Top 3 Jonny Cat Litter Reviews: Are They Really Worth It?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: March 21, 2024

Have you ever heard of Jonny Cat Litter before? This is actually a small company which isn’t the most popular, but reputable for their products. Though a small company, I still wanted to check out what their litter selection was like and how unique it was compared to others.

Rather than only focusing on big brands out there, I wanted to give Jonny a chance to see if they can fight against bigger competitors. So if you want to support smaller businesses and expand your cat litter choices, read on! I’ll be showing you extensive reviews on Jonny’s top three cat litter products.

What Is Jonny Cat Litter?

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Jonny Cat Litter actually uses a straightforward approach, utilizing the most common and popular litter material there is today: CLAY. But what makes the company unique is the fact that it’s NON-CLUMPING. And if you want cat litter that banish odors and keep your home pine fresh, you can try the feline pine litter.  While people may prefer clumping, there is still an audience who prefer it without clumps, reducing the need to scoop clumps and waste daily.

This is such a unique advertisement because we’re normally accustomed to clumping from clay. It just goes to show that the company is confident in terms of absorbing cat waste liquids well.

But don’t worry if you’re looking for and prefer clumping products! Jonny still offers a few clumping litters if you want clumping litter, so they cater to all types of audiences.

There are great advantages in terms of non-clumping litter too, as long as you choose the quality ones. If Jonny Cat Litter is worth it, you’ll find out in the next reviews so continue reading ion!

The Simple and Effective Approach

Besides their interesting take on clay litters, Jonny Cat is straightforward with the products they offer. They don’t have the unique and premium materials many companies boast of having. Instead, they continue to only use one main and effective ingredient, which is clay.

Besides clay, they also add in fruit and vegetable extracts to their clay. This makes it better in odor control while still keeping it simple, which is what I admire. The approach shows that Jonny Cat takes pride in their litter products without having to use a ton of materials just for it to work.

Because it doesn’t use any fancy materials, it also keeps the litter safe and without artificial smells. Besides this, the prices are down because of the cost-effective materials and processes they use. Yes, simple can be better as long as it’s done right, and we’ll see if all of Jonny Cat litter products are truly worth it!

Good Price and Size Range

We all know how heavy clay can get, which is the reason why people look for lightweight options. Fortunately, with Jonny Cat, you’re able to find a wide range of sizes to accommodate your space and litter handling.

By getting smaller bags, you can have a litter for single cat households without the hassle of moving it around. With bigger bags, you save a few dollars buying in bulk while making it less of a hassle repurchasing litter for multi-cat households. Their bags range from 10 to 40 pounds, which is a good size range considering they don’t have an extensive product selection.

As for their prices, this is actually the main advantage of Jonny Cat when you shop right. Most, if not all, their cat litters come at such affordable prices since there aren’t any frills to it. Plus, clay is still one of the cheapest materials out there, so expect the company to roll out reasonable prices.

Top Three Jonny Cat Litter Reviews

After much research and tests, these are the three most popular litter products from Jonny:

1. Jonny Cat Complete

The Jonny Cat Complete is my first and favorite from the bunch thanks to its excellent performance. This is best for multi-cat households thanks to its odor control features without any off-putting smell!

What makes it unique is that, for a non-clumping litter, it does a job well done in fighting off odors. Rather than hiding the odor in clumps, this cat litter uses three advanced features which keep the litter smelling fresh WITHOUT the high price.

While there is a bit of a clay scent with the litter, it isn’t overpowering so both the cats and I enjoy it well. Furthermore, its odor-locking performance is excellent, even if it’s a high-traffic box with multiple cats using it. The odors disappear quickly and the litter can last for a week before replacement, making it last longer.

Overall, it’s quite an inexpensive non-clumping litter that offers amazing odor control and ease of cleaning.

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Jonny Cat Complete

2. Jonny Cat Fragrance-Free

If you’re looking for something meant for sensitive owners and cats, you’ll want to consider getting their Fragrance-Free version. I like that they stick to their word, as there is NO fragrance or scent whatsoever, which is made best to combat and prevent any allergies. You can also try cat litter odor control products.

It’s unique and made best for its clay-based material without the harsh smell and dusting that causes allergies in cats. BUT, it’s only made best for single cat owners for best results.

However, I don’t like how expensive it is for non-clumping clay-base litter. If it were a bit cheaper, I can see where I get my money’s worth. Fortunately, it performs well and makes no mess at all, with you dumping out the litter once a week before replacement.

Jonny Cat Fragrance-Free

3. Jonny Cat Original

This particular cat litter is made best for single cat owners or litter boxes with relatively low-traffic. This is actually one of the non-clumping clay litters they offer, purely made of clay without the frills.

What makes it unique is its simplicity, as it includes no fancy features like activated carbon or all-natural newspaper. Though those features are good, the no-frills approach makes it refreshing among the many litters out there.

This litter does a good job in masking away odors, though there’s a bit of a clay smell to it. Besides this, expect it to be dusty like most clay litters, and for it to track because of its dust and texture.

However, I do have complaints with its price based on the performance it gives. While I want something simple, I feel like it lacks most of the performance I expected from non-clumping clay. There’s not much you’d be excited for with the litter, though I’m just glad that it was still fairly easy to clean.

Jonny Cat Original

Where to Buy Jonny Cat Litter?

Though a small company, you can actually find Jonny Cat in many stores online. Jonny Cat sells their litter themselves on their official website, though there are other third-party websites which also offer the litter brand. I recommend that you do further research on where to find Jonny Cat Litter products available, as many of them come at different prices and you’ll want to get the least expensive one!

As for promos and discounts, it isn’t the easiest looking for coupons to save on. Jonny Cat Litter doesn’t provide any coupons for their products, though some companies likeChewy offer promotions and discount codes among most of the products they sell.

They aren’t only easy to buy from, but they even have more products to choose from. Besides cat litter, the company also offers different products you and your cats will appreciate. They have disposable at trays and litter liners as well, which helps in a better toilet experience.

My Final Verdict

Overall, do I see Jonny Cat a good investment? That’s a huge YES. I found no major issues with the cat litters they have to offer, besides the dustiness, but other than that, everything’s great.

I was quite surprised that I had a great experience with Jonny Cat actually, as I was used to cheaper litters not being able to perform as well as they claim. But Jonny Cat breaks boundaries and offers amazing litter products that all cat owners on a budget will love. It’s no miracle worker but sometimes, simplicity is key for better experiences.

Furthermore, I’ve never had greater use of non-clumping clay until Jonny Litter. Usually, it would stick to the litter or be difficult to clean off, but their products make it much easier to dispose of litter without the hassle. Because of all these features in mind, it’s totally worth the investment.

I would recommend their litters to just about any cat parent, and to urge them to try out the non-clumping clay products!

Wrapping It Up

Jonny Cat Litter products are simple and straightforward, yet it offers the effectiveness that even sensitive cats and owners will appreciate. Jonny proves cat owners that small brands have an excellent quality litter, too! I would definitely recommend it again for any cat owner.

I hope this review on Jonny Cat Litter gave you an idea on what you need for your pets. So start checking out cool cat litter products like this now.

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If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with the Jonny Cat Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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