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Is The Hartz Flea Collar Effective As They Say? My Honest Review

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: August 31, 2021

As I continued my search for the best flea collar, I stumbled upon the Hartz Flea Collar. I was a bit skeptic in purchasing this because of its mixed reviews, but I decided to see if their claims were as true as advertised. I also got interested in seeing if it really did last for over half a year as what people say!

From its interesting features down to its effectiveness, I tested out all its aspects! So read on and I’ll show you what I think about the Hartz Flea Collar and if it’s really a good investment.

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Hartz Flea Collar

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Fit and Comfort

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I’m glad that the Hartz Flea Collar comes in sizes for both cats and dogs. However, it only comes in ONE size for cats and kittens. It’s not much of a bad thing, considering that you can adjust it well to fit both small and wide necks.

Besides this, you can place the collar on TOP of your cat’s regular collar for more comfort. My cats have had no issue in fitting it, actually. They still feel and act the same without a need to break into the collar.

It’s built with the strong material to last while having the breakaway stray to ensure that the collar stays in place despite having a cat who loves to play and move around. There’s a safety release snap as well so, in case of discomfort or choking, you can quickly remove it.

Scent and Effectivity

I really appreciate the fact that the Hartz Flea Collar comes in a nice and fresh scent. But I do have some comments about its scent in a cat’s perspective since some cats might not like the scent itself.

My cat was a bit iffy with the smell and would be uncomfortable despite the good fit. After a week or so, he started to get used to it and doesn’t mind any scent which may come out from the collar.

As for its effectivity, it’s a hit or miss depending on the intensity of flea issues in the area. But I can vouch for the fact it can last for up to seven months, or at least six! It’s known to both kill and repels fleas and ticks without any major issue, and I’ve noticed less scratching and appearance of fleas after a week of using it.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Another thing I like about the Hartz Flea Collar is that you don’t have any hassle when it comes to maintaining it. In fact, you don’t even need to do anything after placing the collar, it’ll begin doing its job on its own. Like mentioned, it has a fresh scent that disappears within a couple of weeks and there won’t be any irritation experienced.

The only time you’ll really need to maintain it is when adjusting the collar from discomfort. Sometimes, the collar moves around a bit despite the breakaway feature, especially if you have a fussy or active cat. Other than that, it lasts for the time expected and can stay in place for the next half year.

Extra Features Included

There aren’t really any other extra features the collar comes with the flea collar, though there are a few extras. Besides its breakaway and safe release feature, it’s also water-resistant. That way, you won’t have to worry about the flea collar losing effectivity if they run under the rain or get in contact with water.

I also like the fact that it has a reflective strip, made for cats who love to roam around at night. They’re more visible that way, making it safe for them to walk around outside if they’re outdoor cats. You’ll also spot them easily if they run to the backyard for playtime or to explore at night. Unfortunately, there’s no warranty included with the collar.

Any Issues?

I do like the Hartz Flea Collar, though it comes with some disadvantages I’d like to take note of.

For starters, there are some people who have complained about their cats receiving chemical burns. This may have been due to some manufacturing problems that the company went through. Fortunately, the bad batch may now have been thrown away, as recent reviewers are saying more positive things about the collar.

Other than this issue, people have raved about how it kills and prevents fleas from coming into your cat’s coat. It’s great for small to intense cases of fleas and ticks. But I do suggest that you check your cat’s neck every few days to make sure they don’t have any burns or skin conditions from the flea collar.

Is Hartz Flea Collar Worth the Price?

At such an affordable price with good features and effectivity, I can say the Hartz Flea Collar is worth it. It works well in repelling and killing off ticks and fleas without having to constantly use drops or creams. Plus, it stays true to its claims and can last for up to half a year without struggling.

It takes a few days to break in for some cats (due to its scent) but afterward, they’re used to the feel. I highly recommend them for all types of cats, especially for the active ones who love to roam around at night! Plus, it’s great for those on a budget, as it has a cheaper price but with features comparable to more expensive options.

Wrapping It Up

I believe that the Hartz Flea Collar shows promise and that while it has mixed reviews, I have nothing but praise for it. Sure they have a few things to improve on, but nonetheless, these minor issues don’t hugely affect the overall performance of the collar.

I hope my Hartz Flea Collar review helped you find which one’s best for YOU! So don’t wait any longer and get the right flea collar for your cat now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on getting your own flea collar, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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