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A Helpful Premium Choice Cat Litter Review You Need

Published by Annie Anderson
Last updated: December 17, 2023

The first thing I thought about when stumbling into Premium Choice Cat Litter was if it was really of premium choice. Honestly, I didn’t even know about the company before someone recommended it to me, as it’s one of the smaller names in the industry. But of course, I don’t want to just look into huge brands like Frisco cat litter and green tea litter because I want to give companies like these the exposure they deserve, too.

I believe that smaller cat litter brands, though not as popular, also have the potential of producing quality litter products. But is Premium Choice Cat Litter one of those good companies to trust? Read on as I show you my full review on their litter selections!

Who Is Premium Choice?

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Contrary to its name, Premium Choice is actually a simple brand that doesn’t try to do anything fancy. In fact, they stick to the classics, which is all about clay. All of their litters are made of clay and built around it, with only one additional primary ingredient besides it, which is baking soda.

I appreciate such a straightforward approach across the company, which is pretty rare considering many known litter brands always branch out. This results in the company not having something that makes them known throughout the cat litter industry!

Though Premium Choice may be small and simple for now, they stick to their roots and look ilk they continue to do so. Another great thing about their brand is that they offer conventional performance features while still innovating what they have to make such features even better. They make sure that they use proven methods and achieve the best quality clay litter for many.

Wide Range of Sizes and Affordable Prices

While they may not have a wide range of products (yet!), they do offer a wide range of sizes! This is what makes it convenient for any cat owner, choosing from 16-pound bags up to big 50-pound ones! So they still had variety in your choices, making it easier to choose a product according to what suits your feline household best.

Besides this, the Premium Choice cat litter also provides products at one of the most affordable prices compared to other similar-made litters on the market today. Because they stick with the traditional clay, which is the most affordable material out there, they keep prices down for their customers. But don’t worry, as they always try to make this traditional and classic material better as a litter with their unique formulas.

With variety and affordability in mind, you can see that this small brand is a great choice for owners.

Targets Around Tough Litter Boxes

Premium Choice also offers the product choices to handle even the toughest litter boxes, may you have a multi-cat household or a very fussy cat. They advertise their cat litter products for these types of litter boxes, actually! So expect to see their litters advertised for multi-cat litter boxes, litter for poor ventilation or small areas, or even for single cats.

That’s pretty fortunate for the company to offer, as many other companies don’t even bother handling such scenarios. With Premium Choice’s straightforward approach, they are able to create products made for toughness and strength.

So if you’ve got a lot of cats or live in small areas with poor ventilation, you may want to consider their products such as Multi-Cat or Extra Strength. I’ll be getting more into this in the next sections, so keep reading!

Where to Buy Premium Choice?

Premium Choice is easily accessible in many areas, may it be physical pet stores or online. You’ll be able to access their website to get all of their available cat litter and have it shipped to your door! Besides that, you can also search for them on third-party websites and online stores where they are just as accessible and easy to order.

You can contact your local pet store to see if they have the particular cat litter product you want, or to search online! Premium Choice sometimes offers promos and discounts, though there are also more coupons third-party websites offer or sales.

Premium Choice Cat Litter Reviews

Of all the different litters Premium Choice has to offer, here are reviews of their four top ones:

1. Premium Choice All-Natural Unscented

The Premium Choice All-Natural Unscented cat litter is quite effective in terms of its clumping abilities. I highly appreciate the fact that it responds quickly after your cat has done his business, clumping solidly. It’s made of clay and because of that, it’s much easier to clean up and scoop away.

Furthermore, I do appreciate that the litter smell doesn’t have much of a scent. It’s unscented and has no overpowering sandy odor that I (and my cats) hate! Coming at a very affordable price, it’s great if you’re on a budget.

However, do take note that the litter is pretty dusty. If you or your cats are sensitive to dust and allergies, this may be a problem. If you’re okay with the dust and know how to clean it up well, then you can still enjoy the litter’s affordability and good smell.

Overall, I believe it to be a good price, best for anyone who isn’t sensitive to dust and is okay with the dustiness the litter may offer.

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Premium Choice All-Natural Unscented

2. Premium Choice Dual Strength

What makes this litter the best is its price, one of the most affordable I’ve seen comparing it to most cat litter brands available. Even if it’s the most affordable, it still offers adequate abilities and features, from clumping down to odor control. Typically, it’s mess-free and easier to clean, and at its price, these are small issues I can live with.

The clumps are good and solid enough, and it’s made with the clay material granules that minimize tracking. BUT, it does have some flaws that some cat owners may not like. This isn’t the best for multi-cat households because the litter can struggle with urine and not absorb the liquids or moisture as well as other Premium Choice litter products. Besides this, it may also put off this strong, artificial scent, which is what’s supposed to help with odor control.

So if you only have one cat and can take the scent, you’ll still be able to enjoy what this litter has to offer.

Premium Choice Dual Strength

3. Premium Choice Extra Strength with Baking Soda

While this cat litter is pretty average and there are others that work better, you get what you pay for. It’s one of the most affordable litters on the market, reducing any weak points because you still get good performance, just not the absolute best. This is made of both clay and baking soda, which are what help in controlling odor while adding to its clumping abilities.

The litter is able to handle feces easily, creating good clumps for it. However, with urine, it struggles a bit and would form softer clumps which can fall apart if not cleaned up right away. Combining that and its dustiness, it can be quite tough to clean, which is a weak point that many wouldn’t appreciate.

But again, you do get what you pay for and for its reasonable price, I would still recommend it since the cats appreciate the feel. It’s only a good choice if you’re on a very tight budget and plan to clean the litter box daily!

Premium Choice Extra Strength with Baking Soda

4. Premium Choice Multi-Cat

While this Premium Choice Cat Litter is the most affordable and cheapest form the bunch, I can’t overlook the issues it comes with. While I appreciate it well for its clumping abilities, it struggles in odor control and keeping it within the clumps. The clumps are relatively hard and stay put before scooping away, though! As for its smell, odor control is adequate, although it has the artificial scent to help, which may be a minor flaw for some.

Furthermore, it might be on the messier side in terms of tracking and dust, making it difficult to clean. If you’re on a really tight budget, this might be able to suffice. But if you’re able to spend a bit more, then you can choose other options from Premium Choice. This goes especially if you have a multi-cat household because the clumps fall apart daily if overused.

Overall, I don’t believe this to be the best from Premium Choice, but enough for its price.

Premium Choice Multi-Cat

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for quality cat litter on a budget, then you’ll want to consider Premium Choice Cat Litter. While they aren’t the most popular, they do offer a good selection of cat litters without the hefty price. Take note that it’s made best for single cat litter boxes rather than multi-cat ones.

Hopefully, this Premium Choice Cat Litter review helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and make sure that you get the right cat litter for your home today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on the Premium Choice Cat Litter, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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