Natural and Innovative: My Honest GreenCat Litter Review

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: August 31, 2021

As brands continue to innovate and evolve according to trends and consumer needs, one common trend we see today is eco-friendliness. Today, people want environment-friendly products which offer the combination of both efficiencies and without the cost of the planet. And yes, this trend is also followed by many cat litter products today, who continue to show promise with all-natural ingredients and friendly processes which don’t harm the environment.

One of the brands that stand out in terms of eco-friendliness is GreenCat Litter. With its claims of innovation with natural processes, is it really worth the price? I did the research and tests to help you make your decision, so read on! I’ll be showing you what you need to know about GreenCat Litter now.

Who Is GreenCat Litter?

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If you haven’t learned about GreenCat yet, that’s because they haven’t quite made it to the top popular spots for the cat litter industry. But even if they aren’t as huge as other brands, they still deserve the chance to be mentioned and reviewed just as much as bigger brands do.

Even without much of the popularity, they are paving their way towards the industry with their all-natural litter juts like the fresh step cat litter. What makes them so unique? Just like most natural litters, they are made of purely natural plant materials, without the typical clay or silica gel crystals that have chemicals which can harm your cat from the harmful chemicals.

It’s composed mainly of maize, corn, or wheat, which are popular and effective litter materials that are known to help with overall clumping and odor control.

How Is the Price?

When looking into the different natural cat litter prices, expect it to be at the premium price range like the jonny litter for cats. There isn’t an exception with GreenCat Litter, though remember that you do get what you pay for with your cat litter. Depending on the store you get it from, as well as the size you choose, the prices can range from $10 to $25. That’s a pretty good price range considering you’re getting all-natural cat litter with great chemical-free abilities.

However, one thing I do wish they had was more variety in sizes. They have a limited product range (being a small brand) as well as sizes, as they only have either 10-20 liter bags. However, the two sizes are good enough either for single or multi-cat households, being in the mid-range.

For its value, I’ll get into all that in the next section!

Moisture Absorption and Clumping

When you first see the GreenCat Litter, you’ll appreciate the fact that it’s lightweight and. I also like its appearance and initial impression, as it has the soft and fine texture I’m sure my cats would appreciate. Besides this, I also love the clumping abilities, which was one of the best I’ve experienced with natural cat litter.

It produces ball-shaped clumps, and they’re pretty tall. They also form well and stay solid, making it easy to scoop and separate from unused litter. It sticks to the bottom of the box but is easy to get out, and I have had no problems with it crumbling or staying in clump form, may it be feces or urine.

Odor Control

I really love the scent and odor control that the GreenCat litter has to offer. It actually smells a bit like breakfast cereal but isn’t too overpowering, a huge benefit that both my cats and I appreciate. Since the scent isn’t overpowering, neither of us gag nor does it have that smelly, artificial chemical scent as it’s made of quality materials.

Furthermore, the odor control is excellent for its price point. The breakfast cereal smell starts to disappear from use, though it still continues to keep the ammonia urine odor away well. However, I can’t say the same with feces, as there’s still a bit of a smell to it, though still pretty faint and not a huge issue.

Does It Track?

Unfortunately, tracking is one of the major flaws the cat litter has, though it’s something you can overlook. While a flaw, it’s actually pretty manageable as long as you clean it regularly.

The reason why it tracks is that it’s very lightweight (which is actually a plus for some users). However, because of its lightweight properties, it would end up stuck in cat fur or paws, causing it to go all around the house. And if your cat loves to scratch or paw at the litter before and after doing his business, expect it to track even more as well.

Expect to vacuum the area frequently! If that’s no problem, then the tracking isn’t much of an inconvenience, nor would it affect the litter’s value.

Is It Dust-Friendly?

Because the cat litter does track a bit, expect it to be a bit dusty as well. While it’s quite economical for a natural litter, it disintegrates into dust quickly, especially if you don’t scoop away the “dirty” litter quickly. Sometimes, humid weather can also cause it to become dustier, which makes it not the best litter for those who live in climates more prone to humidity.

If you or your cat are sensitive to dust, then you’ll have to be wary with the amount of dust it can create. Some people have complained of their cats with asthma getting irritated because of the dust and scent. Other than that and cleaning more, the dust is bearable for “normal” owners.

Flushability and Cleanliness

Another thing I like about GreenCat litter is that it comes with the compostability, making it easier to dispose of. You can compost it in the garden, throw it away, and though I do NOT recommend doing this, you can also flush it with ease. But I don’t recommend to rinse or flush it down drains, since this may ruin your piping systems.

However, some people may hate the way it tracks, adding more work to cleaning. That’s my only complaint about it but in terms of cleaning, it still takes a short while and is pretty easy to scoop and dispose of. I appreciate that you have options on how to throw the litter rather than simply throw away.

Eco-Friendly Materials

What’s great about the GreenCat brand is that they only offer all-natural cat litter, so you won’t have to worry about any chemicals or harmful substances in the cat litter. They stick with their claims of eco-friendliness and that their litter is biodegradable, making it compost-friendly.

It’s really the environment-friendly material that also makes it a worthy investment. Rarely would you see a cat litter which is compostable and biodegradable, adding more points to its ease of cleaning. If you’re environmentally conscious and prefer something you can recycle and is made of products that never harmed the planet, you’ll like GreenCat.

Furthermore, they still offer great capabilities for their materials and formula. After all, their name isn’t GreenCat for nothing!

What’s My Final Verdict?

For me, I feel like you do get what you pay for with the GreenCat litter. Honestly, it isn’t the best cat litter comparing it to other natural cat litters, but it does the job in clumping just right. Yes, it’s not perfect in odor control and tracking, but these are minor flaws that only require more cleaning.

Who would I recommend it to? I feel like this is best used for single cat owners who have better air ventilation around the litter box. If you want something totally eco-friendly and don’t mind having to clean more frequently, then you’ll enjoy what the cat litter has to offer.

How Do The Cats Like It?

As for the cats, they really enjoyed the wonders that this cat litter had to offer. Sure, it took a bit of time to break in, considering it had a slightly different texture. But after a few days of checking it out, they got used to it and seem like they enjoy doing their business. It has the soft and finer texture that most cats would enjoy!

However, some fussy cats may have trouble, especially when handling the smell. If you leave the litter for long periods of time, it can get quite smelly and affect the cats’ want to use the litter. Just like us humans, cats won’t want to do their business in a smelly environment. As long as you clean it regularly, you and your cats won’t have problems.

Wrapping It Up

As technology continues to rise, we start seeing better changes in how cat litter is made. From the excellent quality down to natural properties, we get to save the environment while maintaining a great household for our cats. With GreenCat Litter, you’re able to enjoy clean up while your cats enjoy the good texture.

I hope this review on the GreenCat Litter helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and check out more of what GreenCat has to offer now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on GreenCat Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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