The Only Okocat Litter Review You Need: Is It As Good As They Say?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: March 5, 2024

As I was on the lookout for a natural cat litter to ensure my cat’s safety, I stumbled upon the Okocat Litter. It seemed enticing and I was sold on the modern packaging and the fact that many have raved about both its natural ingredients and the variety of formulas suitable for a variety of cat types and their individual preferences.

However, I’m sure a lot of people are wondering if it really does what it was advertised to do. Even I was a bit skeptical at first but decided to do my own Okocat Litter review to help you out, so read on! I’ll be talking all about the details and features, debunking or supporting any claims given by Okocat themselves.

What’s Okocat Litter Made From?

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Oko means eco in German, so with that alone, you know that Okocat focuses on creating the ecological products made for cats. With their healthy and sustainable cat litter, they offer a series of different types accommodating to you and your cat’s needs.

All of their repackaged cat litter is sold worldwide but are manufactured in both Germany and the USA for quality. I’ll be focusing more on their clumping wood natural litter, which is known to be one of the best and made from 100% unused lumber or reclaimed fallen timber. And yes, it’s biodegradable and away from any harmful chemicals, additives, or heavy scents, making it the optimum choice for may cat owners.

Tracking and Dust-Free

I do have some complaints regarding the Okocat’s tracking and dust-free claims. It actually does track quite a bit, creating a mess around the litter box, even outside it. The wood material, though soft on cat paws, tend to get stuck between the cat’s paws and leave some of the litter all around the house. And unfortunately, litter mats won’t do much to remedy the problem. But there are products that are non tracking cat litter,you just need to be patient enough to search for the best cat litter products.

As for its dust-free claims, it does its job to an extent. There’s still quite a bit of dust that can irritate very sensitive cats, though I’ve had no problems with it. Plus, because it’s naturally anti-microbial, my cats haven’t had allergy issues when using the litter.

Does It Clump Well?

While Okocat proudly states that their cat litter is the best from the natural litter class, I can’t vouch for that. While I do believe it’s an amazing litter brand, it’s too big of a claim and there’s still a lot of reviewing to do before I can definitely say it’s the best.

But with that being said, I can say that it has the amazing clumping abilities and that the clumps formed were strong and durable just like the weruva litter. When they’ve dried, may it be from feces or urine, they stay hard and solid. It looks like it won’t break at all, making it easier to clean and scoop out of the tray.

The Odor Control and Scent

Most of the Okocat litters are made of wood, which is known to be very absorbent and can hold up to 500% more than its own weight in moisture. This is what I really love about it, especially since it has the odor shield technology inside, which ensures that any smell inside the litter clumps will be locked for up to one week before replacement.

That way, your cat can use the litter without complaints, and you won’t have to clean up as much as usual. Plus, it only has a mild and fresh natural scent compared to the heavily perfumed litter I’ve tested.You can also check green cat litter reviews about good odor control cat litter. I appreciate this most because not all cats like to use litter with such heavy scents!

How to Use and Clean

One of the things I look for in cat litter is its ease of refilling and cleaning. Okocat surpasses my expectations here, as it’s extremely lightweight and easy to handle. I’m able to refill the litter box easily because of how light it is.

Furthermore, because it clumps easily and stays solid, it’s easier to scoop and throw away daily. Plus, no more smell so I don’t have to deal with ammonia scents while cleaning, as it’s smell-free for up to one week. My only minor issue is the tracking around the litter box and the area within it.

Besides the tracking, I have no problems with using and cleaning the litter.

Brand and Price Review

Like mentioned, Okocat is one of the top premium cat litter brands out there. With that being said, they are a reputable manufacturer of cat products to trust, with their cat litter being proof that they focus on both cat safety and the environment.

As for the price, you may be taken aback as it comes at a pricier cost compared to other cat litters with similar features. However, what makes this premium cat litters unique is that it comes without any harsh chemicals and is made from biodegradable or sustainable materials that are environment-friendly. Furthermore, I don’t think you can find anything lightweight yet still offering the cleanliness and clumping abilities that make it easy to handle.

Where Can I Buy This?

The Okocat Litter is available in most pet stores across the USA and Canada. You can also find it in other European countries, though I’m not sure about other areas outside these three areas.

However, I know that it’s readily available worldwide through online stores, making it less of a hassle to purchase. You can find it from Amazon or in other online pet stores such as Walmart, Pet Flow, Only Natural Pet, and more. You’re able to find the nearest retailer for online or in-store purchases through a quick search.

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Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

Okocat Super Soft Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Okocat Long Hair Breeds Cat Litter

Okocat Featherweight Naturally Lightweight Cat Litter

Okocat Dust Free Paper Cat Litter

Are There Any Issues?

While the Okocat litter is one of the best of its class, there are still a few downfalls to take note of.

For starters, the price. It’s quite expensive compared to other cat litters out there, though you do save more in the long run since it lasts longer. Furthermore, the wood material may have some tracking issues, which can make it a hassle to clean after your cat does his business. Even with a litter mat, it still scatters a bit outside the box, which I get irritated with.

Other than that, I have no major issues with the litter and am impressed with everything else. I just hate the tracking and mess.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and easy to refill
  • No hassle in cleanups, clumps well
  • Makes solid and dry clumps
  • Masks odor for up to one week
  • Mild scent, not too strong
  • Made of all natural ingredients for safety
  • Soft enough for cat’s paws
  • Made of biodegradable ingredients for environment


  • The cat litter comes at an expensive price
  • Some issues with tracking around the area
  • Fussy cats may not like the different texture
  • Litter particles may be too large for fine scoopers

What the Cats Thought

Of course, I couldn’t really see the cat’s overall reaction or actually feel them enjoy, but I know they preferred Okocat. It’s probably because of the slightly softer feel it gave to their paws, as well as the lack of heavy perfume scents that other litters have. Furthermore, it held no bad odor after they did their business so they won’t feel as disgusted going back to the litter when it’s time for their next toilet trip again.

They don’t feel like they’re uncomfortable as they do their business, and they often go to the litter box now, which is a good thing as I see that the litter encourages them to go to their toilet on time.

My Okocat Litter Review

Overall, I’m highly impressed with what the Okocat has to offer. Yes, it comes at a more expensive price than others, though you get what you pay for with a combination of all necessary features. It isn’t only easy to use and clean, but also a treat for cats as it feels comfortable on their paws and completely safe without any chemicals whatsoever.

Is it worth the investment? A definite yes. If you have the extra budget and need a trusted cat litter made with the assured safe materials for picky and sensitive cats, then you’ll like the Okocat. You can even choose from the many different cat litter varieties they have to get what you and your cat need.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to handle, then you’ll like the Okocat Litter. Made with natural ingredients and having no harsh chemicals, both you and your cat will enjoy the benefits it has to offer. While I do wish it had better odor control, particular with the ammonia smell, it does an adequate job for an all-natural cat litter.

I hope that this Okocat litter review helped you decide whether this is right for you or not. If you want to learn more about choosing the right cat litter for you, check out more of our reviews now!

For those who have any questions or want to share their own Okocat litter reviews, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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