gives off the refreshing scent. This inclusion won’t affect its odor control and clumping abilities, which is what makes is a great choice. Made with the combination of both corn and wood, it provides strong clumps and excellent moisture absorption I love most about. But since it’s made with corn kernels, except that it tracks a bit. Other than that, everything works well and I have no issues with it.

Because of how good it clumps and its nice smell, there’s no issue in the cleanup. The litter consists of wood fibers, lavender oil, as well as corn kernel, making it all-natural and eco-friendly. Also, it’s moderately-priced for natural cat litter, making it well worth the investment. You can avail the different-sized bags according to your budget and preference.

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World’s Best Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping

2. Multiple Cat Clumping

This litter type is the absolute best for multi-cat households, coming at a reasonable rate for a World’s Best Cat Litter product. This is all thanks to its exceptional clumping abilities and the fact that the odor control is amazing, provided that you monitor the box and remove clumps when it gets too much. And if you do have more than the usual number of cats, you have to make sure that you monitor it more than suggested to ensure that the litter performs well, as too much use can end up destroying its performance expectations.

If you want to try World’s Best Cat Litter but want to stay within budget, you can try this one. You can avail different sized bags, with the litter being made with a combination of both wood fiber and kernels.

World’s Best Multiple Cat Clumping World’s Best

3. Original Clumping

Overall, I love how well it reforms in terms of moisture retention and clumping. Both the corn and wood fibers work harmoniously and give the comfortable litter that your cat will appreciate. However, it does give off such an overpowering scent which some cats won’t like. Furthermore, there’s more tracking compared to the rest of the brand’s selection.

If the price were a bit lower, I would definitely recommend this litter type to others. Not that the litter isn’t worth the price, but I can see that the Multiple Cat Clumping seems more enticing for its similar performance and price.

But, I do commend it for the rock hard clumps and moisture absorption even with many cats using the litter box. It’s hassle-free to clean and would last for at least a week, which is what adds to its value.

World’s Best Original Clumping

4. Advanced Natural Scented Pine Blend Multi Cat

Unfortunately, there are too many questions I have with this litter from World’s Best Cat Litter. While it does claim it’s made for multiple cats, I feel like it’s made best for two to three, and that’s it. This is because it struggles with clumping up urine, which is surprising considering that it claims to be pretty strong.

Because of its poor clumping of urine, the smell won’t lock up for long, equipping you to clean up even more than expected. Putting excessive urine aside, it creates the small tight clumps, which are the ones easy to clean.

For its price, there are better options which I mentioned above. But if you have less than three cats and still want to try it (it does have a nice pine litter smell), you can find it in different sizes coming at moderate prices.

World’s Best Advanced Natural Scented Pine Blend Multi Cat

5. Advanced Natural Original

Last (and unfortunately the least), I have the Advanced Natural Original. This is my least favorite and while it’s made of the similar wood fibers and corn kernels, it did a messy job here. Because of this, it results in the litter clumping poorly and having a tough job in masking any odors.

Besides that, the product is a bit messy and difficult to clean. Coming at a premium price, I can’t find much to like about it besides the fact that it’s environmentally-friendly and can hold in odors fine… If the clumps actually stay together! I would rather purchase the lavender-scented or multiple cat litter from World’s Best Cat Litter, which is more affordable but offers better performance compared to this one.

World’s Best Advanced Natural Original

Where Can I Buy It?

I really appreciate the World’s Best Cat Litter not just for its features, but accessibility. If you’re looking to buy it within your area, they have it available in various physical pet stores. You can contact your local pet store to see if they offer it, which they most likely would. It only takes a few minutes to search and contact, making the litter pretty easy to avail!

If not, you can also purchase it online through online sellers at a cheaper price, or from the company’s official website itself. What’s great about purchasing online is that there are many discounts online sellers offer. World’s Best Cat Litter also includes some discounts and promos on their website and newsletter, though their offerings don’t save you much compared to purchasing from websites like Amazon or going to your own pet store.

Wrapping It Up

If you have the budget and want to test out the most popular brand of cat litter, then you might want to try the World’s Best Cat Litter. It’s not perfect but really lives up to its name as ONE of the best cat litter products today. With its variety of products fit for ANY cat and household, you’ll surely enjoy what it has to offer in terms of clumping and cleaning.

I hope that this World’s Best Cat Litter review helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into getting the best litter for you now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on this cat litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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