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So Phresh Cat Litter: Your Guide To Choosing The Best

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: February 17, 2024

So Phresh Cat Litter interested me because of them mixed reviews online. Furthermore, it came at such an affordable price, so I wanted to see if it was something that I should recommend for my readers with a smaller budget. After doing all the research and testing, the results were surprising.

Read my comprehensive review to see if So Presh is the right fit for your feline.

What’s It Made Of?

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So Phresh actually comes from Petco, which is another trusted brand well known for their pet products. Interestingly enough, it has a wide variety of different cat litter products, differing from the material, type, and personal preference for you and your cat. Besides the usual clay or silica gel crystals, you’re even able to find biodegradable materials like grass and paper litter from them just like the green tea litter. The one thing all their litter products advertise though is their odor control abilities. Most, if not all, the So Phresh litter products would use baking soda or other types of additives which help control and cover the odor your cat can make. But I’ll get into if the litter does help with odor control later on.

Tracking and Dust-Free

So Phresh Litter is actually quite interesting because it doesn’t track at all, but it does have some issues with dust. Because of this, it’s easy to clean but it’s not the best for sensitive cats and owners, especially since the dust can go around the litter box.

I’m really happy and impressed with the So Phresh brand, as it continues to impress in terms of being track-free. The pellets don’t stick to my cat’s paws and it makes cleaning so much less of a hassle. Plus, the soft feel and less tracking have my cat enjoy doing his business even more.

Its Clumping Abilities

Clumping is an important factor when it comes to cat litter because it helps retain the odor while making it easier to clean. Fortunately, the So Phresh litter was great at clumping, though to an extent. For those with one or two cats, it’s great and would be easy to stay solid with good moisture absorption juts like the swheat cat litter.

However, if it’s for a multi-cat and high-traffic litter box, it would be difficult for the clumps to stay solid. And there are also a few problems with it being difficult to stay in shape while scooping. It tends to break down into messed up sand when it’s exhausted, so watch out for that.

Odor Control and Scent

So Phresh advertises their cat litter to be odor free with it helping control the ammonia and feces smell. Unlike clumping, the odor control was excellent and there was only a slightly faint smell from my cat’s feces and urine. It has the ability to handle the odors for a few days, up to one week at most, which is good enough before needing to replace it.

So in terms of odor control, it did well. The scent wasn’t strong as well and just right, without it overwhelming both my cat and I.

How to Use and Clean

One of the nice parts about the So Phresh cat litters is that they’re easy to clean and handle. Because most of the litters are lightweight, I don’t have a problem in filling the box. Plus, some have innovative packaging or come in boxes, making it even easier to use.

Furthermore, I’m good with cleaning the litter, there isn’t much of a problem as it doesn’t track, though it does have some issues with dust. As long as your cat isn’t too fussy and want to scratch or make a mess around the litter box, then you won’t have much of a problem. Plus, it clumps well, though just be wary with how you scoop, as it can break apart easily.

Brand and Price Review

So Phresh comes from Petco, a trusted brand for many pet products available today. Because of this, you’ve assured the quality products with minimal issues to work with. I’m impressed with Petco and their abilities to continue manufacturing more pet products but not scrimping in quality.

As for the prices, they are from the moderate to the expensive range, depending on the type and material of the litter you purchase. It’s good enough for what you pay for, despite some minor issues I’ll mention below. Overall, I believe it to be worth the price and still a good range of litter products to invest in.

Where Can You Get It?

So Phresh can easily be found in most, if not all, Petco stores. It’s very accessible and readily available, and if you’re not living near a Petco store, there are many online stores that also sell the particular So Phresh litter you want.

Fortunately, Petco’s official website and reputable stores from Amazon have the complete set of So Phresh cat litters to choose from. That way, you won’t have to worry about stocks or picking it up on your own and hassling yourself.

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So Phresh Advanced Odor Control Scoopable Fragrance Free Cat Litter

So Phresh Dual Odor Guard Scoopable Cat Litter

So Phresh Lightweight Odor Control Cat Litter

So Phresh Ultra Attract Scoopable Multi-Cat Litter

So Phresh Gel-Lock Odor Control Clumping Paper Multi-Cat Litter

So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter

So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

So Phresh Extreme Clumping Unscented Grass Seed Cat Litter

Are There Any Issues?

The So Phresh comes at various prices depending on the type of litter material you get. However, there are some issues most of these litters have, though fortunately, they aren’t big ones.

One of the notable issues is its maintenance. Some of the more expensive litters (like the So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet), require more maintenance than advertised, having you sift through it more and even replacing it often.

Besides this, some litters are also quite dusty and are more likely to break into sand if it’s exhausted, which has you keep replacing or sifting through the litter to scoop away more. So if you have a multi-cat home, the litter may not be for the cats.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent odor control and mild scent
  • Cats like the soft feel of most of the litter types
  • The odor stays away efficiently for a few days
  • Good moisture absorption and clumping for single cats
  • No tracking issues and is easy to clean
  • Nice packaging that’s easy to handle and refill
  • Readily available anywhere worldwide
  • Many litter types to choose from


  • Some problems with high-maintenance litter
  • A few of the cat litters come at an expensive price
  • Complaints of dust and litter breaking down easily
  • Not best for multi-cat or high-traffic litter boxes
  • The clumping can end up gooey if overused

What The Cats Think

As for the cats, they really enjoy the feel of the cat litter. They still continue their usual bathroom habits and I have no worries about them messing up anywhere else. Besides that, the liter doesn’t get stuck between their paws or track outside. Once they’re out, it’s almost or even completely clean!

I like the silica gel litter most because of how much my cats love it, especially since it has the best odor control among the rest, which is another important thing for cats. Overall, the So Phresh litter gives them the avenue to do their toilet trips comfortably and with assurance. I can see they really enjoy it!

So Phresh Cat Litter Verdict

Overall, I’m quite impressed with what So Phresh has to offer. It really does stay true to their word about controlling the odor and keeping it with the clumps. Plus, the mild scents will be able to mask off any of the odor that may escape the litter box. So it makes it more pleasant to clean, as long as you’re careful with not hitting the clumps too much, as it would crumble down easily.

Overall, the litter products coming from So Phresh are commendable and my cat loves its clay litter, which comes at a moderate price and performs well from clumping to moisture absorption. Definitely, something I would recommend to friends, as it’s affordable enough and lasts long.

So Phresh Litter: Wrapping It Up

The So Phresh Litter is one of the lowest-priced cat litters available today and is a great choice for those on a tight budget. While it does have its issues in terms of clumping, I highly suggest that you don’t keep your expectations up as you get what you pay for. It does the job adequately, but if you’re able to afford something at a higher price, that may be a better choice.

I hope that this article on the So Phresh Litter helped you out in making a good purchasing decision. Now that you know what this cat litter is all about, why not check out more reviews here to see if there are others out there for your cat to compare?

If you have any questions or want to share your own So Phresh Litter reviews, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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