The Petsafe Automatic Feeder: Effective or Not?

The Petsafe Automatic Feeder: Effective or Not?

I know how difficult it is to feed your cat, especially if they’re picky eaters like mine! Not only do they choose what to eat, but at what times to eat, so expect united food bowls sometimes. And because I leave food for them for the day ahead, it becomes a bit stale, which they hate.

It’s the reason why automatic feeders are so beneficial, as you can program it to release food for feeding while staying fresh. That way, your cat gets enough fresh cat food with minimal complaints. With the many types of pet feeders available, I chose to try out the Petsafe Automatic Feeder to see if it’s a great choice for all cat owners.

So before you consider purchasing the Petsafe Automatic Feeder, check out my reviews first. This will help you understand how the feeder works and if it’s the right one for you.




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The Petsafe Automatic Feeder Overview

The Petsafe Automatic Feeder is simple yet effective, suitable for many types of cats. It allows you to program feeding times and portions from a wide range of options! So whether your cat is on a diet or requires more food, you can customize it according to the way they eat and how much they eat.

Besides that, it’s designed with strength and durability in mind. Made with high-tech programs and strong-quality construction, you can use it for years to get your money’s worth. However, it doesn’t have the sleek design many people want, though I don’t think this is the main priority anyway!

The Cool Features and Specs It Offers

How Does The Feeder Work?

The feeder would use conveyor belts to move dry food up, releasing a certain amount of food. The next portion’s protected from another division, released when the programmed time arrives. This is similar to most automatic feeders, having a smooth and quiet operation as it does its job.

I like that it rarely jams nor does it have trouble with larger kibbles. It will always stay accurate in terms of its portion control and time the food dispenses!

It has a guard and locking lid to refrain cats from trying to open up the container to get food. Furthermore, it’s designed with the stainless steel bowl attached to your Petsafe feeder, having a plastic hoop to connect both parts. That way, you can remove the bowl to clean it up as needed.


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Special Features Available For Feeding

I like the fact that the Petsafe Automatic Feeder comes with special features not all other feeders have:

Tips on Using The Feeder

Here are some tips to follow when using your Petsafe Automatic Feeder:

Pros and Cons



Is It Worth the Price?

Overall, I like the Petsafe Automatic Feeder, a simple and classic one with all necessary features. It works just as advertised and is extremely easy to use with lots of good features most pet owners will like.

With all that said, I would highly recommend the Petsafe Automatic Feeder for small and medium-sized cats. I also recommend it for cats who are always hungry and want to eat an entire bowl in one sitting! With its slow feed mode, it dispenses only a bit of food in more frequent intervals for a cat who eats a lot.

However, there are some considerations, especially with the design of the bowl. If you have a tall cat, then it may be uncomfortable for him since he’ll be leaning down a lot! Regardless, I still see this feeder a good investment and rich for my small cat!

Wrapping It Up

Choosing a good automatic cat feeder can get quite difficult, which is why it’s important to look into the right factors. With the Petsafe Automatic Feeder, I believe it best for smaller cats and owners who want more customizability. I would use it for the long-term, though be wary of the noise!

I hope my review on the Petsafe Automatic Feeder gave you an idea on what to invest in. So don’t wait any longer and invest in a good cat feeder now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences in the Petsafe Automatic Feeder, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated.

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