Garfield Cat Litter Review

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 14, 2024

Surely, you’re familiar with the adorable and feat cat, Garfield! He’s known best for the comics, being the lasagna-loving feline everyone adores for years now. The company branched even further and became more than infamous comics, but they also began producing and offering other cat products. This includes the Garfield Cat Litter!

But does the Garfield Cat Litter really hold up as well as its claims (and the comics’ popularity?) That’s where I come in to review and see just how efficient this cat litter is. So read on as I show you an extensive review of Garfield Cat Litter products to see if this is the right one for you!

About Garfield Cat Litter

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Garfield Cat Litter is a unique one for its name and company origins, best known for their comics! With their cat litter, however, they take their pride in all-natural ingredients without any added fragrances and chemicals. This is surely how Garfield would expect it!

Though they have a smaller selection, all of their cat litter products offer the plant-based and biodegradable ingredients. These ingredients do NOT need any clay, silica, or other traditional ingredients that cat litters usually have. This makes it an ideal litter choice for all sensitive owners and cats!

Furthermore, what sets the cat litter apart is its two main features: It’s flushing AND has the unique, likable texture. These two features are rare in cat litters today, especially since most cat litters CAN’T be flushed. It goes to show that the company stands out and focuses on the customer’s ease of cleanups and the like.

But I’ll get more to that and describe these features better in the reviews, so continue reading!

The Three Best Garfield Cat Litter Reviews

Based on my research and tests, here are my reviews on the top three most popular ones:

1. Bio-Ultra Clump Grand

This is one of their cat litters that offer good clumping with plant-based materials.

It’s actually larger than the other litter products I’ll mention later on, though this makes the litter less tracking. The texture is still soft to the paws, much to the cats’ delights, which provided comfort as they did their business. You can feel how gentle it is on the paws, even when the litter has clumped.

Furthermore, the clumping action is amazing, providing the soft and solid clumps that stay in shape until scooped just like the tidy cats litter. They do NOT stick to the bottom of the litter tray too, with it absorbing moisture pretty well. I highly appreciate its clumps because it makes the litter very easy to scoop and throw away, despite it being bigger and not as easy to flush.

However, comparing it with its sister litters, it’s not the absolute best in terms of odor control. Because of this, you may go through a bag quicker, especially if you put your box in an area with poor ventilation. It still provides decent odor control, particularly with ammonia in urine, though you may smell a bit of feces odors.

It doesn’t mean the litter isn’t worth choosing though, as its clumping action and other advantages outweigh these disadvantages easily. As long as you remove the clumps on time, there won’t be a huge problem with odors.

Overall, this provides the amazing clumping and is best for fur parents who focus more on the clumps than odor. If you have an area that’s more ventilated to lessen the odor intensity, then you’ll like this litter!

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Bio-Ultra Clump Grand

2. Tiny Grains Flushable Multi-Cat Litter

This is actually my favorite of all their litters available because it works exactly as claimed! It’s best at flushing and makes it so much easier to clean, one of the easiest cat litters I’ve ever thrown away, actually! Their Tiny Grains flushable cat litter really have one of the smallest grains but still, perform well in both clumping and odor control.

It’s made of 100% natural corn, which helps eliminate odors without the added chemicals or artificial ingredients. I didn’t smell anything but a faint whiff of corn, and nothing else!

Besides corn, it also comes with other plant-based grains to help with moisture absorption and clumping. These are all flushable and can even be composted to biodegrade on its own. It’s that eco-friendly and with many options on how to dispose of it.

I was a bit surprised when I received the litter because it actually had the soft texture I knew my cats would love. The small grains resemble crystal silica gel, being small and white. They actually help detect any illnesses based on the acidity levels of the cat’s urine!

The clumping is amazing for an all-natural cat litter. It clumps solidly and locks away any moisture and smell, forming smooth and hard clusters you can scoop away without hassle. Since they’re smooth, it also doesn’t stick to the bottom of your litter box.

However, do note that this litter isn’t for multi-cat households and that with tiny grains, it can track a bit. It MAY be able to take up to two cats, though any more than three and it’ll be difficult to keep the odors in. Besides these small disadvantages, it’s one of the best all-natural litters out there that many single cat parents will love.

Tiny Grains Flushable Multi-Cat Litter

3. Small Grains Flushable Cat Litter

This litter product is actually almost identical to the Tiny Grains Flushable Cat Litter, but with one small difference: It has slightly larger grains. Some people might think that this is a disadvantage, but Garfield actually put it in for a reason. With larger particles, it can eliminate most of the tracking issues compared to Tiny Grains.

However, it still tracks a tiny bit, though it isn’t a huge issue, as the litter grains don’t go all over the house. As for its texture, it’s sand-like and soft, without any litter scent, which cats would appreciate. It’s made of corn and cassava, along with other plant-based ingredients, which has made it good in clumping, odor control, and cleaning.

What’s great is its suitability for multi-cat households thanks to its slightly larger grain texture. It provides similar clumping abilities that Garfield cat litter is known for, which is a huge plus!

Fortunately, the small grains are still flushable, though not as easy to dispose of compared to the Tiny Grains. What you can do to remedy this is to allow larger clumps to soak in the bowl for less than half an hour before flushing. This helps prevent any clogs because of the hard clumps.

For the multi-cat household who want something all-natural and easy to dispose of, you’ll find this a great choice. It has minimal issues and my cats enjoy using it without problems with clumping or odor control!

Small Grains Flushable Cat Litter

Where to Buy Garfield Cat Litter?

When you check the prices of Garfield Cat Litter, you might be shocked because it doesn’t come cheap just like the pretty litter. At best, you’ll find it in the mid-priced tier, with most of them coming at premium price ranges. However, with premium price comes premium and quality cat litter, which makes Garfield a worthy investment.

Fortunately, you’re able to purchase it in different ways. Some physical stores MAY carry the brand, though I prefer shopping online. They offer their products on their official website, while you can save more through purchasing from other websites like Chewy and Amazon, where they might offer coupons and discounts!

My Overall Experience: Is It Worth It?

Overall, is the Garfield Cat Litter truly worth the investment? I would say a huge YES! This litter doesn’t come cheap, yet it actually gives excellent value for money because of its interesting and well-performing features. For an all-natural litter, it really does the job amazingly and proves that natural ingredients can be great at clumping and odor control.

Easy to clean and flush away, I had no problems with any of the litter products. It may fall a bit in terms of multi-cat use, but as long as you clean and scoop regularly, it won’t be a problem. It still does the decent job in both odor control and when in use by two to three cats.

I would recommend it for single cat parents who have more space and air ventilation for their litter boxes at home! Kudos to Garfield for producing a quality litter that comes with all features cat owners need!

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for something easier to clean and flush-worthy, you’ll like the Garfield Cat Litter. Their products offer more than just cleanable litter with a good reputation, but the soft texture cats like! I would definitely let others try it out for their cats to enjoy, and that’s coming from someone who’s extremely picky with cat litter.

I hope my review on Garfield Cat Litter opened your eyes to see if this is the best choice for you! So don’t wait any longer and begin getting a quality bag for yourself now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with Garfield Cat Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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