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Is the Pet Zone Smart Scoop the Best For You and Your Cat?

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: January 26, 2024

I know how difficult it is to find the perfect litter box both you AND your cat will enjoy. You want something your cat will feel encouraged with to use, while still being easy to use and clean. Many pet companies now manufacture quality litter boxes made to address such problems, including self-cleaning ones.

As I was looking into these high-tech and updated litter boxes, someone told me to try the Petzone Smart Scoop. It interested me considering it came from a popular pet company, though does it live up to its price?

I did all the rests and research to help you out, so read on for the full review!

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Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

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The PetZone Smart Scoop Overview

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The PetZone Smart Scoop is one of the favorites among many pet owners, well-known for its affordable and reasonable prices. It’s a self-cleaning cat litter box, and though the design that does look outdated, it continues to be a popular choice for its efficiency. Not only that, but it’s well-received for its reliability and durability.

The unit uses built-in sensors to detect if your pet’s using the litter box. That way, your cat can use it in peace and you won’t have to worry about cleaning it up daily. It works simply and though there ARE more advanced litter boxes out there, you can’t beat its price.

I can see this as a more affordable option with similar functions. But I’ll get into more of that in the next sections, so read on!

Features and Specifications

These are my favorite features the PetZone Smart Scoop has to offer:

  • Self-cleaning and scoops on its own, not wasting clean litter
  • Powerful motor that offers quiet operation for you and your cat’s peace
  • The deflector has raised the height to contain all litter in its box
  • Easy to clean with instructions and removable parts
  • No hassle Ito install, only needs a leveled surface and power outlet
  • Compatible with all types of clumping litter, no need for crystals or receptacles for cheaper maintenance
  • Comes with no-touch bags and cleaning scoops
  • The waste tray has carbon filters to contain odors well
  • Includes a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

These are its measurements and dimensions:

  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 25.5×18.25×7.6 inches
  • Litter Pan Area (LxW): 16×14 inches
  • Weight: 9.3 pounds

How Does the PetZone Smart Scoop Work?

As mentioned, the unit works through motion sensors to know when it’s time to clean the litter box. It would. Clean the litter box every 15 minutes, using a motor with heavy-duty metal gears and catching all clumps. Once the unit picks up the clumps, it then goes down the waste tray, which traps all waste, clumps, and odor.

If your cat will use the unit, then the cleaning process stops and would reset, cleaning 15 minutes after your cat did his business. Once the waste tray is full, just take it off and dispose of it properly, then replace or fill the litter as needed.

This is a simple and efficient process which saves you a lot of time and effort having the manually scoop and throw all clumps and waste yourself.

Operation and Efficiency

I was amazed at how the unit worked so well, given the fact it’s an older model! Yes, it looks bulky, but it has a powerful motor that accurately removes almost all clumps on the litter box.

Besides that, it’s very quiet during the cleaning process, so you won’t have to worry about spooking your cats. It sticks to the 15-minute cleaning cycle after your cats do their business!

I highly appreciate that it does its job well and that you can easily program it with its easy-to-understand buttons. While it’s a little confusing because of its instruction manual, you can make do without it and rely on tutorials online.

Cleaning and Maintenance

I have mixed reviews with its cleaning and maintenance. On one hand, I RAVE about it a lot because of how it’s saved me so much time and effort. However, I do have one gripe: The way it cleans!

It accurately removes all waste and clumps, but some of it falls off to the sides and the floor. You have to be wary about that! However, most of it goes straight to the waste tray, which you need to clean every two to five days only.

Furthermore, some waste gets stuck on the rake, though this depends on your cat’s waste. A lot of urine and wet stool can make this worse, as well as your litter quality. So that’s not the unit’s fault!

Do the Cats Like It?

My cats had no problem with the litter box, being the average size. However, I feel like larger cats will have trouble with space. Some customers complained about their larger cats not being able to move around freely!

Fortunately, they don’t get scared as well, since the unit operates quietly and usually when the cats are out of the room. So getting used to the new litter box wasn’t a problem.

Because of this, I believe that this litter box is best suited for small to medium cats. Two cats that weigh between five to ten pounds will be able to use the box with enough space. I recommend that your kitten is at least six months old before using the litter box!

Pros and Cons

Here are the things I liked and didn’t like with the PetZone Smart Scoop:


  • It’s very easy to assemble and set up
  • Quieter operation compared to other types of self-cleaning litter boxes
  • Powerful motor that works efficiently and accurately, removing most waste and clumps
  • High side-walls to prevent messy litter and urine on the floor
  • Cats easily get used to the litter box with its quieter operation
  • Great for small to medium-sized cats and multiple cat households
  • Has an indicator light to show litter box stays for ease of maintenance


  • Some clumps may go to the floor during the cleaning process
  • Rake might miss clumps on the bottom of the box, usually using clumps
  • Has a short cord that limits where you can place it
  • The carbon filter isn’t long-lasting, requires replacement faster
  • You need to level litter manually after it cleans

Tips to Use the Litter Box

Here are some helpful tips to follow when using the litter box:

  • If ever some of your cat’s waste get stick in the rake, then you should leave it to dry first rather than clean it immediately. This will help make the waste come off the rake easier.
  • Use a good clumping cat litter, as low-quality ones tend to waste easily and not handle odor well. It also enhances the performance of the litter box!
  • For those who have no electrical outlets on areas, you want to place your litter box on, use an extension cord.
  • Some cats may find it difficult to transition from the “basic” litter box to an automatic one. Make sure to do it slowly and don’t have it operate while they’re nearby first, as this can scare them!

Is the PetZone Smart Scoop Worth It?

With all this said, is the PetZone Smart Scoop unit worth the investment?

Coming at such an affordable price for a self-cleaning litter box, I can see this definitely worth the investment. It isn’t as advanced or high-tech as others out there today, but it continues to do a great job in removing waste and clumps.

BUT, I see this litter box isn’t suitable for those who have larger cats or not enough space. The litter box is sizeable enough for small to medium-sized cats, perfect for up to two or three of them to share. Also, be wary that it has a short cord, so you can either buy an extension cord or place it near an outlet.

Availability and Other Customer Reviews

The PetZone Smart Scoop is an older unit, though you can still find it available on their official website. Third-party websites like Amazon also sell it with good deals, so watch out for that.

With hundreds of reviews online, expect mixed reviews on the product. Many have raved about how easy it was to set up and maintain, suitable for lazy cat owners who don’t want to clean up daily.

However, some have complained about the cord’s length and bulky size. While it does lessen the frequency of cleaning, some clumps also spill out, adding to the cleaning time when disposing of the clumps.

Other than that, most pet owners have raved about the hassle-free litter box cleaning.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that this review on the PetZone Smart Scoop gave you an idea on what’s worth getting now. So if you think this is the suitable litter box for your cats, get deals on it now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with the PetZone, do comment below. I appreciate all your thoughts!

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